OMF V3C93 Entrusted with a Mission

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The first thing he did was hurrying back to his own chambers and taking a bath. Believe it or not even after marrying so many times and doing what he had to do with all these people he still felt disgusted just thinking about it. If he could, he would just scrub off part of his skin every day.
Finally feeling a bit better when he came out of the bath he looked for something to wear that wouldn’t scream ‘demon king’ too much when he went out. Mn, there was that green robe. Back then, he had always liked seeing that color on him …
Jin Ling sighed and slipped into the robe. He couldn’t help but take a look at the mirror. Mn, this probably counted as handsome? “If you saw me like this … I wonder if you would still react the same way?” His lips curled in a ridiculing smile. What was he even thinking about? Naturally, his reaction would still be the same.
Jin Ling shook his head. This wasn’t the time to think about that. He still had to prepare to ruin Qiu Ling. Well, this appearance was still a little troublesome. To a human, he would probably look like a demon regardless of what he wore. His hair really was troublesome in that regard.
Anyway, he’d just try. If the guy didn’t trust him, then he could still change his appearance and approach him a second time. He didn’t believe that a human would be able to reject his offer time and again. Especially if he was like Xiao Li had described.
Jin Ling turned around and strode out of his palace. When his figure was out of sight a sigh sounded in the shadows. A person stepped out and silently left the palace, too. He didn’t leave the demon realm like Jin Ling though. Instead, he went to an abandoned courtyard and quietly slipped into one of the houses.
Two people were sitting opposite each other at a table. Neither of them said a word and they just stared at each other. A broadsword was lying next to one of them and the atmosphere indicated that it might be drawn any moment.
The person who had just entered furrowed his brow. He stepped forward and placed one of his feet on the blade of the sword. “If this was one of the demons, the two of you might already be dead.”
The two dragons at the table jumped up, the left one taking out a whip while the one on the right frowned and looked at his weapon.
The man who had entered furrowed his brow even more but took his foot back and sat down. “Sit. Let’s talk.”
The other two exchanged a glance before taking a closer look at the man. He was wearing a black robe and part of his face was covered by a mask so they hadn’t noticed at first but the other half of his face and the silvery-white hair were a dead giveaway that they actually knew this person!
“Senior Xin?” Fu Min indeed sat down. In fact, he wouldn’t have been able to continue standing. His knees had just gone weak at this surprise. What was this person doing here?
Indeed, those two men were none other than Fu Min and Fu Heng who had been sent to the demon realm by Qiu Ling to find out what Jin Ling was planning.
Fu Heng hesitated but finally sat down, too.
Xin Lan took a deep breath. Those two really were infuriating. They clearly had so much potential but they just couldn’t draw on any of it when they were together.
When the man didn’t speak Fu Min couldn’t help but lean forward. “Senior Xin, what are you doing here? I thought you were …”
Xin Lan’s brow twitched. “Worry about yourself first. Honestly, how can the two of you be this unguarded while in enemy territory?”
Fu Min lowered his head in shame but Fu Heng frowned. He wouldn’t let anyone scold Fu Min, not even if it was a respected senior. “Senior Xin must be joking. How could it be the same if it had been one of the demons? Senior wouldn’t want to proclaim them to be on the same level as himself, would he?”
Fu Min wasn’t thankful for his aid though. Instead, he erupted. “Fu Heng, you bastard! What are you even saying? How dare you compare Senior Xin with the demons?!”
Xin Lan raised his brows. These punks. They were still the same as ever. Fu Heng trying to rescue Fu Min out of whatever situation arose while Fu Min gave a loud show of how much he disliked the other even while everyone else could see him ogle Fu Heng as soon as the other turned his back for a second.
Fu Heng frowned at Fu Min’s complain. When had he compared anyone? He didn’t say anything though. One shouldn’t argue with the person he liked. His reaction seemed like it would make Fu Min fly into an even greater rage though.
Before he could erupt Xin Lan cleared his throat. “I can imagine why the two of you are here. It’s indeed true. The demon king is planning something. He already found out that His Majesty and his lover are in the human realm. He is still trying to find out more but I’m afraid his plan to go after His Majesty’s beloved is already set. The two of you shouldn’t continue to linger here and instead go and help His Majesty guard him. I certainly don’t need to remind you what might happen if that person indeed comes to hurt.”
Fu Min nodded hurriedly. “Of course, Senior Xin! We’ll go and report right now!” He stood up and wanted to go but Fu Heng didn’t bother to do the same. He just stared at Xin Lan, his eyes slightly narrowed.
Xin Lan just waited. He actually felt that it was good that Fu Heng didn’t react like Fu Min immediately. It clearly showed that he was the more mature person of the two. After all, they had gotten a mission from their king. How could they just declare it accomplished because of a few words? Even if those words came from a respected Senior of theirs.
“Senior Xin, pardon my asking, but why do you know about this situation?”
“I myself have come here because of a mission. I found out about it on the side and then noticed that you arrived here shortly thereafter.”
Fu Heng nodded. “So it’s like that.”
“Let’s go now!” Fu Min grabbed Fu Heng’s robe and tried to drag him to his feet. He wasn’t able to though.
“Mn, so it’s like that. You see I was quite surprised. His Majesty didn’t even mention Senior Xin was here on a mission.”
Xin Lan gave a smile. “Naturally so. He doesn’t know either that I’m here.”
“Then the mission …”
“Was given by the former king.”

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