OMF V3C74 Making Up For Past Mistakes

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In the capital, Xiao Li indeed sent a message to his Master. Naturally, that Master was the Elder from the Hei Dian Sect and not someone from the Yun Zou Sect. Even though he would soon return to the Demon Realm, it was still better to tell him where he was. Maybe that man would find out other things about the boy in the meantime and could inform him. Every little detail he could provide the king with was worth it.
Speaking of which … He looked up at the sky. It seemed it was time to go and find out a bit more from that girl. He once again put that fake smile on. Ah, he really couldn’t wait to return home. Then it would finally be alright to be himself. He wouldn’t have to pretend any longer.
Xiao Li went to the house of the Zhongs and nodded at a servant that was sweeping the entrance. “Excuse me, I’m the disciple Xiao of the Yun Zou Sect. I was supposed to come here today to visit Miss Zhong.”
The servant looked up and frowned. He had never seen that guy but he instantly felt disgusted. So just because one wore a white robe one could come to the door of a respectable household and demand to see the family’s daughter? Who would fall for such a cheap trick?! That guy probably stole this robe somewhere!
“Do you actually believe something like this would work? You better scram now, lowlife!”
Xiao Li was taken aback. This was the first time anyone had reacted like this since he started to pretend to be a righteous path cultivator. Should he congratulate this guy for his insight or just laugh at him that he was even more distrustful than a demon?
Unfortunately, he could do neither. He could only give the same troubled expression as yesterday. “Good Sir, what might you be talking about? I went to the teahouse where Madam Zhong works yesterday and met Mister Zhong. He told me to come here today to meet his daughter.”
“Sure, sure.” The servant grabbed his broom and swung it at Xiao Li. He might have misunderstood back then but this certainly wouldn’t be the same way again! This time, he was certainly right!
Yes, indeed. This servant was none other than the one who had also tried to chase Mister Zhong and his family off when they had come to Zhong Gang’s restaurant back then. If Qiu Ling hadn’t intervened, they might never have been able to see Zhong Gang and would have had to return to the village.
Unfortunately, he had suspected them wrongly and after a few other things happened Zhong Gang had felt that he wasn’t fit to work at the restaurant so he had been degraded to a servant at the Zhong’s house that was only sweeping and doing some odd jobs. Now, he felt like he had a chance to make up for his past fault!
Someone had actually dared to come over and pretend to be a mighty Daoist to take advantage of the family’s daughter. Since she was the Zhong’s only child she was naturally very important to them. If some man actually managed to threaten her chastity, then they would certainly flay him alive. This was his chance! If he drove him off and then reported to Mister Zhong, wouldn’t all past things be forgiven?
He wouldn’t just be able to work at the restaurant again, no he might even get a better job! Maybe he’d be the one to head the restaurant in the future?! After all, Mister Zhong couldn’t take care of everything on his own. And maybe that Zhong Guanyu would be really happy when she heard that he had saved her and when she came over to say her thanks and saw him she’d fall in love with him. It wasn’t entirely impossible. When they got married wouldn’t he inherit everything? Ah, he could practically see the good life he’d have!
“It’s the truth!” Xiao Li had a hard time upholding his righteous image. This would have been so much easier as a heretic practitioner! He could just kill whoever stood in his way or teach him a bloody lesson. Now he had to pretend to be good-natured and talk it out or wait until someone came to let him in.
“Screw off!” The servant once again tried to beat him with the broom.
Xiao Li evaded and gnashed his teeth. Why was still nobody else in sight? Did he as someone who was part demon really have to take this from a simple human?! He couldn’t do anything in this situation though. Thus he stepped back and nodded. “Then I’ll go back to the inn. Should Mister Zhong change his mind, please tell him to come look for me.” Then he turned away and left.
The servant laughed triumphantly. Hmph, as if his Master would go and look for that guy! Now, the only question was: Should he go and tell him now or should he wait a while longer? Mn, the best thing would probably be to go later. After all, he had to make the best possible impression. If Mister Zhong’s wife and daughter could hear of his great service firsthand, too, that would be for the best. Mn, midday sounded like a good opportunity.
Xiao Li went back to the inn and sat down, his thoughts churning. Who knew how long it would take for those humans to come over? He didn’t want to wait all that time. In the end, didn’t he already have quite a bit of information? It wouldn’t be bad to inform His Majesty about that. Then he could decide whether he wanted to know even more or not. If he did, then he could bring up the relationship with that cousin he could use and that guy from the Yun Zou Sect. And if he didn’t … he could return to the Demon Realm sooner.
Xiao Li stood up with a smile and exchanged the white robe and hair ribbon against black ones. Then he left the inn and returned to the Demon Realm once more.

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