OMF V3C55 That Side of His Fiance

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Jing Yi sat next to Qiu Ling in their house and pondered what to do. He had found out what he needed to find out: The reason for Hong Ai and Hong Bao to stay in the Hei Dian Sect was simple, there was no plot against the good faction, nothing they should worry about. Should he just report this?
If he was the Sect Master who had been approached by another sect and asked to find out what had happened to those two disciples, he would probably think that this story was made up. Especially since the person he had tasked with this mission was someone whose marriage depended on the results. Wouldn’t such a person be eager to show results?
Qiu Ling watched his beloved frowning and furrowed his own brow. What was his Jing He thinking about? He seemed discontent. Had somebody said something to him that made him upset? Or maybe one of those shameless Senior Martial Brothers of his had dared to bully him?!
Qiu Ling straightened up. He’d find that bastard and break his bones to vent his beloved’s grievances! But first of all …
He smiled sweetly and hugged Jing Yi from behind. “Jing’er, my love, don’t be like this. My heart hurts seeing you frown the whole time. Tell your husband-to-be who is bothering you. I’ll go and beat them all up.” He leaned forward and kissed his cheek, startling Jing Yi out of his thoughts.
Jing Yi froze. Just now … That kiss was exactly like in that dream he had because of the Beguiling Night Tree’s fruit. He closed his eyes, frowning even more.
This isn’t good. I have to stop thinking about it. Whatever happened in my last life is already in the past. Now, there’s only Qiu Ling for me. There’s no need to think about anybody else. Even if the me back then loved him deeply, it doesn’t have to do anything with the me now, right? I was somebody else in that life, after all.
His brow finally smoothed out and he even smiled a bit, making Qiu Ling’s heart flutter. Ah! His words unexpectedly had that much influence on his beloved!
Qiu Ling gently grabbed his chin, turned his head and gave him a kiss on the lips. “So, who should I beat up for you?”
Jing Yi laughed. Somehow, his fiance looked especially eager. “It’s not a matter of beating somebody up. I’m just a little worried.”
Qiu Ling pouted. Such a pity. He really would have liked to beat someone up for his Jing He. Well, dispelling his worries also wasn’t bad. “Tell me about it?”
“It’s about the mission the Sect Master gave me. We haven’t even been here for a month but we more or less accomplished it. It’s just that it turned out completely different than we expected.”
“Isn’t that good? Then we can go back and get married.”
Jing Yi smiled wryly. Was there nothing else his fiance could think about? “Don’t you think it’s too coincidental?”
Qiu Ling blinked. He really didn’t understand what his beloved was saying. “In what way is it coincidental? We were lucky.”
“That’s about the same. I’m just worried that the Sect Master won’t believe us. This story … it’s a little strange, isn’t it?”
“Not particularly.”
Jing Yi turned to the side observing his fiance’s face. Qiu Ling looked just confused. Jing Yi sighed. Right. He had nearly forgotten that his fiance was also someone who fell in love head over heels and didn’t care for any implications that may have.
“I feel like it wouldn’t be good to tell him directly about it now.”
Qiu Ling tightened his grip on Jing Yi’s waist and pursed his lips. This sounded like their wedding wouldn’t happen too soon. “Then when do we tell him?”
“I’m not so sure. We shouldn’t wait too long either.” Jing Yi turned in Qiu Ling’s arms and hugged him back. “You’ve had to wait this long already. I wouldn’t want to be the reason you have to hold on for even longer.” He smiled and gently pecked Qiu Ling’s lips.
His fiance’s face lit up instantly. “Don’t think about it, my love! Take as much time as you want!” Ah, just seeing his beloved’s smiling face was worth waiting even another year! Well, he wouldn’t want to wait longer than that, though …
Jing Yi snuggled into Qiu Ling’s embrace and sighed. “Let’s wait for a good opportunity. Maybe something will happen that we can report alongside the news about Hong Bao and Hong Ai. That might help in persuading the Sect Master that we’re telling the truth.”
“Mn.” Qiu Ling silently stroked Jing Yi’s hair, lost in his thoughts for a moment. He hadn’t needed to be concerned with what others thought for a long time. Being the king of the dragon race was just like that. But his beloved might be right that things were different in this situation.
If that Sect Master didn’t believe what they reported, their wedding would be delayed even more. So it was of utmost importance that they made sure he wouldn’t have any reason to doubt it.
“Maybe we should ask that Hong Bao to write to her Master?”
“Huh?” Jing Yi looked up, doubting what he had just heard. As a result, he saw a rather shrewd look on his fiance’s face. What was this about?
“Let her write a letter and deliver it with our report. As her Master, he should be able to recognize her handwriting. That is at least definite proof that she is alive. And depending on what she writes the letter might even support our account of what happened.”
Jing Yi examined Qiu Ling’s face. Was this the same person that had offered to beat someone up for him just now? Why was he suddenly sounding so … sensible? Wait, no, this shouldn’t surprise him. Even though Qiu Ling was overly excited most of the time that was only when dealing with him. He was … very much in love. But he had told him that he worked for the king of his home country. So, he shouldn’t be surprised that Qiu Ling could come up with something like that.
“You’re right. That’s a great idea.” He craned his neck and pecked Qiu Ling’s cheek, making that earnest expression disappear in but a second.
Qiu Ling shamelessly toppled Jing Yi onto the bed and grinned. “How about you continue to worry about that tomorrow? It’s not like that Hong Bao wouldn’t appear on our doorstep again.”
Jing Yi just smiled. After all this time, it would be pretentious to try and shove him off. “Let’s do as you say.”
Qiu Ling’s mood lifted even more when his beloved didn’t protest. Ah, he could practically feel the day of their wedding approaching …

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