OMF V5C1 Finally Good News!

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In the Nine Heavens, or more precisely in the scribe’s palace, the Fate’s Scribe Shun Tao looked incredulously at a certain scroll of fate.
“Are you kidding me?”
He read the newest part of Zhong Jing Yi’s fate again but the result stayed the same. That boy had somehow managed to accomplish a trial. And even a major one.
“It’s good for the crown prince but why do I feel that Heaven isn’t hurling trials at him but at me instead? I wrote such a great fate for him but nothing of that came true! Now I didn’t write a single character and he suddenly passes a major trial?! What do you think you’re doing?!”
He put down the scroll and stood up, pacing up and down in his study. Was this just a coincidence or should he congratulate that Leng Jin Yu? Pushing Longjun aside at the last possible moment and then grabbing the Son of Heaven so that he was the one that was imprisoned with him had really been the best course of action. To allow the crown prince to regain some of his former memories so he would start to doubt his relationship with Longjun had certainly been a risky choice but it was incredibly effective.
Now, that Zhong Jing Yi who had fallen in love with Longjun felt like he couldn’t be together with him anymore. He felt torn but whatever he had remembered was important enough to make him stay away from Longjun. Wasn’t this a blessing in disguise?
Whether Leng Jin Yu had meticulously planned all of that or if there had been some coincidences mixed inside the results really didn’t leave anything to be desired.
“Ah, this Leng Jin Yu … Thankfully, he wants to become part of the God of War’s palace. Otherwise, I might lose my position to him.” Shun Tao sighed and went to pick up the scroll of fate. “Well, at least I finally have something good to report to the Heavenly Emperor. And His Highness should also be out of harm’s way now. Never mind the minor and medium trials, as long as he has accomplished that major trial it isn’t too bad.”
He left his study and hurried over to the Heavenly Emperor’s palace. Once again, he was met with a gaze that told him he shouldn’t dare to say any nonsense.
Shun Tao gulped and thanked Leng Jin Yu in his heart. “Greetings, Your Majesty! Fate’s Scribe, Shun Tao, came —”
“Yes, yes, yes. What happened this time? Just spit it out.”
“There’s good news. Although the way it came about is a little unexpected.”
“Oh?” The Heavenly Emperor sat up straight. This was the first time he heard that there were actually good news since his precious son had left the Nine Heavens. Could it be that his trial would finally get back on track?
Shun Tao nodded and unfurled the scroll of fate, intending to read the newest part of Zhong Jing Yi’s fate to the Heavenly Emperor.
The Heavenly Emperor waved, though. “Don’t bother with it. Just give us a summary.” He definitely wouldn’t wait for the Fate’s Scribe to read all of that to him. He wanted to know what had happened to his son now.
Shun Tao faltered. Just a summary? Uh … Alright? “Well, as Your Majesty already knows the mortal Zhong Jing Yi took in the spiritual energy of a herb called the Fractured Crystal Leaf and thus remembered parts of his life as crown prince Jing He. The scroll of fate doesn’t detail which memories he acquired but when Zhong Jing Yi was rescued from the secret —”
“What?! He was rescued from that realm? Wouldn’t it have been better to stay there? It was that hateful Longjun again, wasn’t it?!” The Heavenly Emperor clenched his fists and hit the armrest of his throne. That damned dandy! Just what needed to happen until he would stop bothering his precious son?!
Shun Tao cleared his throat. “That may be the case, normally. But this time it had an unexpected effect that was beneficial to His Highness. As I already mentioned the scroll doesn’t say what he remembered but it prompted him to sever his ties with Longjun, albeit reluctantly. This, in turn, constituted a trial of love for him. So, His Highness has managed to pass a major trial.”
“He passed a major trial? And he … broke up with Longjun?” The Heavenly Emperor’s expression brightened bit by bit.
Didn’t this mean … his son was finally out of danger?! Heaven wouldn’t punish him? And even better, he had dumped that bastard Longjun! Ahahaha, this really was good news!
The Heavenly Emperor leaped to his feet and pointed at Shun Tao. “Very good! We knew it wasn’t a mistake to let you become the Fate’s Scribe! Let’s forget about what happened before. Your detention is lifted. You may continue your work as before.”
Shun Tao perked up but deflated just as fast. “Uh … Ahem, most of this is actually thanks to Leng Jin Yu.”
“Hahaha, no need to be so modest! Wasn’t he chosen by you?”
“Actually, it was the God of War who —”
“Ah, why would you be so small-minded? Just go and do your work.” He waved impatiently and Shun Tao finally nodded.
Well, it benefited him. Arguing any longer would be dumb. If he did, he might just anger the Heavenly Emperor again and who knew what would happen then? Losing the advantage he had gotten just now would be the smallest problem. In the worst case, he would even get another punishment.
Thus Shun Tao bowed and hurried out of the palace. Leaving as long as the Heavenly Emperor’s mood was still good was the best choice of action.
Behind him, the Heavenly Emperor laughed boisterously. “Ah, he passed a trial! And finally said goodbye to that dandy! Hahaha, what a good day! I should go and tell Bai Fen.” With that, the Heavenly Emperor hurried away too.

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