OMF V3C94 Searching for Clues

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While the three dragons were talking, the demon king Jin Ling arrived not far from the place where the former dragon king Jinde was currently at. Jin Ling examined the grounds of the Yun Zou Sect and stroked his copper-color hair back. “So this is the place. Mn … Where to find that Qiguan Cheng Da now?”
He silently descended to the ground and walked straight toward the gates. Naturally, he didn’t forget to conceal himself with his magic. He wouldn’t want any of the other mortals to meddle in his plan.
Jin Ling had never before been in the Yun Zou Sect but since one of his nephews was the grandmaster of the Hei Dian Sect and there were a few others who were part human and had decided to try their luck in the mortal realms instead. Most of them had become influential figures in these cultivation sects. Thus he knew quite a bit about these sects in general.
Looking at the layout of the sect grounds he already knew that the inner sect would be distributed on the different peaks while the outer sect was in the valley. Xiao Li hadn’t mentioned to which of them Qiguan Cheng Da belonged.
Jin Ling slightly furrowed his brows. Ah, that Xiao Li … The general information he gave was pretty good but it lacked in details. How was he supposed to put his plan into motion like this? Now he’d have to expend extra effort.
Jin Ling slowly wandered through the Yun Zou Sect. Listening to the disciples might point him in the right direction but that would require that they talked about that person and even mentioned his name. After all, he didn’t know anything else about him. No, he couldn’t just leave it to fate like this.
There had to be some sort of clue. The most intriguing thing was certainly the grudge he had with Qiu Ling’s beloved. If it was there but the other person didn’t remember, then that only left a few possibilities: Either he had known that boy before he came to the mortal world or the grudge had formed here but something had happened that made the boy unable to remember about it.
The first possibility was next to impossible. How could a mere mortal know a trueborn god? So that only left the second one. As for things that could make him forget about it … Either there had been an accident or it had just been erased from his memory by time. The boy was young though.
Oh? Jin Ling halted in his steps. Maybe that was a possible reason, too. The boy might just have been too young to still remember about it. If that Qiguan Cheng Da was a really narrow-minded person like Xiao Li had said, he might still carry a grudge for something the boy had done when he was young. Or maybe it wasn’t about the boy himself but about something that had to do with him. It certainly was a possibility.
In both cases, the grudge should have formed a long time ago. So, if his aptitude wasn’t totally worthless, then he should already be part of the inner sect. Furthermore, the sect certainly wouldn’t have sent just any disciple to get a report from someone they had sent as a spy to enemy territory. It should be someone they trusted. Thus, the possibility of Qiguan Cheng Da being part of the inner sect was quite high.
Jin Ling smiled. Ah, that already cut the time for his search in half. Now he only had to find out on which peak that guy lived. Well, there was nothing Xiao Li had said that could give him any hint so he could only try one by one and see if he found some clues.
Thus, Jin Ling went to the highest mountain.
He wanted to search the peak from the bottom to the top but just when he reached the foot of the mountain he stopped in his tracks. Oh? There was actually quite the sophisticated array there. Well, sophisticated for human standards at least. It seemed like it was one that led to another dimension?
He had no idea what this array was about but his instincts told him that he should take a look. Even if it was nothing special it might help knowing more about this sect. After all, how would he make a better plan on how to torture Qiu Ling if he didn’t know about the place where that bastard was staying with his beloved?
Jin Ling had a look around and finally stepped into the array. His figure vanished from the grounds of the Yun Zou Sect and reappeared at the place it led to.
In the middle of the special dimension at the ground of the lake, Jinde opened his eyes. He had connected to the energy of the dimension thousands of years ago. Whenever someone used the array he would feel it.
The only person who came regularly was the Yun Zou Sect’s Grandmaster Zhangsun Xun Yi and he never hid his presence. The only other person that had stumbled into the dimension besides him in the last couple of years had been Qiu Ling who definitely wasn’t someone who would ever bother about hiding his presence regardless where he was. That guy would probably walk into the demon realm and still loudly proclaim he was the dragon king.
The person who had just entered wasn’t displaying his energy though. So who had come? One of the disciples of the Yun Zou Sect? A spy from another sect who was trying to find out where the array led? Someone from the immortal races?
Whoever it was he couldn’t let that person find him.
Jinde silently left the lake. His magic dried his clothes and he hurried into the grove that occupied part of the back of the dimension. He crouched down and hid in the shrub, peeking out to see who had come. Soon enough, the sound of light steps carried over and a young man emerged on the other side of the lake.
Copper-colored hair flowed down his back while a few strands had been blown over his shoulders and framed his handsome face. He was clad in a green robe with a belt that was the same color as his hair.
Jinde’s eyes widened and he hurriedly clasped a hand over his mouth before crouching down even lower.
Why did it have to be him of all people?

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