LWS V3C63 Nowhere to Vent His Anger

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An awkward silence enveloped the dining room. Mister Su clenched his fists, prepared to smash them on the table or maybe on that bastard’s face. Madam Su looked at the ceiling and wondered if maybe she should have advised Su Yan to not wait for so long.
Nie Chang coughed. “What are you even talking about?”
“You’re still asking! What kind of bones do you have?! You broke my nose!”
Madam Su looked at her son, not knowing whether she should scold him or praise him for being able to cause such chaos. Just look at his father’s face! He was obviously angry enough to burst but now he had nowhere to vent it. He could only stare at Nie Chang, his fists shaking.
Su Yan rubbed his nose and continued to glare at his boyfriend. Ow! It hurt!
Seeing her son still rub his nose Madam Su couldn’t help but grow a little worried. She hurried to his other side and plucked that hand out of his face. “Come, come, let your mother have a look at that!” She grabbed his chin and turned his head this way and that way but in the end, she couldn’t find anything. “Your nose is alright. Nothing is broken!”
Su Yan perked up, blinking his eyes. “Really?” He touched it again as if to make sure. “But it really hurts a lot!”
Nie Chang finally stood up too and cleared his throat. “Maybe we should put some ice on it?”
Su Yan looked at his mother to make sure that Nie Chang’s idea was a good one. It sounded like one but it was still better to see what she thought!
Madam Su looked at her son’s face. Honestly, nothing seemed wrong with him but if her baby said his nose hurt, then it hurt. “En, that’s a good idea.” She finally looked over at her husband on her own initiative. “Guanting, you go and get some ice for Ah Yan!”
“Oh.” Mister Su immediately hurried away.
Madam Su pushed her son onto his seat again and pulled her chair over, sitting down next to him. “Ah, my poor boy. We just wanted to have a nice evening with you and Ah Chang and now something like this happened. How unlucky!”
“Mn!” Su Yan nodded and looked at Nie Chang. Shouldn’t his boyfriend try to help him?
Nie Chang also sat back down and gently ruffled Su Yan’s hair. “Are you feeling better? Or can I do something else for you?”
“No!” Su Yan turned away and huffed. He wasn’t ready to forgive him already. This was all Nie Chang’s fault!
“Uh … Then do you want to go home? You seemed tired before. Or maybe you want to spend the night here and lie down already?” He rubbed Su Yan’s back in the hope of making him more willing to forgive him.
Indeed. A moment later a certain someone already leaned in Nie Chang’s direction. “I don’t want to! Hug me!”
Nie Chang wordlessly pulled him into his arms and ruffled his hair again. “Satisfied now?”
“No! You have to continue hugging me!”
Nie Chang laughed. “Alright. I’ll hug you as long as you want.” He pulled Su Yan over onto his lap and then looked at Madam Su who was happily observing them.
“Ah, I’m happy that the two of you are getting along so well.”
“Mn. Well, we’ve known each other for so long already it would be strange not to get along, wouldn’t it?”
“That’s also true. So, I guess dinner is over. But the two of you wouldn’t want to go already, would you?”
Su Yan straightened up and turned around to his mother as good as he could. “Of course not! So what do we do?” His eyes sparkled. It had been so long since he had spent a whole evening with his mother. Well, it was a bummer that his father was there but disregarding that this evening was pretty good. Mn, this was all Nie Chang’s merit!
In a happy mood, Su Yan encircled Nie Chang’s neck and rewarded him with a kiss on his other cheek. “What would you like to do?”
“I don’t know. But I’m happy as long as you’re here!” Nie Chang gave a kiss back.
Unfortunately, or, well, maybe it was fortunate in regards to Su Yan’s plan of steering his father into a fit of anger, this was exactly the moment when Mister Su returned to the dining room. He stopped dead in his tracks and stared at the way his precious son was sitting on another man’s lap, hugging and kissing him.
He tightened his lips and wanted to drag Su Yan off but the next thing he noticed was the happy smile on his son’s lips. He couldn’t help but hesitate when he saw that. He had never seen Su Yan this happy with any girl.
Well, he hadn’t seen him with many girls anyway but it wasn’t like there hadn’t been some in his school and some of his own friends had brought their daughters over too when there was an opportunity. Unfortunately, Su Yan had never really reacted.
It was as if those girls didn’t exist in his eyes or as if they were just … well, something he saw, took note of, and then forgot. He never looked at them a second time or asked about them afterward. In fact, even if you tried to talk about them with him, he would just look at you, blink his eyes and ask you back who you were talking about.
Could it really be that he had hoped for something impossible all these years? Was there no way for his son to fall in love with a woman and start a family? Then … wouldn’t it be better if he let him be with another man? After all, as important as the company was to him and as much as he wanted Su Yan to have a family, all of this was unimportant if it made his son unhappy.
Mister Su cleared his throat. “How about playing Mahjong? We’re four people today, after all.”

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