LWS V4C2 Best Boyfriend of the World

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Nie Chang followed Su Yan and also said goodbye to Madam Su. His thoughts were still circling around the photo though. Su Yan didn’t seem to be interested in that Yuan Hai or, well, at least not in the way his father had hoped. He had even rejected his father’s plans in such a way. But Nie Chang still felt a little strange about this. Just what had fascinated Su Yan this much?
He didn’t ask immediately though and waited until they sat in the car again. “So …” He engaged the gear and glanced at Su Yan. “What were you actually thinking about that Yuan Hai? You even kept the picture.”
Su Yan’s eyes sparkled as soon as Nie Chang brought it up. He took the photo out and examined it again. “You remember that movie we watched like … two months ago?”
Nie Chang raised his brows. “Which one?”
“The one with that university student and that young CEO who always looked as if someone owed him money.”
Nie Chang coughed. “Don’t tell me that was what you thought of when your father showed you the picture?” Ah, why had he stupidly started to drive already? He should have spoken with Su Yan first. Who could say that his little darling wouldn’t say anything that would divert his attention again? If he wasn’t careful, they might have an accident.
“Mn! I always thought those directors were exaggerating when they had that type of male lead. Authors too. But now look at this!” He waved the picture around, his voice sounding just as excited as before. “There really are people like that. Yuan Hai is evidence for that.”
“And that got you so excited?”
“Of course!” Su Yan looked at the picture a little longer before finally putting it away. “You know I’ve thought it through. The system wanted me to write two stories until now and both times the expectations seemed a little higher. I mean there’s no word limit anymore and it let me decide everything by myself with the second story. So I guess it wants me to accept greater challenges.”
Nie Chang furrowed his brow. “What does that have to do with Yuan Hai?”
“Nothing. But look I’ve always written xianxia. Don’t you think the system might ask me to write something else next?”
Nie Chang nodded. “That sounds logical.”
“You see? So I should already gather some ideas! Then I can immediately start writing as soon as I get the task!”
“So Yuan Hai is your …” Nie Chang tightened his lips. Model? Inspiration? Somehow he didn’t like that. Hadn’t Su Yan modeled his first male lead after him? How come another man suddenly got the same privilege?
Su Yan peered at his boyfriend. Something was different but he couldn’t really put his finger on what the problem was. He pursed his lips and observed him further. At first glance, Nie Chang seemed to concentrate on the street but looking at it more closely he had furrowed his brows and narrowed his eyes. He didn’t look happy at all. He looked …
Su Yan’s face lit up and he leaned over. “Eh, Ah Chang … Could it be you’re jealous?”
Nie Chang glanced to the person next to him but hurriedly looked back at the street. “Why do you seem happy about that?”
“Ah, so it’s true!” Su Yan giggled and leaned back in his seat. “Mn, well, it’s very good. It means you love me very much.”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. “And you didn’t believe that before?”
“Of course, I did! I’m so cute. Who would you love if not me? But it’s still nice that you get jealous over me. And don’t worry. If some other guy dares to ogle you, I’ll also get jealous!”
Nie Chang stopped at the red light in front of them, leaned over and gave Su Yan a peck on the cheek. “Thank you, I guess?”
“Mn! You should thank me! It’s not that often that you’ll find someone as great as me. So you’d better not look if someone tries to seduce you!”
“Of course not. Don’t I already have the best boyfriend in the world?”
“You do.” Su Yan wasn’t ashamed at all to admit it. Ah, Nie Chang could really be happy that he had him. “Mn, but actually I think we’re even better together.”
“Oh?” Nie Chang grinned. And here he had thought his little darling just wanted to praise himself. It turned out he still hadn’t forgotten about him.
“Of course! Weren’t we awesome today? We actually managed to beat my parents at Mahjong even though it was the first time we played together and they have years of experience with each other. That’s like magic!”
Nie Chang pressed his lips together and nodded. Yeah, it was like magic. The magic of cheating. Ah, he suddenly understood why Su Yan’s parents had looked like that before. After letting him win, he was suddenly afraid that Su Yan might find out too.
“Oh, well, and then there’s that other thing.” Su Yan leaned to the side again and tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve. “Ah Chang, you did really well today. Honestly, I’m still surprised just how well you did. I thought my father would just get angry and be busy with appeasing my mom for the next few weeks so that he won’t be able to bother us. But you actually made him reconsider everything! Now he’s even thinking of letting us be together. Isn’t that great?” Su Yan’s eyes seemed to sparkle once more.
Nie Chang hurriedly nodded again. He refrained from mentioning his honest thoughts though. He didn’t want to ruin the happy mood.
“Ah, I really have the best boyfriend in the world! I don’t even know how I deserve you.” The hand dropped and somehow landed on Nie Chang’s leg together with another paw.
Nie Chang silently cursed. It was still a few minutes until they reached his apartment. Would he be able to take it until then? Or rather … Would his little darling do anything even more outrageous until then?
Unfortunately, the probability that he had to answer the latter question with ‘yes’ seemed rather high.

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