LWS V2C33 Everyone Will Know You’re a Couple

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Su Yan automatically turned around when he saw Nie Chang’s nod. The thing he saw … was actually the boutique that he had pretended to look up. He immediately hid his face behind his hands.
Nie Chang masked his laughter with a cough and went over, putting his arm around Su Yan’s shoulders once more. “You know there’s no reason to be nervous. I’m happy as long as we’re spending time together. And … I hope you feel the same.”
Su Yan spread his fingers a bit and looked at Nie Chang through the gaps. His boyfriend seemed serious. So, he probably didn’t have to worry? He lowered his hands and snuggled up against Nie Chang’s body. “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” You said it yourself! Even if this is the worst boutique with the ugliest clothes ever seen on earth I’ll make you spend time with me in there!
Nie Chang smiled, bent down and lightly kissed Su Yan’s hair. It seemed he had been right. Su Yan had planned something and had gotten all nervous because of that. “Well, then.” He led him across the street and once again opened the door.
Both of them held their breath when they stepped in, asking themselves what they should do if this one was just as bad as the one on the other side of the street.
The door closed behind them and Su Yan and Nie Chang both took a relieved breath. They had worried needlessly. The boutique in front of them looked exceedingly normal but after the shock from before they both felt that this was good.
The woman at the counter smiled at them. She somehow felt that these two looked incredibly relieved upon entering the shop. It couldn’t be that they had come from far away and searched a long time for them? Had any of their designers gotten popular lately? She remembered that there had been some advertisement for one of them a while back.
She shook her head to clear those thoughts away and hurried over. “Welcome to our shop! Are you looking for something specific?”
“Mn!” Su Yan instantly perked up when he saw her. The woman was wearing a nice dress that looked like it could also be sold inside this boutique. He really had chosen the right place this time! “It’s like this, we’re going on a date and were looking for something nice to wear.” He looked at her expectantly, his eyes glimmering.
The woman smiled even brighter. Ah, this customer was really cute!
Nie Chang frowned seeing her like this. Why were all these women always looking at Su Yan like this? Couldn’t they find somebody else to like?
“So it’s a double date?” She looked from Su Yan to Nie Chang and shuddered. Why was this guy looking at her like this?
“Double date?” Su Yan blinked at her cluelessly. “No, it’s just a normal date.” Why would they take any light bulbs with them when going on a date?
“I’m his boyfriend.” Nie Chang pulled Su Yan a little closer to make sure the woman got what he was saying.
The saleswoman was taken aback by his tone but at least she could understand now why he had reacted like this. He probably thought she had been ogling his boyfriend … “Oh, so it’s like that. So … How about matching outfits?” She turned to Su Yan again since she felt it would be easier to talk to him.
Indeed. Su Yan was instantly excited. “Matching outfits?” He tried imagining it but what had seemed like a good idea at first suddenly didn’t seem as awesome anymore. His expression dimmed. “Uh … That probably wouldn’t look good.” Just comparing Nie Chang’s physique and his he knew that he would come off badly when they wore the same things.
The saleswoman just thought he wasn’t completely convinced yet. “I know it’s not that popular anymore. People often think it’s cheesy. But wouldn’t that be great? People would know at one glance that you’re a couple!”
Nie Chang suddenly perked up. Eh? This woman actually had quite the good idea! Unfortunately, his darling didn’t look as if he liked it. It seemed he’d have to do a lot of persuasion.
“Ah, I think the idea is pretty good. Why don’t we have a look at what they have? It doesn’t need to be exactly the same clothes, just something similar will do.” He pulled at Su Yan’s arm and followed the saleswoman further into the shop.
Su Yan pursed his lips. Even if it was just similar, wouldn’t he still look worse than Nie Chang? He still went with him though. After all, he wouldn’t lose out from just taking a look.
It turned out the boutique didn’t actually have matched clothes anyway and definitely not for a gay couple. What she did want to sell them was the same pair of suits in two different sizes.
Su Yan’s resistance instantly went up a notch when he saw them. Honestly, he would very much like to see Nie Chang in that but there was no way in hell he himself would wear this thing!
Nie Chang only had to take one look at Su Yan to know that his boyfriend wasn’t very happy with this. Thus he shook his head at the saleswoman. “I don’t think this will work out.”
Instantly, a smile appeared on Su Yan’s lips. As expected, his boyfriend was still the best!
Nie Chang repressed a sigh. Indeed. This wasn’t going to work. “How about something that is just the same color?” People would probably connect the dots when they saw them together like this.
Su Yan wasn’t sure about that either but since Nie Chang really seemed to like the idea he felt like he should give in. It wouldn’t be as bad as wearing the same thing.
The saleswoman nodded, too. This was still better than not selling anything. “Is there any color you’d like?”
Nie Chang took a cursory glance around until his lips hooked up in a smile. “How about that?” He nodded at a crimson suit. Mn, he’d definitely like seeing that color on Su Yan. He’d definitely look cute in it!
Su Yan didn’t say anything so the saleswoman led them over to the suit. In fact, he really didn’t care that much. He had never minded wearing any color and red would probably look quite good on him? Not that he thought the suit was for him. That was something that seemed to be made for Nie Chang. He should probably have a look around for something of a similar color.
It didn’t take long for his eyes to lock onto something. “I want that!” He pointed over and looked at Nie Chang. In response, his boyfriend leaned down, reached out and pinched his cheeks.
“You’re so cute!” And then, he kissed him in front of the saleswoman.

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