OMF V3C57 Sending a Message

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After Yu Jin explained the benefits of taking on that mission, Qiguan Cheng Da didn’t wait long and made his way over to the grounds of the Hei Dian Sect. He looked down into the chasm where the Beguiling Night Tree stood and snorted.
“How fitting for an evil sect. That guy should just stay here. No need to return to the Yun Zou Sect.”
Qiguan Cheng Da narrowed his eyes. That was actually a good idea. He had wanted to do something but had still lacked the right inspiration. But this might be feasible. If he made sure that that boy didn’t return to the Yun Zou Sect too soon, then he could expand his own influence. If he indeed came back someday …
Qiguan Cheng Da chuckled.
“Let’s see how you’ll deal with this, Zhong Jing Yi.”
He took out the flower that Yu Jin had given him but he didn’t send it immediately. Instead, he took a moment to have a closer look at it. The thing obviously wasn’t a real flower. It was made out of white jade and the petals were carved so thin that they were translucent. Just one glance was enough to understand how much this thing was worth. Though, the jade with its intricate carvings contributed only slightly to the actual worth of the flower. Its use was what was special.
Everyone in the Yun Zou Sect including the Sect Master himself normally only used paper cranes for communication. Well, except for the outer sect disciples, of course, who had no means of communication at all if it wasn’t required for a mission the sect gave them. He himself had only received paper cranes when he was admitted to the inner sect and even then they had only provided him with three. It showed how precious even these were. This flower … It was a hundred times better than any paper crane.
Qiguan Cheng Da frowned. Why had this Yu Jin so much luck? What had he actually done to deserve getting such a treasure? Besides having heavenly spirit veins since birth and coincidentally being picked up by the Sect Master he hadn’t done anything. And still …
Well, whatever. He couldn’t do anything about that. In fact, it might even benefit him. After all, he had already established a relationship with him. When Yu Jin profited from something he would also profit.
Qiguan Cheng Da pushed the thought aside and imbued the flower with his spiritual energy just as Yu Jin had told him. One of the petals loosened and floated into the air.
Qiguan Cheng Da lifted his brows. It seemed this flower could even send several messages at the same time. He’d really like to try it out … But who could he message? He didn’t know many people outside of the Yun Zou Sect. That was also something he should change. Now that he was one of the peerless geniuses he should make use of that and make connections. Well, he could worry about that later.
He hastily wrote a note on the petal and watched it fly away. “Let’s see if it really reaches that boy. If not …” He grinned. It wouldn’t be too bad if the heretic practitioners of the Hei Dian Sect found out he was a spy. Wouldn’t they take care of him then?
Qiguan Cheng Da’s wish naturally wasn’t fulfilled. The jade petal flew to the house where Jing Yi and Qiu Ling were staying and landed on the window sill. It didn’t look any different from the petal of a normal flower though it gave off a bit of spiritual energy.
Qiu Ling lifted his head from the bed and stared at the window. He couldn’t see the petal from his position but he could feel the energy. This definitely wasn’t something that had flown there coincidentally.
He lifted his arm and his magic had the petal drift over and land in the palm of his hand.
“Meet me at the cave five li from the big tree as soon as you get this message to report on what you found out about the Hei Dian Sect.” Qiu Ling lowered his hand and stared at the window. This seemed like it had come from the Yun Zou Sect.
It was good considering that they had indeed found out something and might be able to go back and marry soon. Then again it was bad timing because they hadn’t had Hong Bao write that letter and maybe his beloved was right and the Sect Master wouldn’t be able to accept their story.
What were they supposed to do now?
He put the message aside first, turned around and hugged Jing Yi again. Ah, the message had said he should go when he received the message. Since his beloved was still fast asleep he hadn’t received the message yet. There was no reason to hurry. That person could certainly wait until his beloved woke up.
Mn, most likely the person who had come wouldn’t be his Master or the Sect Master himself. It should just be some disciple so ignoring it wouldn’t be an issue. Well, he wouldn’t care even if it was the Sect Master. Ah, the only ones he couldn’t afford to have to wait for him were his beloved and his in-laws.
Mn, thinking of that … it was nice not having to deal with the old geezer for a while. It was just the two of them now so they could do whatever they wanted.
Qiu Ling snuggled up against Jing Yi, closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Meanwhile, Qiguan Cheng Da stood at the entrance of the cave and waited. After a while, he frowned and started to pace up and down but he still couldn’t see even a glimpse of that damned boy.
“Is he trying to mock me?!” He slapped the wall beside him and took out the flower again. It had a lot of petals. It wouldn’t be a problem to send a few more messages. He could even use them to discredit that Zhong Jing Yi when he returned to the sect.
With a devious smile on his lips, he started to carve another message onto a petal and let it fly over. Unfortunately, Jing Yi hadn’t cultivated enough to sense such a light ripple of spiritual energy and Qiu Ling didn’t even bother to stir. He just continued to hold onto his beloved and enjoyed this moment of peace.

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