LWS V2C17 The Beginning of a New Life

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Author’s Note:
I got a really nice review today so I felt motivated for another chapter. 😊 Btw I’m thinking of making Lovely Writing System my main project and Oh. My. Fate?! the secondary project. Not sure about that yet, though. What do you think about that?

Su Yan stared at the bed or rather at the man lying inside. Nie Chang actually had the nerve to grin at him. Not just that, he even dared to prop himself up on his elbow and pat the place beside him.
“You still don’t want to sleep?”
Su Yan frowned. The voice inside him that told him that this wasn’t a good idea was starting to speak up louder. “You … wouldn’t break your promise, right?”
“Of course not!” Nie Chang lifted a hand to show just how innocent he was. The lamplight used the opportunity to paint some shadows below his abs in case Su Yan had problems seeing them.
Uh … He had probably tripped himself up. Why didn’t he accept when Nie Chang suggested to sleep on the couch? Now he’d have to live with it regardless of what happened. Well, as long as he himself didn’t give in, nothing could happen … right?
He slowly approached the bed as if Nie Chang would really pounce on him as soon as he was in range. Then, he hurriedly slipped under the blanket and turned away. Mn! He definitely wouldn’t give in to temptation! He’d hold Nie Chang off for at least two weeks! After that, the risk of them breaking up because they had been too hasty should be really small.
Nie Chang stared at his friend and grinned. He leaned forward until his breath made the strands of Su Yan’s hair sway. “So … Who’s going to switch off the lights?”
Su Yan tensed. Shit! He had completely forgotten about that!
“Uh … I … like to sleep with the lights on.”
“You’ve never done that before.”
“I do when I come from the hospital.”
Nie Chang sighed. Was he really that unreliable in Su Yan’s eyes? He made to stand up but Su Yan instantly recoiled.
“Heh! What are you trying to do?!”
Nie Chang really wanted to sigh again. “I’m just getting up to switch the lights off. There’s no need to be like that.”
“Ah? But I said —”
“Do you think I’m dumb?” Nie Chang stopped and stared at his boyfriend. “I’ve known you for so many years. If I still wasn’t able to figure out if you’re lying or not, something would have to be wrong with my head.”
Su Yan’s protest withered. “Then … then go and switch it off. No need to sit there.”
“Why? Does that make you nervous?” Nie Chang bent down and gripped Su Yan’s chin. “Honestly, if you’re looking at me like that I might have some problems to hold back.” He grinned mischievously. Ah, teasing Su Yan really was too much fun! But you could probably say this was just getting back at him for what he did before?
Nie Chang bent down and kissed him before hurriedly getting up and turning off the light. Honestly, as much as he wanted to tease Su Yan he would just make it difficult for himself if he continued.
He felt his way back to the bed and his fingers met with warm skin. Both of them froze. They couldn’t see each other but they could hear how the other’s breath caught.
Nie Chang closed his eyes and tried to inconspicuously take a deep breath. “How about … you scoot over a bit?”
There was the rustling of fabric but no answer. Nie Chang lay down and tugged at the blanket, startling Su Yan.
“What are you trying to do?!”
Nie Chang sighed. “At least give me a corner.” He slipped under the blanket and reached over.
“Heh!” Su Yan tried to slap his hands away but Nie Chang caught them.
“It’s not like I’m going to pounce on you. Just … let me hold you, alright? I’m your boyfriend now, after all.”
Su Yan wanted to protest but in the end, he kept quiet and even snuggled up to Nie Chang’s side. Mn, it actually felt good. Nie Chang was really warm. He practically didn’t need a blanket anymore as long as he was there.
Nie Chang frowned. This was really … He hugged him back and lightly leaned his forehead against Su Yan’s. It wouldn’t be like this forever. Su Yan probably just wanted to wait a few days to make sure he wasn’t rushing anything. After that …
While Nie Chang was cajoling himself Su Yan’s thoughts had already traveled back to the system.
“Eh, Ah Chang, do you think the system is always right?”
Nie Chang lifted a brow. “Are you seriously asking me that right now? Didn’t we agree to sleep?”
“But I can’t!”
Nie Chang sighed. “So, what is it you’re pondering?”
“Nothing really. It’s just … what if the system is wrong? Then people are going to bash me when I publish the story online.”
“Mn.” Nie Chang smiled and kissed his cheek. “If they do, just note down their usernames. I’m going to teach them a lesson for you.”
Su Yan snorted. “What do you want to do? Make ten accounts and write angry comments? They’d just troll you.”
“Just leave it to me. And now sleep. Monday isn’t such a hectic day at the shop. So you can revise the whole day at work tomorrow.”
“Mn. Alright.” Su Yan burrowed his head into the crook of Nie Chang’s arm and closed his eyes. Actually, he felt pretty tired.
Looking back on the last two days a lot had happened. He had gone out with Nie Chang, finally found out that he was in love with him and told his mother. Then he had gotten into an argument with his father and finally he had truly become Nie Chang’s boyfriend.
Huh. From tomorrow onward things would probably be a bit different. Well, not that he hadn’t spent most of his time with Nie Chang anyway. Still, it felt like the beginning of a new life.

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