LWS V2C45 A Fitting Name

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Su Yan grinned, feeling a bit like an idiot. But, well, who cared as long as he was a happy idiot? He cupped Nie Chang’s cheeks and kissed him. He couldn’t help making fun of him though. “Awr, who knew you could get this emotional?”
Nie Chang hugged him to his chest and gently caressed his back, not caring at all that Su Yan’s grin had just gotten teasing. “For you, I can do anything.”
Su Yan gave him another kiss. “Then help me think of a good name!” He wriggled out of Nie Chang’s embrace and sat back down in front of the notebook, ruining a perfectly romantic moment.
Nie Chang sighed and sat down next to him. “What’s so hard about thinking up a name? Shouldn’t you be great at that? You’re naming people on a regular basis in your stories.”
Su Yan shook his head. “No, no, no! You’re thinking of it way too easy! Giving names to characters is hard already but this is even worse. I mean it’s not like I’m just going to give me another name. This has to be something meaningful and the system even wants it to be something that fits the genre.” Su Yan pouted. “What fitting the genre? I only read one book of that genre and the author had no naming sense whatsoever! She probably just took her real name or something. Hmph.” Su Yan gave a snort and stared at the array where he was supposed to input his desired username.
Nie Chang silently took out his phone and had a look at the novels he had read. Ah, it seemed his darling was right. There were quite a few names that weren’t just normal names. They didn’t look like they all had to do with the genre though. Some even seemed kind of random as if the author had just taken whatever he could think of at that moment.
Su Yan typed in a few things but finally deleted all of them. He just had no idea how the name of a bl novel author was supposed to look like! Couldn’t he go back to writing xianxia? Then he could use an awe-inspiring name like ‘Supreme Cultivator’ or ‘Master Lightning Strike’ or something like that. It was so much easier!
“Argh!” He ruffled his own hair and burrowed into Nie Chang’s embrace again. “I can’t find one!”
“Why don’t you try thinking of something that’s typical for the genre?”
Nie Chang got a resentful look for this so-called suggestion.
“Uh … I mean there are things that are typical for books of that genre, aren’t there? Just take something like that.”
Things that were typical for novels of the genre? Su Yan tilted his head. Until now he had thought more along the lines of what kind of atmosphere the novels would have. But come to think of it cultivators and supreme beings were also something typical for xianxia. So Nie Chang was actually kind of right.
It was just … what was typical for a bl novel?
Su Yan looked up at his boyfriend and pursed his lips. “I actually don’t know anything about the genre. How would I know what’s typical? And I can’t just start reading novels to find out now. When will I finish the task of the system then?”
Nie Chang coughed. “I … did read a few novels. How about I choose something for you?”
Su Yan blinked. “You’ve read bl novels? Don’t try to spoof me! I’m the one who’s into novels and I only found out there’s that genre last week. How could you have read it before me?”
Nie Chang pressed his lips together. Well … How was he supposed to explain that? “I guess I just stumbled upon it online?”
“Really?” Su Yan didn’t really trust this explanation.
Nie Chang only gave a wry smile in response. He definitely couldn’t tell Su Yan that he had started reading that genre because of him, could he? Back then, it had been the only thing helping him hold on to that faint hope of ever getting together with the one he liked. You could probably say it was an outlet for his own, unfulfilled desires? Thinking back now, he had even switched the names of the protagonist and the male lead with their own names a few times. If Su Yan knew, he’d probably be shocked.
Thankfully, his boyfriend didn’t catch onto Nie Chang’s little white lie. After looking at him doubtfully for a while he turned to purse his lips at the notebook. “Well, if you have an idea …”
“I actually have a few.”
“Ah?” Su Yan looked up at Nie Chang again. This time he really couldn’t believe it! He had already thought about it for so long and hadn’t even come up with one suitable name. But Nie Chang even found several? This couldn’t be!
“So, shall I?” Nie Chang pointed at the notebook.
“You … Your names probably aren’t any good!” Su Yan made a last attempt at denial. He even frowned a bit to give point to his words.
“Well, they’re definitely not all great.” Nie Chang grinned. “But you can’t come up with anything anyway. So, why don’t you just take my suggestion?”
“Nothing weird!”
“What are you talking about? Weird? It’ll be a name that fits the genre.”
Su Yan narrowed his eyes. Somehow, he didn’t trust that earnest look in Nie Chang’s eyes. He felt like he’d regret it if he gave in. “Then, tell me a few of your suggestions?”
Nie Chang’s lips opened, making Su Yan straighten up. He’d really like to know what kind of names this guy had come up with!
“I’ll tell you for a kiss.” Nie Chang pulled him over and their lips met again. Meanwhile, a pair of naughty hands sneaked behind Su Yan and hurriedly typed something, then, a click could be heard and the image on the screen changed.
Su Yan hurriedly turned around and instantly froze. This … couldn’t be real, could it?
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