LWS V4C1 I Only Love Him

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Mister Su waited eagerly for the response of his son but Su Yan just continued to stare at the picture. Who would have known the Yuan Hai who had only been as tall as him as a child and sported an even frailer frame on top if it would turn out to look like this? It was too hard to believe! The guy in the picture looked like an athlete!
Well, he looked like an athlete if you ignored the expensive suit, the even more expensive watch and the gaze that seemed to be a good replacement for a fridge. Taking these things into consideration something else came to mind.
“Dad, say, did Uncle Yuan tell you what Yuan Hai does for a living?”
Mister Su’s eyes seemed to sparkle. He had thought it would be very hard to convince Su Yan to meet up with Yuan Hai but not only was his son listening to him, but he also showed interest! He had even asked a question about him! Could it be they would be able to set those two up? He had to call Yuan Jin Bo as soon as he could!
“Of course, of course! Maybe you remember your Uncle Yuan’s company?”
“Uh … They were …” Su Yan frowned. Honestly, was that something he was supposed to remember?
“Ahem, it’s not a problem if you don’t. They were developing hardware for smartphones and computers and the like. They even worked on some of the electronic parts that are common in cars nowadays. Isn’t that great?”
“Oh. So Yuan Hai is some nerd who tinkers with some gadgets?” There was some honest disappointment in Su Yan’s voice and expression as if he expected much more.
Seeing this Mister Su’s brows twitched. What was this supposed to mean? The one doing what his son just described was his actual boyfriend, wasn’t he? So how come he was suddenly looking down on that when it came to Yuan Hai? “It’s not like that. He knows a lot about that too but he’s already the CEO of the company. You —”
“He’s the CEO?” Su Yan’s face lit up again.
Mister Su hurriedly nodded and started to praise his good friend’s son. “Yes, yes. He’s really incredible. He’s only twenty-six this year but since he took the position over last year there hasn’t been anyone questioning his abilities. He actually managed to convince all those people from the Board of Directors of his qualification. Well, it’s no wonder. He had excellent results when he studied and even went abroad for a while to further his horizon.”
“Oh.” Su Yan nodded, his eyes sparkling.
So he had been right about this Yuan Hai! He was exactly what those female lead romance novels and movies described as a ‘cold-faced CEO’! Ah, he couldn’t wait to tell Nie Chang about this!
While Su Yan was happy that he had made such a lucky discovery Nie Chang was frowning more and more. Why was Su Yan listening to all that? And why was he even asking for more information? It couldn’t be that he was really interested in that Yuan Hai, could it?
No, this was impossible! He had only seen a picture. Just how gorgeous would that guy have to be for Su Yan to fall head over heels for him just from that? He didn’t believe that was possible! Not with Su Yan. After all, he himself wasn’t that bad-looking either and Su Yan hadn’t even considered him all these years.
Nie Chang’s eyes widened. No, wait! There was a difference between that. All these years Su Yan had never even considered being gay. He hadn’t even known there was something like being gay! But now things were different. He had already come to terms with the fact that he wasn’t into women. So maybe … Maybe he really felt drawn to that guy?
Nie Chang didn’t think any further. He stood up and marched over to the corridor, stopping next to Su Yan. He had to see that guy for himself! And even more so he needed to stop Su Yan’s father from furthering his interest!
“Are you finished?” He forced himself to smile and tried to peek at the photo.
His effort wasn’t needed though. Su Yan immediately showed the picture to him with glittering eyes. “Look at this, Ah Chang! Do you know who this is?”
“Yuan Hai?”
Su Yan’s eyes widened above the picture. “Yes! How did you know?! I really wouldn’t have recognized him! He was so small and frail back then. Even I was stronger than him!”
Mister Su’s lips twitched. He could only hope his son wouldn’t bring that up when he met Yuan Hai. As a successful young man, he certainly wouldn’t want to be reminded of that part of his past.
Nie Chang just continued to smile. “Well, I … heard what you said before.” So give me an explanation. Why were you showing so much interest before?
“Really? Then you also heard what my father said? About him being the CEO of some company?”
Mister Su found his smile again when Su Yan repeated his words and he couldn’t help but smile smugly at Nie Chang. Hear that? You might think you’re such a good catch but there are many more fish in the sea! And even if my son ignores all female fish, I’ll still make sure he finds the best male fish there is!
“It’s unbelievable, isn’t it?” Su Yan turned the picture back around and looked at those eyes before shuddering. Ah, this really was the perfect embodiment of an ice-cube face!
Mister Su beamed, not noticing at all that his son’s excitement had other reasons. “So, when do you want to meet him?”
Su Yan blinked. “Meet? Why should I meet him?”
“Well, for the date!”
“Date?” Su Yan looked up at Nie Chang, clearly asking for an explanation.
Nie Chang looked back and almost laughed. So, his little darling had some kind of other unbelievable explanation for his behavior? He should have thought so! There was no reason to be so insecure.
He smiled and ruffled Su Yan’s hair. “Your father thinks that Yuan Hai might be a better boyfriend than me. So he wants you to break up with me and get together with him instead.”
“Hah?” Su Yan looked up at his father, disbelief written over his face. “How would you come up with something like that? Ah Chang is obviously the best boyfriend I could have!”
“But … Weren’t you impressed by Yuan Hai’s achievements?”
Su Yan blinked. “Uh, yes? And? That won’t change that I only love Ah Chang.” He shook his head as if his father was an idiot and grabbed Nie Chang’s arm while putting away Yuan Hai’s photo. “Ah Chang, since we’ve already won we can go home. Let’s say goodbye to my mom first, alright?”
Nie Chang smiled and kissed Su Yan’s cheek. “Alright. Let’s do it as you said.”

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