OMF V3C95 Why Did it Have to Be Him?

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Jinde closed his eyes in resignation. Don’t talk about Qiu Ling finding out he was alive. That was something he could deal with. After all, even though their relationship was somewhat strained Qiu Ling had no reason to do anything. He would just know and then do nothing with that. If he didn’t have any need for him, he might even completely forget about it over the course of a few weeks just because … well, Qiu Ling was like that. Chun Yin had been like that, too. Just that Chun Yin had done so deliberately while he wasn’t so sure about that in regard to Qiu Ling.
Jin Ling though … If he ever found out that he was still alive, he would definitely act out. And considering that his injury still hadn’t healed he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. He couldn’t risk that.
But what was he to do? He obviously couldn’t fight but he also couldn’t get away. Who knew if Jin Ling had come alone or brought somebody with him who waited outside? Even if he hadn’t, could he really make it to the array and out of the dimension without him noticing? There wasn’t any place to hide inside the dimension though. Then what else?
He peeked through the leaves. Jin Ling had already reached the lake and was taking a look around. He didn’t seem to notice anything odd and crouched down next to the lake and held a hand into the water.
“Spiritual water.” Jin Ling’s lips quirked. Well, that wasn’t anything notable to him. Even in the human realm, it wasn’t that astonishing. It was probably just a place where the sect cultivated their disciples.
He stood up again and turned around to leave when suddenly, something glinted in the sun. Jin Ling paused and slowly turned back, his eyes narrowed. That glimmer of gold …
He went over and reached out. He touched the boulder at the side of the lake and finally found what he had noticed. He lifted it into the air and examined it with a dazed expression. It was actually a hair. A shimmering, golden hair, long enough to reach below one’s waist.
Jin Ling suddenly lifted his head and peered into the lake again.
Jinde covered his eyes with a hand and ducked behind a tree. Heavens! If he had known his hair would get him into trouble one day he would have cut it after he supposedly died! They might as well have burned it in place of his body!
Meanwhile, Jin Ling took a closer look at the lake while his fingers still played with the golden hair he had found. Come to think of it this spiritual water had another property besides being able to help humans cultivate. Well, even normal water would have it or should it be said that this was a property of the dragons instead?
While demons were creatures of earth and fire, dragons were creatures of the air and water. If one of them was injured, it would certainly do him good to submerge himself in water. Especially in spiritual water. So, what he had thought of just now wasn’t completely impossible. He couldn’t assume based on one hair alone though.
Jin Ling leaped into the lake. He was actually able to see the bottom when looking from the bank but something like that hair was just too small to be noticed from that distance and through the added layer of water. No, he had to make sure. He had to make sure without a doubt. Maybe there really were some clues down there. He dived down and floated in the water, his gaze roaming. Somebody had obviously been there.
He touched the traces on the ground. The size of those feet … it was the same. The spot where the person had sat … it was clearly distinguished as if that person had just sat there in meditation without moving at all.
Jin Ling’s hands lightly touched the ground, hoping that he’d find more. Unfortunately, he came up empty-handed. So, was it him or not? Jin Ling floated there while contemplating this question. It seemed impossible.
Jinde had been injured by the soul-devouring dagger. Nobody had ever lived after receiving an injury from that weapon. And there was no question that he had been injured by it. He had seen him fight with his father with his own eyes. He had seen how he seemed to win only for that weapon to graze his arm when his own sword was already plunged into his enemy’s chest. In the end, his father hadn’t won but managed to pull him down with him. It was just that Jinde could live a while longer until his soul completely vanished.
So, was it really possible?
Jin Ling pushed off the ground and broke through the water’s surface. He remained there for a moment and looked at the boulder again. That hair … Who said it had to be his? Just like the demons, the dragons had all kinds of hair colors. Golden hair wasn’t actually that rare. The rare thing had been the combination of his golden hair and equally golden eyes. And this was the Yun Zou Sect where Qiu Ling was staying with his lover right now. It would be logical to have some dragons come here. The hair could be from just anyone.
Jin Ling climbed out of the lake and dried his clothes with a gloomy expression. He felt like an idiot right now. He obviously knew that it was impossible. Why did he still get this excited? He should go and do what he had come to do. Finding that Qiguan Cheng Da, enticing him and then ruining Qiu Ling’s relationship.
He turned around and left the dimension without looking back. His steps were slow though.
Jinde slowly lowered his hand when he felt the array activate again. He didn’t leave the cover of the shrub though. His heart still beat wildly. This had been too close. And even though he had managed to escape from this danger who knew if this was the last time Jin Ling came here? Why had he done so in the first place? Why did he come to the dimension? Why to the Yun Zou Sect? Had something happened in the outside world?
For the first time in a long while, Jinde couldn’t help but regret being all alone in this place. It would have been nice to have someone he could ask these questions. Maybe even ask someone who might know or could find out.

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