OMF V3C96 A Matter of Luck

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Jin Ling wasn’t feeling well either. He continued to curse himself inwardly but still continued on. He had a task to fulfill right now. He couldn’t let anything distract him.
He rushed up the mountain in front of him but finally noticed that this couldn’t be the right place. There was only one palace on the peak and no signs of even one disciple.
He tsked and turned back so as to take a look at the second peak. His luck was pretty abysmal that day though. After the Grandmaster’s peak, he had chosen the Sect master’s peak of all places. Thus he found a few houses that seemed to be used by disciples but some of them weren’t even there while the rest was deep in cultivation. There was no way to eavesdrop on anything so his mission was once again foredoomed.
Jin Ling wasn’t ready to give up though. He sneaked into one of the houses and started to rummage about. Shouldn’t those humans have something that would represent their identity? Qiguan, Qiguan … Wasn’t that name mentioned anywhere?
He finally found a jade pendant that had a name engraved but unfortunately, it wasn’t Qiguan. Ah, so it turned out he had wasted his time again.
Jin Ling carelessly threw the pendant away and left the house. He leaned against the wall next to the door and looked out at the sect grounds. This wasn’t working. He might need forever to even find that Qiguan Cheng Da if he continued like this. No, he needed to do something else.
Jin Ling took out a transmission stone and imbued it with his energy. Immediately, the pale image of a white-haired man whose face was partly covered by a mask appeared.
“Your Highness.”
Jin Ling curled his lips. Still calling him that? “Xin Lan, send someone to ask that Xiao Li where I can find that Qiguan Cheng Da from the Yun Zou Sect.”
“As you wish.” The transmission stopped instantly.
Jin Ling sighed. Ah, this guy … he was still the same as always. Couldn’t he at least take the time for a simple farewell? He really would have liked to ask him … about Jinde.
Jin Ling looked back toward the other peak or rather the array at its foot. Most likely Xin Lan wouldn’t have been able to tell him anything else but still. If there was even a slim possibility that he was still alive, then he had to know.
Mn … Xin Lan would send someone immediately but that person would still need to go to the capital and then from there bring the message over to the Yun Zou Sect. That would take a while. So, why shouldn’t he go and take another look?
Yes, maybe he was chasing shadows but he still wanted to make sure.
He left the peak and once again went to the array. He didn’t hesitate. He stepped into the array and arrived in the special dimension a moment later. Once again he opened his eyes to the beauty of a green retreat. An alchemist would probably like this type of place.
Jin Ling’s lips curved. He had time now. Thus, he wouldn’t leave until he hadn’t searched every nook and cranny of this place.
On the other side of the dimension, Jinde froze. He still hadn’t calmed down after the shock of seeing Jin Ling and thus hadn’t even left his hiding place. Now, the array had activated once more.
Jinde’s heart thumped heavily. It couldn’t be that … Jin Ling had indeed noticed something and had come back? Or maybe he was incredibly lucky and this wasn’t Jin Ling who had returned but instead really a disciple? Maybe someone had seen him when he entered before and now wanted to see what exactly was on the other side of the array?
He knew himself that this was a vain hope. That person definitely was Jin Ling. Then what was he supposed to do? He was still in the same dilemma as before! Neither able to fight back nor able to retreat. What now?
He stayed in his hideout and heightened his senses as much as possible to find out where exactly Jin Ling was. Not being seen was the most important thing or this would have a bad ending. He couldn’t let that happen. He was still waiting for Chun Yin to be reincarnated and come back to him! Until then … At least until then, he had to hold out.
Jin Ling searched everywhere but couldn’t find much. There were a few traces of footsteps in the area between the array and the lake but that was all. He couldn’t even find another golden hair. Who knew how the first one had gotten there?
He slowly closed in on the lake again. Since he had already searched this part before he turned to the side.
Jinde tensed. When he was done there he would certainly come in his direction. He had to somehow circle around him without alarming him. He gently shifted to the side and tried to evade the leaves around him. He couldn’t make a sound. Jin Ling had always been powerful and after all these years he had probably matured a lot. Furthermore, he was already searching for something. Escaping from him under these circumstances … It might be impossible.
Jinde slowly crept to the other side while Jin Ling searched to the left of the lake. He tried to keep an eye on him but finally gave up. He could either try and observe everything but slow down or he made a speedy retreat. In this case, he was afraid there was only one possibility.
Jinde took a last look at Jin Ling, closed his eyes for a moment and then dashed over to the other side, into the shrubs there and then further toward the array.
The leaves rustled and Jin Ling naturally turned around and observed. His heart thumped. Someone was there! Maybe …
He hurried over to the place where he could still see the leaves sway. His fingers swept past and his eyes searched for the telltale glint of gold.
Who knows? Maybe Jinde’s luck was better than he thought or maybe Heaven really hated the demons and fate was playing a trick on Jin Ling: He came up empty-handed once again. Not only that, his search even gave Jinde the time to safely reach the array.
He stepped inside and then dashed further away as soon as he arrived on the other side. He wanted to hurriedly climb up the mountain to Zhangsun Xun Yi’s palace but halted and turned around before he had even taken ten steps.
This was Jin Ling. If he had even an inkling that he might still be alive, then he wouldn’t give up. This palace was the closest spot so he would search there first. And considering he had probably come here for Qiu Ling he certainly knew that Zhangsun Xun Yi posed as Qiu Ling’s Master for the time being. It would be all to easy to guess if he went there.
Thus, Jinde sped toward the Sect Master’s peak instead. He couldn’t hide his appearance thanks to the injuries he had suffered back then and he had nothing he could use to hide his hair so the fewer people were around the better. The Sect Master didn’t have many disciples or at least he hadn’t had many back when Jinde came to the Yun Zou Sect. Thus he felt like this place was pretty good.
He rushed up halfway and then sneaked into one of the houses. He couldn’t stay outside for too long. After all, Jin Ling would leave the special dimension sooner or later. When the door closed behind him Jinde finally took a deep breath.
Ah, he had managed to escape. Now, he just had to hide for a while until he could be sure that Jin Ling had left the Yun Zou Sect. Mn, for now, he should probably make sure if there was anyone else in the house.

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