LWS V3C51 As Terrifying as His Mother

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Nie Chang smiled and ruffled Su Yan’s hair. “I can’t say I’m surprised. I always knew you were great.”
“Mn!” Su Yan happily pursed his lips and gave his boyfriend a smack. “It still gave me a few suggestions how to make my story even better though. I guess I should immediately implement them!” He wanted to roll the chair back to his notebook and start editing but Nie Chang grabbed the armrest and pulled him back.
“Not so fast. You still haven’t eaten yet. Now that you know what the readers wrote and even checked what the system thought about the story there is no need to hurry. Let’s eat first. After that, you still have the whole afternoon to edit or write or whatever you want to do.”
“Mn … Alright.” Su Yan pulled his food over and started to eat again. Thankfully, he hadn’t taken much time to look at the website and the system. The meal was still warm.
Speaking of food … “Ah Chang, say what do you think will happen today at my parents’?”
Nie Chang couldn’t help but raise his brows. “You’re wondering about that now? It’s been so long already since your father called.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “So we can’t talk about it now that it’s been so long since he called?”
“Well, we can … Let’s just say I’m surprised that you still want to talk about it now.”
“It’s not that long anymore until we have to go over. We should prepare ourselves until then.”
“Does this need preparation? Isn’t it just having dinner with your parents? They only thing I’m worried about is your father’s attitude. He was less than happy when he found out that something was going on between us and that was just a few days ago. Would his opinion really have changed in such a short amount of time?”
“Of course not.”
“Then do you think he’ll try to use this dinner to drive a wedge between us?”
Su Yan’s chopsticks stopped moving and he turned to Nie Chang, his expression doubtful. “Ah Chang, I say have you watched too many dramas lately? How did you even come up with something like this?”
“You don’t think that’s possible? Actually, considering how your father is I could very well imagine that he would try something like that.”
Su Yan shook his head and continued eating. “You’ve got it all wrong. Sure, my father is extremely unhappy with this and if he could he would probably hire someone to break your legs and threaten you to stay away from me or something but this little bit of unhappiness is nothing against the big unhappiness he’d have to face if he really did that.”
Nie Chang observed the smug expression on Su Yan’s face and couldn’t help but grin. “You’re talking about your mom. Mn, he’d certainly get it if he dared to mess with us after she approved.”
Su Yan nodded eagerly. “Yes. I bet this is the reason why he invited us over in the first place. He didn’t say it but he certainly wants to get back into her good graces with this. So, how he treats us in the future will depend on whether he manages to do that or not. Knowing him he’d probably try to get us to break up if he does manage to placate her. Eh?” Su Yan straightened up. “That’s pretty good!”
Nie Chang frowned. “How is that good?” He certainly couldn’t see anything good about his future father-in-law trying to throw him out. Wouldn’t this just make trouble for them?
Su Yan didn’t say anything and just grabbed his phone, opening the system. “Don’t you remember? I have that task of finding reasons to break up. I guess family would be a good one too, wouldn’t it?”
Nie Chang gave a sigh. “Yes, it would.” But could you stop saying such things without any context? I’d misunderstand you again if you do it like this.
Su Yan happily added his new discovery before putting his phone down and returning to Nie Chang and his food. “Actually, thinking about it like this we should try and use that to our advantage.”
Nie Chang observed his boyfriend and smiled. His little darling was obviously back to being a fox. And this little fox seemed to have thought of a devious plan. “What do you intend to do?”
“Team up with my mother, of course!” Su Yan looked at him as if that had been obvious.
“To …?”
“To keep my father at bay, naturally! Haven’t you listened at all? My father will start to make trouble as soon as my mother forgives him. So we have to make sure that my mother doesn’t forgive him. If we manage to do that, then he won’t be able to bother us. Isn’t that right?”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. “That’s right indeed but … It’s your parents we’re talking about here. Will that really be alright? What if they break up for good?”
“And get a divorce? Forget it. My father wouldn’t dare. First of all, it’s not good for his face. Secondly, who knows what my mother would do to him if he even brings up the subject? He might end up dead. Nah, he definitely won’t dare.
And my mother certainly won’t initiate a divorce. Even if she did it would have needed to become really, really bad for her to consider it. Whatever we do shouldn’t have such a big impact.”
“Shouldn’t …”
Su Yan pursed his lips and stared at Nie Chang. “Why are you being so pessimistic? We haven’t even started to think about how we’ll make sure my mother won’t forgive him.”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. “Actually, I was thinking whether that was a good idea in the first place but … Well, if you want to, I guess there’s nothing I can do.”
“Mn!” Su Yan happily nodded. “There’s nothing you can do now. But maybe there is later. We just have to show my mom that father isn’t serious about this. So, it should be enough to make him lose his temper once today. When we’re there just find a good opportunity to kiss me in front of him. That should definitely be enough to make him go mad with rage.”
A certain little fox laughed happily and continued to eat his noodles as if he hadn’t just plotted how to make sure that his parents wouldn’t make up. Nie Chang suddenly understood that he definitely never wanted to get on his boyfriend’s bad side. With a few more years, he might just get as terrifying as his mother.

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