OMF V4C92 Too Many Questions Left Unanswered

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Jing Yi’s eyelids fluttered and he blinked against the rays of light coming through the window. He felt a little light-headed but still sat up in bed and looked at the window.
His mind still echoed with the song he had just sung. He got up and walked over, humming it again. He opened the window and looked out at the garden outside. He half expected to spot that familiar figure there but nobody could be seen. There were only a lake and the corridor leading over it with its red lacquered beams. It made for a tranquil image but Jing Yi couldn’t help but feel lost.
In the end, where was Tian?
Had they really been separated by ten-thousand li? Had there indeed been something keeping them from each other? Rendering Tian unable to come back to him?
He grabbed onto the window frame and looked out at the lake. Not knowing what had happened to his lover felt terrible. Just imagining the countless possibilities of what could have happened to him made him worry.
“Just what happened? Where did you go?”
He had to find out. He had to figure out what had happened to them afterward. He had to find Tian again. There was no other way. But how should he do it? Where should he even start looking?
“Tian … Is there no clue at all how to find you?”
The image of the garden where they had spent so much time flashed in his mind. Right, if he went there, then he might also find Tian. Just thinking about it his heart fluttered.
What would his lover say when they finally saw each other again? He would probably be happy. Maybe he would take him into his arms and stroke his back like he had done that night.
Jing Yi sighed. Even imagining it was enough to calm his heart. Yes, he would find him again and everything would return to how it had been before. Then they could finally marry.
The door opened behind him and Jing Yi turned around, slightly puzzled. The man in the white robe that entered didn’t help with clearing his confusion.
Leng Jin Yu’s brows lifted when he saw Jing Yi standing at the window and noticed the change in his expression. Well, it was a good thing he had woken up though. “Junior Martial Brother Zhong, you’re awake. How do you feel?”
Jing Yi blinked and shook his head to clear his thoughts. Right. That was Yu Jin. He had helped him enter his inner self to gather his memories. “Senior Martial Brother Yu, it’s alright. I just … It’s a little confusing. I just woke up and I guess I’m still not completely back yet.”
“Mn, that should be normal. So, did you gather all memories?”
“I think so.” Jing Yi looked back out the window. He had found a lot of his memories but somehow he felt like he didn’t know nearly enough. “Senior Martial Brother Yu say, do you still have the rest of the Fractured Crystal Leaf?”
Leng Jin Yu tensed. Jing Yi had been against remembering anything. Why would he suddenly ask for the rest of the herb now that he had acquired all of those that he hadn’t been able to avoid? “Junior Martial Brother Zhong … Why would you suddenly ask this?”
Jing Yi sighed. “There are just so many questions left unanswered. I feel like it would be better to take the remaining spiritual energy in and find out what all this meant.”
After all, that would give him a better chance to find Tian again. If he knew what had happened after that night, if he could find out what this trial was about and if he had returned after those two months, then he might also know why Tian wasn’t with him now or where he could go to find him again. Taking in the rest of the spiritual energy of the Fractured Crystal Leaf was the best thing he could do in this situation.
Leng Jin Yu tightened his lips and gave an apologetic smile. He could understand Jing Yi’s thoughts very well. After all, he too wanted to know everything about his past life. Just acquiring about a hundred years of memories from a life that had lasted a thousand … He certainly wouldn’t have been reconciled if that happened to him.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t help Jing Yi. It was bad enough that he had remembered part of his life as the Son of Heaven. Giving him the rest of the Fractured Crystal Leaf and letting him remember even more could only end in disaster.
“I’m very sorry. I destroyed it after you said that you didn’t want to know. I was afraid that … I might become weak if I carried it around with me. So I wanted to make sure nothing could happen.”
“Oh.” Jing Yi lowered his head, his expression lost.
Leng Jin Yu sighed. “I’m really sorry about this. But, well, isn’t it better this way? Let’s just concentrate on getting out of this secret realm.” He smiled. “You seemed a little lovelorn when I came in earlier. You probably miss your fiance, mn?”
Jing Yi nodded. “Mn, it’s been so long … Who knows how long it really has been?” He looked back out the window and smiled. Yes, he should concentrate on getting out of the secret realm. After all, how could he go search for Tian if he stayed in here?
Leng Jin Yu secretly took a relieved breath. Thankfully, Jing Yi didn’t ask further or insisted on finding a way to acquire the rest of his memories. He really wouldn’t have known how to cope with that. “Don’t worry too much. You only spent a week in your inner self. Together with the few days before it hasn’t even been two weeks. Senior Martial Brother Qiu won’t be too troubled. He’s probably still looking for a way to open the array from the outside.”
Jing Yi tensed and the expression on his face was odd.
Leng Jin Yu frowned and tilted his head. Jing Yi seemed … surprised? Or maybe rather … caught? “You …” He watched as Jing Yi’s expression changed to something that could only be called a guilty conscience and suddenly felt like he understood. “Junior Martial Brother Zhong, don’t tell me you … weren’t thinking about Qiu Ling?”

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