LWS V3C67 It’s Alright If You’re Gay

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Su Yan looked from his father to Nie Chang and back again. He felt a little reluctant to leave Nie Chang now but ah, his father had him curious now! Just what did he want from him?!
Seeing his little darling this torn Nie Chang smiled and lightly patted his back. “Just go. The sooner you start talking the sooner you’ll be back.”
“Mn!” Su Yan hurriedly climbed from Nie Chang’s lap and ran out of the room, blinking at his father. Somebody give him answers already!
Mister Su looked at his son and sighed. Ah, now his son was even getting another man’s opinion before he decided to talk to him. Mister Su took a glance at Nie Chang before pulling his son to the side. He definitely didn’t want Su Yan to exchange some secret signs with this guy!
“Eh? What are you —”
“Xiao Yan.” Mister Su put his hands on his son’s shoulders, his serious gaze making Su Yan keep quiet. “I know the two of us had our differences in the past.”
“That’s in the past?” Su Yan blinked. It couldn’t be that his father had suddenly turned nice and wanted to bury the hatchet?
Mister Su’s lips tightened. Why was his son interrupting him already? He hadn’t even gotten to the main point yet! Ah, never mind. He would just ignore it and pretend he hadn’t heard anything. “I always wanted your best but … I might have been a bit too strict with you. If you don’t want to work at the company and instead stay in that repair shop or at the railroad station, then that’s alright with me.”
“Really?” There wasn’t only a trace of doubt in Su Yan’s face. No, instead, he seemed intent on finding the expression that was best suited to express the sentiment.
Mister Su coughed. Was his son doing this on purpose?! “Really. I’ve come to realize that you won’t be happy by doing what I want and even though we’ve often argued in the past you’re still my son. I don’t want you to be unhappy. So, just do what you want.”
“Uh … then … What about Nie Chang?”
Mister Su sighed. Of course, his son would ask after that bastard’s matter first! But he wouldn’t give in so easily on that one! Never mind that his son was gay; he could live with that. But it was this guy who had seduced his darling son! And even without his consent. He wouldn’t stand for it!
“Well, if you really don’t like women, then as your father I won’t force you to marry one of them.”
Su Yan’s eyes lit up and he actually hugged his father. This was the best news he had heard for a long time! “Thank you, dad!”
Mister Su froze before awkwardly returning his son’s hug. How long had it been since his son actually hugged him? Or called him dad in such a happy tone? He couldn’t help but lift his hand and stroke his son’s head for a bit.
“So, you think Nie Chang is an awesome boyfriend, too?” Su Yan’s eyes sparkled. He had only thought of angering his father as much as possible with showing off his affectionate relationship. Who could have known it would be so effective to actually change his father’s opinion of their relationship?!
Mister Su coughed. “That … That’s not quite it.”
“Ah?” The light in Su Yan’s eyes dimmed and a trace of disappointment crept into his expression.
Mister Su hurriedly averted his gaze. His son was too cute! How could he bear to see him like this? “Well, I think if you really don’t like women, then it’s alright to be with another man. As for your boyfriend …” Mister Su grimaced. “I feel like that Nie boy isn’t good enough. I mean he’s not bad but I’m sure you can do better. He isn’t treating you nicely enough and his prospects aren’t too good either. Especially now that you’ve decided to be with another man and won’t have any children, you have to pay even more attention to that!”
“Ah?” Su Yan frowned. What did his father mean with that?
Mister Su nodded. “Yes, yes. You might think it’s not important because you’re young now but you’ll also get older. Who will take care of you then if you don’t have children? So, you at least need enough money to pay for a housekeeper and such things.”
Inside the living room, Nie Chang furrowed his brows. Mister Su and his son might have stepped out but it was still loud enough to hear what they were talking about. And he didn’t like a single word he heard.
Nie Chang clenched his fists. Mister Su’s plan this time was really too good. Making some concessions to his son and then introducing him to the prospect of finding himself another boyfriend, someone more suitable. That might actually work. At least it was more likely than when he had tried to force his son to do what he wanted.
Outside in the corridor, Su Yan blinked. He didn’t really get what his father was talking about. He was only twenty-one, alright? And he had a stable job and Nie Chang had his repair shop. Why would they lack money?
Mister Su wasn’t even finished. “Ah, come to speak of it. Do you remember your uncle Yuan?”
Su Yan nodded, his previous thoughts coming to a halt.
“Then you certainly remember his son too, don’t you?”
“His son?” Su Yan pursed his lips. “Wasn’t he called Yuan Hai or something like that?”
Mister Su nodded excitedly. “Exactly so! The two of you haven’t seen each other for some years, right? I actually met with your uncle Yuan this week and he told me that his son is gay too. What a coincidence!” He started to fumble around in his pocket and took out a picture. “Here, have a look! That’s what he is looking right now.”
Su Yan took the photo without suspecting anything while Nie Chang inside the living room had frozen stiff before he started to shake in anger. This dastardly old man! He had actually prepared to this extent! But certainly, Su Yan wouldn’t fall for this. He didn’t believe that his boyfriend would be this easily led around by the nose.
Unfortunately, Su Yan had never been good at connecting the dots when he himself was concerned. Thus, his boyfriend was bound to experience yet another shock.
“Whoa! How did Yuan Hai get so handsome?!”
Mister Su grinned and rubbed his hands. Ah, this had been much easier than expected! Now all he had to do was make sure that those two actually met. “Mn, he’s really handsome, isn’t he? How about I set up a meeting? I’m sure the two of you would get along really well!”

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