LWS V2C30 The Most Romantic Gesture

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Nie Chang couldn’t stop coughing. This attack of his darling … was really too vicious! He patted his chest after he had calmed down a bit and picked up his phone to make sure that he hadn’t imagined the message.
No, it was still there.
He rubbed his face and sat down again, pondering what to write back. What did Su Yan want to say with this? Was there some hidden meaning in this?
Nie Chang frowned and then snorted. Yeah, sure. As if Su Yan would go at it in such a roundabout way. Knowing him he had probably gotten stuck while writing and wanted his input now.
Ah, what was he supposed to say to that? Su Yan didn’t just want any romantic gesture but the most romantic gesture. That wasn’t so easy to decide. There were tons of romantic things one could do. And wouldn’t it also depend on the people involved what would count as romantic?
While Nie Chang continued to ponder another message arrived: [Why aren’t you responding? (。•́︿•̀。)]
Nie Chang felt a headache coming on. He had still no idea how to respond. Should he just tell that to Su Yan? He started typing but then deleted the message. No, he couldn’t do this. But he had to answer soon or Su Yan would get worried. At the stage where their relationship was now, he didn’t want to risk anything.
He had to write something … It was alright as long as it gave him a bit more time to think things through. His eyes suddenly widened before the corner of his mouth raised in a mischievous smile. Then he typed his message.
[What do you think was the most romantic thing I’ve done for you?]
Honestly, he had done so many things for him. They might not seem as romantic as flowers or expensive at first sight but Nie Chang felt that they showed his feelings even more than any of that ever could. Wasn’t that was romance was about?
Ah, just thinking of how often he had accompanied Su Yan home every day back when they had still been in school because a certain someone had been deathly afraid of being kidnapped one day … Or how he had always gone over whenever Su Yan called him after he left home even if it was in the middle of the night when he had been fast asleep. He had even done so if it was just because that dunce had watched a horror film and couldn’t fall asleep after that. Honestly, whatever it was Su Yan wanted or needed he had given his all to ensure he would have it.
For Su Yan … nothing was too hard or too complicated. He would just do it for him. No questions asked.
Meanwhile, at the counter, Su Yan was stunned into silence. He had gotten nervous when Nie Chang hadn’t responded even after two minutes but this kind of answer … He really wanted to go back to not getting an answer at all.
He knew that he couldn’t do that though. Nie Chang would expect an answer now. Damn, he shouldn’t have asked in the first place! Honestly, what was with Nie Chang? He made it sound as if he had done a lot of romantic things for him. But they were only a couple since yesterday! What could he have done in that short amount of time?
Su Yan pursed his lips and tried to remember everything that had happened since then. Hugging him in the hospital as a kind of love confession? That was nice but a hospital was such an unromantic place. That couldn’t be it. Mn, he had also driven him home but that wasn’t really romantic either. The most romantic thing was probably … taking care of him without complaining?
Su Yan stared at his phone. He felt indeed that this was pretty romantic. Nie Chang had made sure he had something to eat and even cooked one of his favorite dishes for him, and then he made sure he didn’t overwork himself and went to sleep early enough … This was certainly something you’d only do if you loved the other person very much.
Su Yan started typing. He wanted to list all those things since, well, if he just wrote ‘caring for me’ it would really sound too corny. Just when he had typed in the first idea, someone coughed in front of him. He jerked and dropped his phone before looking up.
A young woman smiled at him apologetically. “Uh, sorry. I didn’t want to disturb you. Can I get this?” She handed him one of the cute USBs the store sold. This one was shaped like a cat that curled up next to the notebook.
Su Yan blushed. Shit. This was so embarrassing! He hadn’t paid attention to the customers at all! “Of … of course!” He took the USB from her, scanned the price and waited for her to hand over the money. His cheeks were still red when he gave her the change and the woman left with a snicker.
Contrary to him she definitely found the situation funny. Su Yan watched her leave and really wanted to promise himself that he would never ever message Nie Chang again while working but in the end, he just sighed and picked up his phone.
In the backroom, Nie Chang sighed just the same. When Su Yan had dropped his phone, he had inadvertently sent the first half of his message over: [Cooking my favorite food]
Nie Chang really couldn’t do anything but sigh. He had tried for so many years but the answer to all his problems had been this easy. It really was true what people said: The way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. Ah, he should have learned how to cook sooner, then maybe he wouldn’t have had to wait so long before he finally accomplished his goal.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, Su Yan fretted over whether he should still send the second half of his statement or not. Thus a misunderstanding occurred that wasn’t cleared up even when the time for the two of them to leave came. It doesn’t need to be said that Su Yan also didn’t finish to edit his story.

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