OMF V4C106 How Do You Know Him?

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Qiu Ling closed his eyes. “Don’t worry about that. I wouldn’t miss my own wedding. Let’s go!” He clutched Bai Mu’s shoulder and pulled himself up but he didn’t look too well.
“Are you sure you can go on?”
Qiu Ling turned to stare at him. Was his uncle-in-law’s son an idiot? Even if he had to crawl out of here, he’d still have to do it! Otherwise wouldn’t those stupid demon hunters imprison him too? Ah, there was no use in talking to him.
He turned around, let go of Bai Mu’s shoulder and walked forward. His speed had reduced considerably though and he swayed every few steps. Bai Mu wanted to say more but finally reconsidered. He didn’t even know who these people were. He really wasn’t in the position to say anything.
Hong Bao hurried past Xin Lan and fell into step beside Bai Mu. She looked up at him curiously. “So, how do you know Senior Martial Brother Qiu?”
“Senior Martial Brother Qiu?”
“Mn. Qiu Ling!” Hong Bao pointed to the front where Qiu Ling was trying to make his way through the corridor without touching the Blood Gem embedded in the walls. Until now, they still hadn’t even reached the halfway mark of their way out.
Bai Mu raised his brows. “He is part of the Chun Feng Sect?”
Hong Bao shook her head. “No. Why would you think so?”
“Well, you’re wearing the robes of the Chun Feng Sect and if he’s your Senior Martial Brother …”
“Oh, no, actually he’s from the Hei Dian Sect.”
“Hei Dian Sect?” Bei Mu frowned. Wasn’t that the premier heretic sect of this day? At least it had been when he was imprisoned. “Then how is he related to you?”
“Oh, you see my sister, that’s Hong Ai, she married Shen An De who is the Grandmaster of the Hei Dian Sect so she’s his Senior Martial Sister or maybe she’s his Senior Martial Aunt? Or maybe just his Martial Aunt?” She frowned and pursed her brows. “That doesn’t seem right either. If Brother An De is the Grandmaster, then isn’t she the Grandmistress? Or, no, the Grandmadam?”
“I don’t think there is such a position.”
“Oh. Then maybe she is just his Senior Martial Sister? Well, anyway since they’re fellow disciples and I’m her sister I’m his Martial Sister too, right?”
“Uh …” Bai Mu had no idea what to say.
This somehow seemed … odd. Well, at least it made a little more sense now that this man would come to save him. After all, hadn’t it been his mother and father who established the Hei Dian Sect back then? Maybe they had somehow found out that he was imprisoned here and had sent someone to help. It was just a pity that this person had turned out to have even more demon blood than him.
“So, how do you know Senior Martial Brother Qiu?” Hong Bao finally remembered her original question.
“We don’t know each other. I’ve seen him for the first time today.”
“Then you know Jing Yi instead?”
“Jing Yi?” Bai Mu looked at the other man bringing up the rear. Could she mean him? But he had never seen him before either. Well, he also hadn’t heard the name Jing Yi before.
“Yeah, Senior Martial Brother Qiu’s fiance. He’s also from the Hei Dian Sect. Qiu Ling said you can save him.”
“Save him? So … His fiance is in trouble?” Bai Mu smiled. This answered a lot of questions. Someone coming to save him just out of the goodness of their heart was hard to believe. Especially if that person had demon blood in them. But if that person needed a favor from him, then things were different.
“Mn. Qiu Ling said he got trapped somewhere and we somehow need you to get him out.” She frowned. “I also don’t understand why he can’t get him out himself. What’s so special about that place that only you can get him out there?”
Bai Mu stopped walking. A special place only he could open? That could only be one that needed his blood to open. And the only place like that would be … Before he could finish thinking it through Xin Lan had caught up to him and stopped directly behind him.
“You can either decide to follow us and open it on your own or you decide to work against us. I for one don’t mind killing you for your blood.”
Qiu Ling in the front also turned around. “Xin Lan, shut up. I already told you that I’d get him out for my uncle-in-law. Don’t even think about harming him!”
Xin Lan’s eyes narrowed. “Between your fiance and your uncle-in-law you should be very clear about who is more important to you.”
Qiu Ling frowned. “Let’s talk about that after we get out of here.” He turned back to the front and continued forward. Ah, why was this damned corridor so long? He actually … wasn’t sure if he could reach …
Qiu Ling stumbled and once again collided with the wall. Ah. Damn this.
“Xin Lan! Is there nothing that can be used against this Blood Gem?”
“Well, you could turn into your other form. That should stimulate your dragon blood enough to render the effects of the Blood Gem less effective.”
Qiu Ling tensed. “Is there any other way?”
“Then … then let’s just go.” He wouldn’t change into his other form. He definitely wouldn’t. Not if there was still a chance for him to get out of here on these two legs.
Xin Lan chuckled. “Well, let’s see if you can continue to be stubborn.”
Bai Mu watched the exchange between the two with creased brows. It seemed … those two weren’t really of the same opinion. If he wanted to get out of here alive and maybe even return to his fiancee, then he had to make sure that that Qiu Ling managed to leave the prison too.

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