OMF V3C75 Useful People in the Right Places

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Xiao Li hurried to the palace. The guards in front were actually the same ones he had seen the last time. He narrowed his eyes at them and nodded. “I’m here to report to His Majesty.”
The guy who looked like a langur turned to the gate and wanted to go and immediately report to the king but the other man held him back. “Heh, don’t be hasty. His Majesty was good-natured the last time. Who knows if he really wants to see him this time? Wouldn’t you be the one to take the fall then?”
The first one narrowed his eyes. It was obvious what was going on here. His so-called partner was afraid he’d get some benefit if he did the right thing once more. “Don’t worry about me. I’m prepared to take whatever punishment His Majesty intends for me.” Then he turned around and stepped into the hall.
He took a short glance at the king to give him the opportunity to remember his face before he bowed. “Your Majesty, that spy from the mortal realm returned to report to you. Shall I sent him in?”
“Oh?” Jin Ling’s lips curved up. So he had found out something about Qiu Ling’s lover already? This was good. He couldn’t wait to make his move. “Yes, do that.”
The demon nodded and hurried back outside. He motioned at Xiao Li and stood to the side afterward. Xiao Li threw a glance at the other one. The times when he had to take this from the people here would be over soon.
With his chin raised high, he strode into the throne room. As soon as he saw the king, he knelt down though. Nothing could be seen of the high-profile way he had used to come in right now. He looked entirely submissive.
Before he could even say a greeting Jin Ling already waved. “Just speak. What do you have to report?” He didn’t have the time for any mindless chatter. The opportunity to torture Qiu Ling might be right in front of him. How could he wait any longer than necessary?
Xiao Li nodded. “I’ve investigated that human boy at the dragon king’s side as you’ve ordered. His name is Zhong Jing Yi. He was originally born as a lowly villager somewhere close to the Long mountain range in one of the mortal kingdoms. Later on, his family moved to the capital where his father died. Right now, as far as I know, there is still his mother, a male relative of his father’s and a cousin of his called Guanyu there.
From the capital that Zhong Jing Yi was accepted into one of the human sects called the Yun Zou Sect which is part of the so-called good, righteous faction. He is only an outer sect disciple at the moment though. Furthermore, they sent him on a mission to the evil faction’s Hei Dian Sect as a spy which was how I encountered him. There he became a disciple of the alchemy division and managed to establish ties with the head disciple of the Elder overseeing this division. It seems he also knows the sister-in-law of the sect’s Grandmaster who came to the sect about a year ago.”
Jin Lin narrowed his eyes when Xiao Li stopped. “That is all?”
Xiao Li lowered his head. “Well, concerning his aptitude it’s quite bad. He has full spirit veins which is the lowest possible aptitude. I didn’t dare to enter the Yun Zou Sect yet to find out more for fear of being discovered and hindering Your Majesty’s plans. If I may be so bold as to state my opinion, there are a few people that might be useful in providing further information.”
“Oh? Go on.” Jin Ling leaned back. This information this Xiao Li had brought back was quite basic. It wasn’t really anything he could use. He needed more details, some intimate things from his life that could be used to manipulate him.
“Considering there are leads in different places I think it might be useful to have someone in each place to use. In the Yun Zou Sect, there is an elder disciple called Qiguan Cheng Da. He is from the same place as that Zhong Jing Yi and they seem to have some grievances between them. The peculiar thing is that Zhong Jing Yi doesn’t seem to know about this.”
Jin Ling straightened up. This was indeed interesting!
Xiao Li didn’t dare look up to gauge his expression though and continued on. “This Qiguan Cheng Da is quite the malicious character. He didn’t know that I’m a demon but was aware of my identity as a disciple of the evil sect but still sold Zhong Jing Yi out without hesitation. In fact, he seemed quite pleased to be able to do so. He could certainly be used to gather more information in the Yun Zou Sect or do something to the boy if we provide him with the means.” At this point, he paused for a moment but Jin Ling didn’t say anything.
“The Hei Dian Sect shouldn’t be a problem since I could use my connections there. Another opportunity would be the Grandmaster’s sister-in-law I mentioned. I don’t know much about her but she is young and should be easily influenced. Just sending someone to her side might be enough to win her over.” He paused again and his gaze flitted about. “As for the capital … As I said, Zhong Jing Yi still has a cousin there. I don’t know why but her family seems eager to marry her off. They even wanted me to take her as my bride.” His voice revealed his disgust. His mother might have been a lowly human but his father was still a demon! How could they actually dare think of having him as their son-in-law?
Unfortunately for Xiao Li, his head was still bowed and he didn’t see the mocking smile hanging on Jin Ling’s lips. “Oh? That’s perfect then. You should return there and go through the motions of the wedding. That would certainly help in securing information. Even if it can’t be used for that, it might still draw that boy over.”
Xiao Li clenched his teeth. Draw that boy over? That was tantamount to drawing the dragon king over! Would he live through that? His Majesty really was too vicious. But what could he as a lowly half-blood do?

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