LWS V3C62 Striking Home

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Nie Chang sighed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think of that.” He turned back and tried to inconspicuously rub off the oil on his cheek.
Unfortunately, just at this moment, his boyfriend rediscovered his conscience. “Ah, don’t be sad! I didn’t mean it like that!” To make sure his point came across he leaned forward, grabbed the lapel of Nie Chang’s suit and pressed his lips onto Nie Chang’s.
Mister Su tightened his grip on his chopsticks and his expression that had been better since his son’s smile darkened again. This bastard! He was actually molesting his child right in front of him! Who did he take him for?!
Madam Su was happy though. Just look at how well the children got along! Now, only her husband needed to accept the inevitable. Mn, whatever he said and however stern he pretended to be, he obviously loved Su Yan very much. As long as he could observe for a longer time just how happy his son was with Nie Chang he would probably consent. So all she needed to do was make those two stay as long as possible today and then have them come over again soon.
Su Yan’s grip on Nie Chang’s lapel weakened and his hands instead slid upward onto his shoulders. Nie Chang felt a headache coming on. Was this Su Yan losing focus or was this still his little fox trying to get onto his father’s nerves?
Nie Chang tried to move back a little and gently peel Su Yan off but a certain someone had latched onto him like an octopus and wouldn’t let go no matter how he tried. Ah, never mind, he’ll just watch his back while walking past Mister Su in the near future.
Su Yan finally pulled back on his own and happily smiled at his boyfriend. Mn, thinking about it now that bit of oil wasn’t so bad. He shouldn’t have pushed Nie Chang away before.
Still feeling a little guilty he grabbed Nie Chang’s arm and put his head on his shoulder. “Ah Chang, you won’t be angry, will you?”
“Of course not.”
“Mn. Definitely.” Nie Chang reached up and ruffled Su Yan’s hair to show that he was really sincere with these words.
Su Yan finally believed him but didn’t intend to let go. Having eaten so much already he felt a bit lethargic. Curling up in his boyfriend’s embrace right now sounded really, really good.
He rubbed his head on Nie Chang’s shoulder, trying to find a comfortable spot but they were obviously sitting too far away. He’d contort his neck if he sat like this for slightly longer!
Su Yan valiantly pushed his chair closer to Nie Chang and continued to look for the sweet spot. It wasn’t so easy though. He did manage to find a good spot to rest his head but now his hand was somehow dangling in the air which felt weird.
Where should he put it? He tried putting it into his lap but there was also his other hand and having both of them lie there seemed so unnatural and heavy. He wasn’t happy with this at all!
Su Yan reached out and placed one arm on Nie Chang’s side, circling his waist. His head once again moved and he decided that this was a lot better already. Although his other hand …
The other three people at the table observed as Su Yan’s other hand was also pushed toward his boyfriend. Nie Chang didn’t dare to move. Actually, he even tried not to breathe. Why did this seem as if some kind of accident would occur in a minute? Could it be that Mister Su had already thought of where they kept the knives? Unfortunately, he couldn’t take a look right now or he would disturb Su Yan.
It seemed like his darling was more or less done with positioning himself though. His second hand had found Nie Chang’s waist and tugged at the fabric of his suit. Was this comfortable now? Nie Chang prayed that it would be but then Su Yan’s hand moved to the back, scratching at the chair and then somehow crawling up Nie Chang’s back and finally clutching his shoulder.
Nie Chang felt a chill down his back but could only force himself to remain unmoving. It couldn’t take that much longer for Su Yan to get comfortable, could it?
Indeed. Su Yan also felt that he had finally found exactly the right place. With his cheek leaned against Nie Chang’s shoulder, one arm around his waist from the front and the other hand clutching his shoulder from the back, he finally felt satisfied. He even sighed in contentment.
Seeing him like this Madam Su smiled like a Cheshire-cat. Ah, look at her cute son! How adorable he was hugging his boyfriend like this! Even Mister Su had trouble getting angry at Nie Chang for this affront. He was instead wondering if he should suggest for the two of them to rest in Su Yan’s old room tonight? The boy was obviously too tired to go back today! Ah, his poor son!
Just when everyone at the table relaxed Su Yan lost his grip on Nie Chang’s shoulder. He tried grabbing the chair instead but missed and even hit his hand. He winced and slid down from his spot on Nie Chang’s shoulder. His boyfriend tried to catch him but missed and Su Yan fell. And then … he landed face-first in Nie Chang’s lap.
Madam Su leaped to her feet and hurried around the table, grabbing his shoulders. “Ah Yan! Are you alright? Are you hurt?”
Mister Su also stood and went to take a look.
Nie Chang hastily took Su Yan’s hand and helped him up, smoothing out his hair and peering into his face to find out if everything was alright. “How is it? Does anything hurt?”
Su Yan scrunched up his face and rubbed his nose, not caring about the fact that three people were fussing about him. Wasn’t that normal? Instead, he looked up at Nie Chang with a wronged expression.
“Ah Chang! Why are you so hard?!”

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