OMF V5C2 It Would Work Again

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While the good news made its way through the Nine Heavens, Leng Jin Yu dropped Jing Yi off at the Yun Zou Sect’s outer sect. “Will you be alright on your own?”
Jing Yi turned around to him and lowered his gaze. No, he wasn’t alright. Especially not if he was supposed to be alone now. He couldn’t help but think back to Qiu Ling’s expression at that moment. But how could he expect Senior Martial Brother Yu to stay with him? He had already done so much for him. He had even risked his life to get them out of the secret realm.
He forced himself to lift his head and smile. “No problem. I’m still shaking a little when I think of how narrowly we escaped. But we’re out already. Now, it’s time to get back to how our lives were before. I’ll just go in and cultivate. You’ll probably go and report to your master?”
“Mn. Soon. I still have something else to do first.”
“Then I shouldn’t keep you back.”
Leng Jin Yu smiled and nodded before soaring into the sky again. Jing Yi looked at his diminishing figure for a while before shaking his head and heading into the house where he had lived before. Ah, it was a little strange to be alone again.
He had no idea that not far from the house a certain someone had been lying on a roof from the moment Leng Jin Yu had put Jing Yi down. Qiu Ling stared at the hateful guy who was making a bolt for it.
Argh! That bastard! First, he seduced his beloved and then he just left him alone shortly after? How dare he! He’d show that guy!
Well, he wouldn’t do that now. The most important thing was to leave a good impression on his beloved. After that, he could still go and beat that guy up. Mn, he’d do that. Now, how should he go about this?
Qiu Ling looked around but didn’t see anything he could use to score some points with his beloved. Mn … Maybe he still had something in his spatial ring? He opened it and rummaged about. Ah, there were some things. Some fabric he had brought with him from the dragon realm for Jing He, some jewelry just in case his beloved liked any of it, some plants he had plucked since Jing Yi wanted to become a—
Qiu Ling pulled out a furry thing and lifted it by its ears. A few minutes went by while the two of them stared at each other. The creature blinked its black eyes and slowly wagged its bushy tail. It even lifted a paw with five little pads to act cute.
Qiu Ling blinked back. Wasn’t this the strange thing he had fished out of the lava back in the Court of Flames when he was searching for the Flaming Lion Tail he needed for the Amethyst Lightning Pill?
Qiu Ling’s face lit up. Right! The Amethyst Lightning Pill! Hadn’t that also been an attempt to win his beloved over because he refused to become a couple? And even though his beloved had acted coyly, it had worked in the end! So, naturally, this time would work too. He just needed some time and some good ideas and then his beloved would be his again in the end!
With sparkling eyes, Qiu Ling put the furry thing back into his spatial ring and hurried to Jing Yi’s door. He couldn’t rush this. He had to knock and then calmly wait until his beloved opened the door, then he had to start a conversation and only when his Jing’er felt at ease could he take out this furry thing for him.
Qiu Ling took a deep breath and raised his hands. Nothing would go wrong. Very soon his beloved would have forgiven him for what he had done wrong and then they would be a couple again.
He knocked.
Inside the room, Jing Yi raised his head. He had just tried to calm down to meditate but hadn’t had much success. Maybe it was a good thing if he had something to divert his attention. He had no idea who would come this fast after his return though. Maybe it was Shao Hai? They had lived in the same house back then so maybe he was still there and had seen him return?
At the prospect of seeing an old friend again, a smile bloomed on Jing Yi’s lips. “Come in.”
The door opened but the one to step in wasn’t Shao Hai. Jing Yi’s expression dimmed. “Why are you here?” He stood up and stepped toward the window, further away from Qiu Ling.
“I …” Qiu Ling watched how Jing Yi pulled back and his own expression fell just the same. What was he supposed to do now? “You … Did you really mean what you said before?”
Jing Yi lifted his gaze to Qiu Ling’s eyes and nodded.
Qiu Ling tightened his lips. “Are you sure about this?”
“Yes. I’m sorry.”
“And there is nothing I can do?”
Jing Yi shook his head. “No. There is nothing. I’m … really sorry about this.”
“I love you.”
“Qiu Ling …” Jing Yi turned away. He couldn’t look at him. The way Qiu Ling gazed at him … it was too much to bear.
“I do. And I won’t stop doing so. So … if you change your mind, then I’ll be there. I’ll wait for you. Oh, and … I got something for you.” He wanted to take the furry creature out of his spatial ring but Jing Yi already shook his head.
“Qiu Ling, don’t. Whatever it is please keep it for yourself. And you don’t have to wait for me.”
Qiu Ling lowered his hands but didn’t back down. “I will wait. I love you and I’m sure that you love me too. You will realize that too.”
“No … No, Qiu Ling, no. I —”
“It’s alright.” Qiu Ling forced himself to smile. “I’m sure you will. I’ll just wait for that time.” He didn’t leave Jing Yi any time to answer and just turned around and left.
Jing Yi stared at the door and sighed, sinking to the ground. Just why did it have to happen like this? He really … didn’t want to hurt Qiu Ling. But it was already too late for that. He could only hope that Qiu Ling would give up and maybe even fall in love with somebody else. Then he wouldn’t have to feel as horrible anymore.

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