LWS V2C31 I’ll Surprise You As Much As You Surprised Me

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Su Yan was still fretting over the half-finished message when Nie Chang led him out of the shop. Should he bring it up again? But wouldn’t that look as if he had only thought of the rest after all this time? Maybe it would be alright if he explained what had happened?
Nie Chang opened the door for Su Yan and rubbed his forehead when he went to the driver’s seat. Why was his darling looking at him like this? Had he done something wrong? He pondered but couldn’t come up with anything that might have upset Su Yan. It had to be something else.
Since he had no idea what that something else could be he didn’t waste his time with guessing. They were a couple. If he felt that his boyfriend behaved strangely, then he should just ask. “What’s up?”
Su Yan looked over and then hurriedly looked away. “Nothing!”
“You’re not looking as if it was nothing. Come on. Tell me.”
“Uh …” With Nie Chang asking like this, he felt that it wouldn’t be too embarrassing to talk about it. “About that message on WeChat. You see … I dropped the phone.”
Nie Chang raised his brows. How come he still didn’t understand what was with Su Yan even after his explanation?
Su Yan blushed again and turned away even further. “I actually thought the most romantic thing you did was caring for me. It’s not just cooking. It’s so many things. I wanted to list all of them but then there was suddenly a customer in front of me and I accidentally sent the message before …”
His voice got lower and lower until Nie Chang couldn’t understand him anymore. Thank god the car’s engine was quiet so he at least got the first half. “Ah, so that was what happened. And I thought you really cared about the food the most.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. He really wanted to retort but he didn’t dare to. Wouldn’t he look even more like an idiot?
Nie Chang looked over. Su Yan might have turned away but the way he had curled up in his seat said all he had to know. He stopped the car at the next red traffic light, leaned over and hugged him from behind.
“Even if it had been just about the food I would still be happy as long as you liked it. It shows I didn’t learn to cook for nothing. So … there’s no need to sulk because of one little mishap.”
“Who’s sulking?” Su Yan whirled around but was met with Nie Chang’s smiling face. Before he could recoil he had gotten himself a peck.
After that, his boyfriend just leaned back and sped up the car again as if nothing had happened. Uh. This … this debauchee! How could he just surprise him like this?! And then pretend that nothing had happened …
Su Yan pouted. He’d pay him back! His gaze roamed about. What should he do? He had to surprise Nie Chang at least as much as he had surprised him. But would it really be alright if he just kissed him back? Wasn’t that … uninspired?
Before Su Yan could decide whether just kissing his boyfriend back or not was unimaginative or not they had already reached the first boutique. He didn’t notice though. Only when Nie Chang stopped the engine and got out of the car did he look out of the window and saw one of the places he had decided on.
Considering everything Zhi Bao Yu had said on the phone he had chosen three boutiques. They were small and not that expensive but the clothes were definitely not something you could buy everywhere. His heart would probably still bleed as soon as he saw the price tags but it was worth it as long as he found at least one thing Nie Chang liked seeing on him. Then he would wear it for him for their last date when they … well …
He blushed again but just then Nie Chang already opened the car door for him. Uh. If he still wanted to surprise him, he had to do it now or it would be too embarrassing if other people could see them.
Without thinking any further, Su Yan reached out and grabbed Nie Chang by the front of his shirt. He pulled him down and tried to encircle his neck with his other arm while he pressed his lips on Nie Chang’s. The result … was the messiest kiss they had ever shared. Well, there hadn’t been so many in the first place. After all, it had only been a day since they became a couple.
Su Yan was satisfied though. Just one look into Nie Chang’s eyes told him that he had really surprised him. He grinned and patted Nie Chang’s cheek before slipping out of the car and taking a closer look at the boutique.
Nie Chang didn’t turn around with him. His hand still held onto the roof of the car and he closed his eyes. This little fox … Did he never stop to think about the consequences?
It was clear as day that he had wanted to get back at him for the kiss before but … This and that were two completely different things! How could you even compare when your best friend of many years who had recently turned your boyfriend gave you a short smack on the lips with when the person you had had a crush on for a whole ten years suddenly pulled you down with force and smooched you?!
Nie Chang needed several deep breaths to calm down. He had honestly thought it would be alright as long as they didn’t sleep in the same bed but with how Su Yan behaved he really had to have his guard up all the time. He turned around with a sigh and followed his boyfriend to the boutique, all the while cautioning himself not to give Su Yan any opportunity for another attack or else they’d be having their first time in a car.
He had no idea that he’d be in a situation that was way worse soon enough.

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