OMF V3C76 I’ll Pay You Back a Hundredfold

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Jin Ling leaned to the side and propped his chin up on his hand. When Xiao Li looked up with an incredulous gaze he smiled at him like an angel, stunning the other into silence.
“Is something the matter?”
The sweet tinge of Jin Ling’s voice probably should have made him feel disgusted but Xiao Li was only stunned. It really was true what people said: Their king was beautiful.
Xiao Li lowered his head again and hastily stammered a reply. “N … No.” He might be beautiful but he was just as vicious and cruel. He better not let his thoughts show.
Who told him to be a half-blood? Who told the guy on the other side of the room to be the demon king? Whatever he thought privately, he’d have to swallow it as long as he wasn’t able to beat this guy. And he knew that he wouldn’t be able to.
Everyone knew that Jin Ling had used favorable circumstances to get his throne but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t strong or hadn’t proven himself. No, quite the contrary. After the dragon king had killed the last demon king there had been a bloody war among their race. And the last one standing had been that amicable looking man in front of him. Whether he had killed all of them singlehandedly or actually had supporters willing to do these things for him wasn’t important. He had managed to emerge on top.
As long as one wasn’t convinced to be able to beat him and whoever he might send out in a fight one shouldn’t even think of challenging him. There was only one outcome otherwise and that was utter annihilation. It certainly wouldn’t be as easy as having your head chopped off.
As much as Xiao Li loathed the idea, he still couldn’t do anything else but accept the circumstances he was in. “As you wish, Your Majesty. This one will marry that mortal and procure more information for you.”
“Mn. I’m very satisfied with your performance.” Jin Ling made a pause for further impact and looked at his nails in disinterest. This guy was so transpicuous that it was laughable. “You’ve been in the human realm for quite the long time, haven’t you?”
Xiao Li’s eyes gleamed. “Yes, Your Majesty!” Could it be that he wanted to call him back? Was this his last assignment?! He didn’t dare hope but why else would the king ask this?
Jin Ling naturally wouldn’t say anything directly. Wasn’t it so much better to leave this idiot in suspense and have him work a bit more? He should use him as much as he could. “See to it that you find out everything you can from that human girl. I’ll personally do the rest.”
Xiao Li shook. If the king himself became involved … Didn’t that mean he really placed high importance on this mission? Xiao Li lowered his head even further. “I won’t disappoint you, Your Majesty.”
“Mn. You may go now.” Jin Ling waved and watched him leave.
Once again his lips curved into a smile. The Yun Zou Sect was it? The Hei Dian Sect? It seemed he should go and pay that good nephew of his a visit. And while he was at it he could have a look at that sister-in-law and see if she was really of any use in this mission.
Marrying a human and what not, he wasn’t as hypocritical as that Xiao Li. His harem was already that big. Why should he care whether or not he added another person? It wasn’t like he could ever have the one he truly desired.
Jin Ling’s smile slowly faded thinking of him. He still remembered it clearly: That graceful smile, the way his hair shimmered in the sun, the way it swung when he turned around and the indulgent look in his eyes when he looked at him. It was like being submerged in warm water, like bathing in the sun. This perfect feeling, it should have accompanied him for his whole life! But instead, it had been taken from him.
And not only him. Even all those things he should have left for him … they had been given to somebody else. How could he take it? He’d never be reconciled!
Jin Ling stood up and clenched his fists. “You dared to vie with me for his attention. Now watch me break you and that lover of yours up and destroy your happiness! Qiu Ling, don’t you dare think I’ll stay idle and just watch you leading a happy life. You’ll suffer just as much as me. No, you’ll suffer worse than me! The things you took from me … I’ll pay you back a hundredfold for them!”
Once more the corners of his lips raised in a smile but this time it was dark and twisted, completely different from the angelic face he had shown Xiao Li before. It was a smile made to creep out those around him and haunt them in their nightmares. Seeing him like this one could truly understand why he deserved the throne of the demon realm.
With a flick of his sleeve, Jin Ling’s figure vanished from the palace and reappeared in the human realm. Standing on the top of a mountain he looked down at the human sect beneath his feet.
For a moment, he was tempted to go and look at that human lover of Qiu Ling but he knew he couldn’t. He needed a moment when that bastard wasn’t around or else he would give himself away. And he couldn’t do that, could he? Where would be the fun in playing games if it was discovered too soon? No, if he let Qiu Ling discover, then it would only be after it was too late.
Yes, he could already imagine his wretched expression after he succeeded. Ah, that unbearable pain on his face. That misery, that loneliness, that destitution. He really wanted to laugh just thinking about it!
Stepping down, his body once again vanished and reappeared inside the estate. He had a look around and smiled. It really was just like the last time he had come. And yes, just like the last time as soon as he let a bit of his aura leak someone rushed over.
Jin Ling really tried to seem sincere. “My good nephew. It’s so nice to see you again. Have you been well?”
Shen An De’s face couldn’t help but darken. This guy … what was he doing here again? He probably wasn’t just here to mock and taunt him. After all, he already knew that that wouldn’t work on him. “What do you want?”
“Oh, it’s nothing serious. I just heard … you took in some interesting disciples this time?”
His nonchalant attitude made Shen An De’s brows twitch. This uncle of his … just how much did he know about the situation?

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