OMF V3C81 Keeping Him Safe

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While the Heavenly Emperor Rong Su worried in the Nine Heavens his son-in-law Qiu Ling worried in the mortal realm’s Hei Dian Sect. He paced up and down in front of the gate of the Alchemy division. What should he do? He knew he had done all he could to add some layers of defense around his beloved but he still felt like it wasn’t enough. It could never be enough if the one he had to go against was that bastard Jin Ling.
That guy had managed to become demon king against all odds. He had uprooted all opposition in the demon realm and was sitting even more securely on his throne than his father had before he grew megalomaniac and wanted to take over the dragon realm.
If that type of person truly started to target Jing He …
Qiu Ling closed his eyes. He had no idea what exactly it was that had made Jin Ling hate him so much. It certainly wasn’t because of his mother considering she had only been one of the countless wives of that guy’s father. As far as he knew Jin Ling hadn’t even known her. But Jin Ling had done everything he could to make him suffer and it didn’t seem like he would stop anytime soon.
Under these circumstances … it wasn’t unthinkable that Jin Ling would target Jing He because of that. After all, how could he hurt him more than through taking his most important person from him? And now was the perfect time for him to act.
Jing He couldn’t remember his life as the Son of Heaven at the moment. He didn’t understand the conflict between the three immortal races. He wouldn’t be able to recognize a demon if he saw one and even if he did, he wouldn’t understand how dangerous that was to him.
Should he tell him?
Should he tell him about his life as Jing He? How they had met, how they had fallen in love and how they had had to separate because of that trial? It would be great if his beloved could remember. In that case, wouldn’t this time here in the mortal realm be just like a timeout for them? A retreat from the things holding them back in the immortal realms?
He could imagine doing this. In fact, he had often wished that it was his Jing He here with him. The year they had spent traveling … How different it would have been if it had been the real Jing He and not just his mortal reincarnation. Then again, he also couldn’t say that he hadn’t liked spending that time with Jing Yi. It had been like exploring a new side of his beloved.
Regardless, there wasn’t anything he could do. Just because he told him Jing He wouldn’t remember. It would just be like a story he had heard. Something he might remember hearing but not something he would truly understand and take to heart. And furthermore, he had no idea how it might influence Jing He’s trial.
He had already made a grave mistake once that nearly killed his beloved. He wouldn’t take any chances ever again. No, he just had to be by his side and stay vigilant to prevent any attempt of taking Jing He’s life.
Yes, he would do that. And wasn’t he hailed as the best warrior of the dragon race? He’d show that bastard Jin Ling that the person he loved couldn’t be harmed so easily!
Qiu Ling took a last look around to make sure that neither Jin Ling nor any other demon was around then he dashed inside and lunged himself at the person sitting in front of the writing desk.
“My love! I missed you!”
Jing Yi flinched and lightly patted his chest to calm down. Was his fiance trying to give him a heart attack? How could he leap at him like this? He wanted to scold him but just before the first words came out he felt a slight tremble from Qiu Ling’s body.
He stopped just in time and tried to take a look at Qiu Ling’s face. His fiance had lowered his head though. His black hair completely veiled his expression. It couldn’t mask his shaking hands though.
Jing Yi looked at them. The shivering was so faint that he actually would’ve missed it if it wasn’t transmitted from Qiu Ling’s body. For someone like Qiu Ling who was always steadfast, this was something big though. What had happened? This certainly wasn’t normal.
He gently put his hand on Qiu Ling’s and rubbed it while leaning back into Qiu Ling’s arms. “I’m here. Whatever happened, I’m with you.”
“You are.” Qiu Ling hugged him closer. “Jing’er, promise me you’ll stay with me. Whatever happens, you’ll never leave me.”
“What are you even talking about?” Jing Yi slipped his hand around that hair and cupped Qiu Ling’s cheek. “Aren’t I right here in your arms?” He leaned over and their lips met, calming those tremors in Qiu Ling’s body.
“You’re right,” whispered Qiu Ling back. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have reacted like this. I just …” He shook his head and continued to hold him. Whatever. Jing He was in his arms now. Who would be able to take him away from there?
“What happened?” Jing Yi couldn’t help but be infected by Qiu Ling’s worry. He would stay with him and confront whatever it was but he couldn’t deny that he was ill at ease.
Qiu Ling sighed. “It’s the demons. One of them came here again and this time it’s even someone I’ve seen before. He …” He shook his head. “He hates me very much. I’m afraid … he might target you to get to me.”
Jing Yi smiled and gently rubbed Qiu Ling’s hand. So that was what he was worried about. He feared for him, not himself. “Then don’t worry too much. I’ll be careful. Nothing will happen to me.”
Qiu Ling smiled back but he wasn’t convinced. How could just being careful be enough if he was faced with Jin Ling? Well, he would just do whatever he could. It would be enough, it had to.
He bent down to kiss Jing Yi again and calm his heart but somebody coughed. “You two, have you forgotten that I’m still here?”
Qiu Ling and Jing Yi looked up together only to find a grim-looking Yue Lin on the other side of the table. Oh, right, there had still been that guy who was buried in so much paperwork that he was still single …

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