OMF V3C56 He Had His Uses

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At the same time, Yu Jin knocked on Qiguan Cheng Da’s door, his face as expressionless as usual.
“Yes?” Qiguan Cheng Da didn’t go to open the door. He wasn’t that outer sect disciple with only minor spirit veins anymore, he was one of those geniuses with heavenly spirit veins of the inner sect now! Why should he go and open the door for anyone?
Yu Jin looked at the door not bothering to feel upset even though he could imagine why Qiguan Cheng Da stayed where he was. He himself also never opened the door so he had no right to judge.
“Junior Martial Brother Qiguan, I came to relay my Master’s orders to you.”
Qiguan Cheng Da perked up. Wasn’t this that Senior Martial Brother Yu Jin that always ran around with a deadpan expression? He hadn’t seen him for a while and was actually tempted to just ignore him. What did he need him anymore? He was already part of the inner sect. What more could that Yu Jin offer him?
In the end, he went over and opened the door with a smile, though. This person was still the Sect Master’s disciple and if rumors were true, he was even his favorite disciple. He had a chance of following in that man’s footsteps and taking over the sect in the future so he should continue to entertain him. Furthermore, he had already invested a lot of time in this relationship. Wouldn’t it be dumb to dump him before he got something out of it?
“Senior Martial Brother Yu, I’m sorry for being so slow. I was cultivating just now. Why don’t you come in? I can’t offer you much but I hope you won’t mind.”
Yu Jin nodded and stepped inside, not saying anything. He sat down at the table where Qiguan Cheng Da had been drinking tea and poured himself a cup. “Zhong Jing Yi was sent to the Hei Dian Sect of the evil faction to find out some information. My Master wants you to go over and meet with him to find out what he has accomplished so far.”
Qiguan Cheng Da frowned. Not even talking about the fact that Yu Jin wasn’t any more courteous than he had been before the Sect Master would give him such a task?! “Why does he want me to do it? Isn’t this just playing the messenger? He should just send someone from the outer sect instead.” He took up his own teacup and sipped the tea, imitating what he had seen from Yu Jin.
Yu Jin watched the person who obviously despised him try to mimic his movements. “It sounds easy but it actually isn’t. This task requires you to venture into the evil faction’s territory and not just to any place but to the grounds of the Hei Dian Sect which is akin to their headquarters. It will be fraught with danger. How could this mission be given to just anyone?”
“Still. I have heavenly spirit veins. Isn’t it too much to ask me to do this? Brother Yu, I wouldn’t bring this up if it was anyone but you. We have known each other for a long time already. Don’t you feel like your Master is looking down on me with giving me such a task? Why don’t you talk to him and advise him to choose somebody else?”
Yu Jin put down his cup and turned to the window. Ah, he just wanted to go back and try painting again. “It was I who proposed you for this task.”
Qiguan Cheng Da froze. “What?”
“Master originally wanted to send me because he thought it would be a good opportunity. The information Zhong Jing Yi is supposed to gather is important. Whoever is involved in this task would certainly be highly regarded by the Elders of the sect. Furthermore, it is a prime opportunity to gain experience and hone one’s skills. And, as I said, not everyone is qualified to take it up. I originally thought it would be a good idea to give this opportunity to you but … I see you aren’t keen on going. Don’t worry about it too much. I’ll go and talk to my Master. He certainly won’t mind if I go myself.”
Qiguan Cheng Da gulped. Shit! He had actually made such a mistake! He should have asked him more about it. “Ah, Brother Yu … Don’t be like this. I was hasty just now and hadn’t properly listened. I really can’t help it. After having that stroke of luck and gaining heavenly spirit veins thanks to the mission the sect gave me back then I can’t help but want to give back. I always thought cultivating as fast as possible would be the best way to do that but now that you’ve mentioned how important this task is to our sect … How could I reject it? I’ll naturally accept.”
“Is that so?”
“Mn. Thank you very much for recommending me to the Sect Master! Brother Yu is indeed the one who treats me the best.”
“It’s nothing. As fellow disciples, we should help each other out.”
“That’s true, that’s true.” Qiguan Cheng Da hurriedly poured another cup of tea for Yu Jin. It seemed this guy really had his uses. He should spend some more time with him in the future even though it was dull. “So, what exactly is this about?”
Yu Jin lifted his hand and took a flower out of the spatial ring his Master had given him. “This can be used to contact him. You just have to travel to the vicinity of the Hei Dian Sect and find a spot where you’ll be able to set up a meeting with him. After that, just imbue your spiritual energy and this flower will travel to him.”
“I see. And what about the mission he was given?” Qiguan Cheng Da took the flower and unceremoniously put it into his magical bag.
Hmph. He still didn’t have a spatial ring even though there were some Elders who were considering to take him in as their disciple. He didn’t understand what they were hesitating about, though. He had heavenly spirit veins already! What more did they want?!
If he compared himself to Yu Jin … This guy had already had heavenly spirit veins when he came to the sect. Heavens! It had even been the Sect Master who personally brought him back if the rumors were true and he had been doting on him since then. Whatever a cultivator could wish for it would be presented to this Yu Jin on a silver platter. How was this fair?
Yu Jin silently turned the cup in his hands. “I can’t tell you much but this doesn’t only have to do with the Yun Zou Sect.”
“So something big is going on.” Qiguan Cheng Da tapped his leg. If that was indeed the case, then he might be able to use this. He narrowed his eyes and smiled. This might be a prime opportunity to pay that Zhong Jing Yi back for how his family had humiliated him back then while simultaneously rising to even more prominence. Ah, this Yu Jin had really done him a favor.

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