OMF V4C104 The True Bai Mu

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Qiu Ling looked from one guy to the other and finally froze. Wait! Why did this one guy look like that demon he had seen in the Hei Dian Sect?!
Qiu Ling frowned and squatted down, intently peering into the guy’s face. He had seen that demon only for a moment but the similarity was uncanny. They could have been brothers. Well, considering the relationships between demons it wasn’t that strange. Who wasn’t related among them? That was the problem if everyone had something going on with everyone else.
Qiu Ling turned back to look at Xin Lan and pointed at the guy before him. “That’s Bai Mu.”
“Are you sure?” Xin Lan came over as well and examined the man in the cell. He could feel a bit of immortal energy from him but it was faint. Well, whatever he had possessed of it might have been eroded after being imprisoned here for a few years. He hadn’t been a true demon, after all.
Qiu Ling nodded. “Mn. He looks nearly identical to that demon I saw at the Hei Dian Sect.”
Xin Lan frowned. “That’s what that Hong Bao said. But this doesn’t mean that he’s the person we’re looking for. The Fate’s Scribe didn’t speak of any other relatives than his mother and aunt.”
“Well, you never asked about them. And most other relatives probably wouldn’t have that kind of composition of their blood anyway. They’d probably be just demons or just humans or just gods, so why would he have told you about them?”
Xin Lan nodded. That was also true. But what if they got the wrong person?
“If you think I’ve got it wrong, we could free all of them.”
“You want to help the demons?” Xin Lan’s brows lifted. He really couldn’t imagine Qiu Ling doing anything that might benefit Jin Ling. Their hate was mutual, after all.
Qiu Ling frowned. “What are you talking about? I’m not the one who lived with a demon.”
Xin Lan didn’t respond to that and just turned to the man in the cell. “Do you know somebody by the name of Huan Yin?”
The man didn’t answer but somebody else connected the dots. “Ah!” The demon on the left cried out. “Now I remember! Huan Yin, that’s actually my mother’s name!”
Xin Lan didn’t even look over. He lashed out and only a gurgling scream could be heard before the demon slumped to the ground in a pool of blood.
“I’m still waiting for your answer.”
The man looked back at him but didn’t open his mouth. Xin Lan frowned but it wasn’t like he could attack him. Who knew if he was still able to withstand even a weak attack?
Qiu Ling continued to frown. “Why aren’t you answering? Heh!” Qiu Ling poked the bars. “You do realize we could get you out of here? Don’t you want that? What about your fiancee?”
The man suddenly looked up.
Qiu Ling grinned. “See? So, you still don’t want to answer him?” He motioned at Xin Lan.
The man ignored the question. “How do you know about Nie Huang?”
Qiu Ling turned to Xin Lan. “Hear that? He said she’s called Nie Huang. It has to be him.”
“Then get him out of there and let’s go. We shouldn’t lose any more time.” After all, his master was still out there in the Yun Zou Sect waiting for the return of his lover.
Hearing Xin Lan’s reminder Qiu Ling’s eyes sparkled. Right! They shouldn’t lose any more time. After all, his beloved was still waiting in the secret realm for him! He had to hurry up and save him!
He stood up and didn’t even bother to take out his weapon. His nails turned into claws and he lashed out at the bars. “Argh!” Qiu Ling staggered back and clutched his hand. “These damned demon hunters! What do they think they’re doing?!” These assholes had actually used Blood Gem inside the bars!
Xin Lan frowned. What did his master see in this person that he had given his throne to him? Wasn’t he completely unsuitable for this position? Well, he had no right to question his master’s decision.
He drew his sword and the bars fell to the ground after two strikes. “Can you get up?”
Bai Mu looked at the bars on the ground and then up to the two men on the other side. He couldn’t understand. He had never seen them before. Why did they know so much about him? Why had they come to save him?
Xin Lan frowned and lifted his sword. He accepted that Qiu Ling wanted to save this person but if he didn’t want to be saved, then he would just take his blood and open the array himself to free his master’s lover.
“Eh!” Qiu Ling hurriedly stepped in front of him. “What are you trying to do? I already said I’ll get him out for my uncle-in-law! Don’t even think about doing something to him!”
Xin Lan sighed and sheathed the sword. “Then get him out of there. We still need to leave this dungeon without being noticed and I doubt he can hide himself from mortal eyes.”
Qiu Ling didn’t seem impressed. “What’s the problem? Hong Bao could see us too and it wasn’t a problem.”
Xin Lan shook his head and turned away. Why was he even trying to talk to him? This boy really was an idiot. Although … he also wondered how the girl had been able to see them. Wasn’t she just a simple mortal?
Qiu Ling didn’t care for Xin Lan’s thoughts. Now, he only had Jing He on his mind. He didn’t wait any longer for Bai Mu to come to terms with the situation. Evading the bars he stepped into the cell and grabbed him by the arm, pulling him to his feet.
“Come, come, come. Time is of the essence!” He didn’t explain anything else and just dragged Bai Mu off.

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