LWS V2C32 Sending an SOS Signal

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The first boutique was one that Su Yan had chosen himself. He had never come here before and had only decided on it because it was close to the one Zhi Bao Yu had recommended him. Since she had said that he should only go to two or at most three different shops with Nie Chang he had thought that it would be a good idea. After all, they only had time to go now after work. If they had to drive from one place to another, they’d need even longer. How would that be romantic?
Nie Chang opened the door for Su Yan and stepped in behind him. Both of them stopped at once though. This was … unbelievable! And not in a good way.
Nie Chang closed his eyes for a moment before cautiously blinking a few times. This was the shop he had seen Su Yan look at before and it seemed like the website was true to the appearance of the shop. It really sparkled everywhere! The clothes that were shown, the chandelier on the ceiling, the counter. Damn, even the carpet had some silvery strands woven into it that glimmered in the light.
Su Yan silently grabbed Nie Chang’s sleeve and lowered his voice. “Ah Chang, would you mind … if we went somewhere else?”
Nie Chang shook his head and the two of them backed out of the shop as quiet as possible. Fortunately, nobody had seen them. As far as Su Yan remembered this was the shop of a young local designer and besides him, only one salesperson worked there. The two of them were probably somewhere in the back, sparing them from the embarrassment of leaving the shop after being noticed.
Su Yan scratched his head when the door fell shut behind them. “Sorry. I had no idea it would be looking like this. I honestly thought it would be something good.”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. He had already felt that the website had looked quite a bit … daring with all that sparkling going on. He just hadn’t expected that it would be even more exaggerated than that. “Never mind. Didn’t you decide on three? Let’s just go to the second one then.” He looped an arm around Su Yan’s shoulder and followed him in the direction of their next destination.
Su Yan felt incredibly nervous. Zhi Bao Yu had assured him that Nie Chang would definitely like the boutique she had recommended. But what if the other one he had chosen himself was just as bad as the first one? Would Nie Chang even want to go to the last one? Maybe he should go to the one Zhi Bao Yu had recommended right now? But then it would be even worse if the other wasn’t a good idea since their day would end with something bad. And not going there at all seemed wrong, too. After all, it would cut their time together short.
Nie Chang felt Su Yan tense up in his embrace and couldn’t help but take a worried look at him. Even if Su Yan had said this was in preparation for their dates it was still just like going out together. It couldn’t be that he had gotten nervous now that they did that after becoming a couple, could it?
“Heh.” He stopped walking and turned Su Yan around. “What are you worrying about, hm?”
“No… Nothing!” Su Yan pursed his lips, unwilling to say anything. He couldn’t let Nie Chang feel like anything was out of the ordinary. Wouldn’t he look like an idiot if he confessed that this hadn’t been his idea but Zhi Bao Yu’s?
“Then why are you so tense? Do you feel uncomfortable?” He furrowed his brows while his gaze slowly roamed around Su Yan’s body. He couldn’t find any problem. He didn’t seem hurt at least. So what was going on?
Su Yan evaded his gaze. Uh … he really had to do something. Nie Chang was already suspicious. If the other boutique he chose was bad now, it would be really troublesome. This was supposed to help them make some nice memories! No, he had to make sure and call Zhi Bao Yu again.
“I … just remembered I’m not sure what the address was. Let me have a look again!” Su Yan wriggled out of his arms and ran a few steps away before he took out his phone. He didn’t dare to call her and instead just sent her an SOS signal on WeChat.
[Help! The first boutique we went to was horrible! (ó﹏ò。) What if he doesn’t like the second one I chose either? (⊃﹏⊂)]
At the service point, Zhi Bao Yu was talking with her last customer for the day. She felt her phone vibrate but couldn’t take it out to have a look. Her smile froze for a second before she continued with the conversation. She couldn’t be so unlucky that this would be Su Yan with some kind of question, right? Nah, that couldn’t be …
Su Yan worriedly stared at his phone but he didn’t get a response. Meanwhile, Nie Chang had furrowed his brow. He was sure that something was wrong with Su Yan now. They had looked at the websites together so he knew himself which boutiques they wanted to visit. The second one was actually just on the other side of the street. What was there to look up again? So there was only one explanation: Su Yan was hiding something from him.
Nie Chang was really tempted to go over and take a peek at Su Yan’s phone. As tense as he was he probably wouldn’t even notice until he said something. But he still stayed where he was. Su Yan would have his reasons. As long as it wasn’t anything that would get Su Yan into danger he didn’t mind. Maybe this was some kind of surprise he had prepared? And now he wanted to make sure everything would work out?
Nie Chang waited to give him some time but when he saw that Su Yan hadn’t moved for three minutes he gave a low cough. “Ah Yan, did you find the address yet?”
“Uh …” Su Yan turned around with a troubled expression. Whatever it was he was trying to do there was obviously some trouble with it.
Nie Chang just smiled and nodded at the other side of the street. Su Yan was probably just too nervous. Even if not everything was perfect, he wouldn’t mind. It was enough knowing that he was this important to Su Yan.

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