OMF V4C105 A Demon and a Demon Hunter

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Qiu Ling pulled Bai Mu out of the room with the cells and into the corridor that was made out of Blood Gem. As soon as he stepped through the door his grip loosened.
“Ugh.” He clenched his hands into fists again and gritted his teeth. “You better follow up on your own.”
Bai Mu looked at Qiu Ling who seemed to be slightly wavering. The person who saved him … He obviously had some demon blood too and it seemed stronger than his own. Well, it shouldn’t surprise him considering how this man had recoiled when he touched the inner part of the bars that was made out of Blood Gem.
The difference between their blood was indeed rather large. Qiu Ling’s mother had been half-dragon and half-demon while his father was a purebred dragon. So it wasn’t wrong to say that a quarter of his blood was that of a demon. And since the dragons and the demons had been one race the Blood Gem influenced him even more.
Bai Mu, on the other hand, hadn’t that much demon blood in him. His father had been a hundred percent human if one excluded the fact that he carried the soul of a god around. His mother also hadn’t had that much demon blood. After all, she had the same composition of blood from the three races. Thus Bai Mu’s demon blood already stemmed from the generation before Huan Yin’s.
Barely two-thirds of his blood could be considered to be demonic and another part was even that of the gods which negated some of its effects. The Blood Gem’s influence on him was paltry.
Bai Mu frowned and reached out to Qiu Ling. “Are you alright?”
Qiu Ling looked back at him. The color was visibly draining from his face but he nodded and hurried onward.
Bai Mu followed him. He really couldn’t understand. Besides his mother he never had any other family and neither from his time at the Da Dao Guang Sect nor from the time he had spent at the Shen Shen Yuan Order were there any friends that would take it upon themselves to break into the Chun Feng Sect on the off chance that they might be able to free him. That would be even truer if they had demon blood themselves and would run the risk to be imprisoned.
So who were these people? He turned to look at Xin Lan that was walking behind him with a grim expression and then at Hong Bao that was happily hopping at the end of the line.
Well, at least this woman wasn’t completely unknown to him. She had once been there when the Chun Feng Sect disciples brought a new demon in. Back then she had been just as flippant as she was now as if she didn’t notice that she was in a prison and that the person being thrown in there was a demon. She had seemed like a normal human, not like a cultivator but she wore the green robes of the Chun Feng Sect. She definitely was one of their disciples too.
So why were someone who had at least a bit of demon blood and a demon hunter working together to help him escape from a prison the demon hunters had set up themselves? He couldn’t wrap his head around this!
He really wanted to ask. But who should he turn to, to get answers? The guy in front of him who already looked like he would collapse if you so much as tipped his shoulder? Or the guy behind him that was scowling at him as if he owed him money? He certainly couldn’t ask the demon hunter in the back. Not only that she was part of the group that had imprisoned him in the first place, but she also didn’t seem very reliable.
Without any options, Bai Mu followed behind Qiu Ling, his heart beating faster and faster the further they got away from the room with the cells. Could it really be that he would leave this prison today? Could it be that … he would see Nie Huang again?
Bai Mu took a deep breath. He would love nothing more than to return to his fiancee and finally marry her but it had already been so many years. Would Nie Huang really have waited for him? He couldn’t fault her even if she had already married another man. Actually, it was quite likely that she had.
Hadn’t her parents wanted her to marry somebody else back then? They had never been satisfied with him. After he was imprisoned by the Chun Feng Sect and didn’t return all that time, they certainly would have pressured her to finally marry.
Maybe his chance to be together with her had al—
The man before him staggered to the side and crashed against the wall. Bai Mu hurried forward and grabbed his shoulder, pulling him away from the Blood Gem.
“Careful! The closer you get to it the worse it gets.”
Qiu Ling groaned. “These damned demon hunters! They’re discriminating against my race!”
Bai Mu didn’t know what to say and turned to look at the other two people.
Xin Lan didn’t really care. It wasn’t like anyone from the Chun Feng Sect was around to catch them right now and hadn’t Qiu Ling said that he would do this for his beloved? He had insisted on getting the guy out and now look at this. He had actually trouble to get out. What an idiot!
Hong Bao hurried forward though. “What happened, Senior Martial Brother Qiu? Don’t you feel well?”
Qiu Ling looked up at her. No kidding! “Does it look like that?”
Hong Bao examined his face and his hand that still had a mark from when he had tried to destroy the bars. “Actually, if you’re asking like that … You do. You’re looking a little pale. Don’t tell me you’ve fallen sick? What about your wedding then?”

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