LWS V2C44 What to Do with All This Happiness?

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“What happened?” Nie Chang slowly approached his boyfriend and took a look at the notebook. Was he chatting with someone?
Su Yan turned around and looped his arms around Nie Chang’s waist. “It’s the system again! It’s bullying me! Look what it wants me to do as my next task!” He rubbed his cheek against Nie Chang’s body and got comfortable.
Nie Chang patted his head and looked at the task. His brows also raised a bit but he wouldn’t get immediately furious like Su Yan. Instead, he just clicked on the title of the task to have the system display the content. One look revealed what he had already expected: “You were thinking too much.”
“Huh?” Su Yan opened his eyes and took a look over his shoulder.
[Writing and publishing are a lot like a relationship: Meeting each other for the first time is just like suddenly having an idea. After that, it’s time to explore: You’ll want to get to know your potential partner or the characters of your story and there are lots of things to find out! And then, when you’re sure that everything will work out, that this person is the right one or that your story is in its final shape, then it’s time to do the deed. Expose yourself in front of that special person or expose your story in front of your audience. Don’t be afraid of them judging you! You’re just as perfect as your story!]
Su Yan smiled wryly. “Ah Chang, are you sure you weren’t the one who made this program?”
“Didn’t you say it’s a real system? How could I code something like that? Furthermore, I don’t know enough about writing to set it up. It sounds quite logical when reading it like this though.”
“It wants us to believe that.” Su Yan clicked for the next part.
[You’ve already sufficiently explored your story and made sure that it’s in its best possible form. Now it’s time to share it with others.
First, choose a platform and a pen name fitting the genre you’re writing in and set up an account.
Hint: It isn’t impossible to change the platform later on but there are advantages to making a good choice in the beginning and staying faithful to that site. Because of the importance of this decision the host may click on the help button to receive a suggestion for a suitable platform.]
Su Yan clicked on the button and waited for the site to open. When he saw what the system had proposed he frowned. “Are you kidding me? That’s the one where I wrote my fanfictions!”
Nie Chang laughed and gave him a kiss on the head. “Isn’t that good though? You won’t need to get used to another site. Just open a second account and put the story up there.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “That’s true, too. Well, I liked the site anyway.”
He turned back to the notebook completely and clicked on the link for signing up with a smile. Ah, this was just like back then in school. Well, the site looked different now than it had back then but he still felt that this was as if he was going back to his roots. Starting completely anew … This really was like the beginning of a new stage in his life.
He couldn’t help but look up at Nie Chang. His lips curved up and he hugged him again. “Did I already tell you that I love you today?”
Nie Chang raised his eyebrows. “I’m not quite sure. Did I tell you that I love you?”
“I also don’t know. But I know that I’m very, very happy that you’re my boyfriend now.”
Nie Chang actually didn’t know what to say for a moment. He cleared his throat and gave a low murmur. He didn’t dare to say anything else. His voice was probably incredibly hoarse right now.
Ah, he had wanted to hear that so much. He felt … overwhelmed. What a pity. He really would have liked to say something corny to express his own feelings.
Su Yan wanted to turn around when he noticed that Nie Chang’s grip on him had tightened. He furrowed his brow a bit and took a breath to ask what the matter was when he noticed that something was wrong.
“Ah Chang? You … You’re not crying, are you?”
Nie Chang gulped and looked away, rapidly blinking his eyes. “Why would you think so?”
“Your eyes are red.” Su Yan stood up and cupped his cheeks, peering right into his eyes. They really were red. Su Yan was dumbfounded. What had just happened? “Ah Chang …”
“It’s alright. I definitely wouldn’t start crying just because my boyfriend said something incredibly nice.” He hugged Su Yan to his chest and ruffled his hair.
“Oh. So you were really touched by what I said just now?” Su Yan pursed his lips. So … What had he said just now? Hadn’t he just said that he was happy they were a couple? That couldn’t have such an effect now, could it?
Well, someone who was pursued for years and then just stumbled into a happy relationship probably couldn’t understand what Nie Chang just felt. To him, this was such a precious moment. After all those years of waiting and hoping and trying to make Su Yan fall in love with him, he hadn’t only achieved his goal he had even heard Su Yan say that he was incredibly happy in this relationship they had started. And this, in turn, made him happy, too. In fact, it made him so happy that he had no idea what to do with all this happiness.

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