OMF V4C58 An Unwelcome Invitation

Shen An De noticed that Jing Yi seemed a little spooked after he approached him. He didn’t think it was strange at all. No, compared to his lackluster reaction to his looks before, this was exactly what he had expected. After all, not only was his position in the Hei Dian Sect high, but he was also of a level that few were able to reach in the human realm.

Which simple disciple wouldn’t freeze in awe in front of him? And looking at Jing Yi, he realized that this boy was only of the first level. He was about to be promoted to the second but at his age … well, he couldn’t be called a talent with that progress. That kind of person was unlikely to be one of those arrogant youngsters who were too ignorant to be afraid.

Thinking of that, he deepened his smile and retracted some of the pressure he would unwittingly give off. Hopefully, this would make the boy a little more comfortable so they could have a conversation.

Jing Yi did indeed calm down slightly when the pressure he hadn’t even known he felt dropped. He stopped looking over at Qiu Ling and instead turned around to Shen An De again. He still didn’t know what exactly to do but for now, he could only try to muddle his way through and hope that Qiu Ling would come back soon. “Grandmaster.” He cupped his fists and bowed as he had seen disciples in the Yun Zou Sect do it in front of the Elders several times.

Shen An De nodded and got right to the point now that he had Jing Yi’s attention. “My sister-in-law, Hong Bao, seems to like you very much and I do admire your fiance. How about the two of you come over to eat with us this evening?”

The Elders and disciples around them turned away and stopped moving particularly inconspicuously as if they absolutely weren’t interested in hearing every syllable of this conversation. Could somebody passing by tell them who exactly this boy and that disciple who had just won that duel were though? They definitely had no special reason to ask but … one could be a little curious, right?

Jing Yi’s gaze swiveled around, noticing that everyone was being a little strange. This type of affair … probably wasn’t normal? That realization made his stomach churn again. He wasn’t like Qiu Ling who could just continue being like always in front of so many people. He almost choked up but still forced himself to respond. “We … we’d be honored.” This was a prime opportunity to investigate! Although … he was really scared. He might still dare to ask some normal disciples or even Hong Bao but … the Grandmaster of the Hei Dian Sect certainly wasn’t somebody who could be casually sounded out.

“Mn. That’s great. Well, since that is taken care of I won’t disturb you any longer.” Shen An De turned around with another smile, took the hand of his wife, and went his own way.

Hong Bao stayed behind though. She grabbed Jing Yi’s sleeve and smiled. “It’s great your fiance won! How about we talk about your wedding now?”

“Now?” Jing Yi didn’t know how to react. He looked over to Qiu Ling who was angrily staring at the people around him. Strangely enough, his expression smoothed out as soon as Jing Yi gazed at him and he even managed to smile. Unfortunately, that made the martial brothers and sisters around him only go crazier.

Jing Yi smiled and turned back to Hong Bao. “I’m afraid that could prove difficult. You see how it is. Qiu Ling might have some trouble getting out of there.”

Hong Bao looked over and frowned. “We should go over! That’s your fiance, those people should leave him alone.”

Before Jing Yi could respond, he was already dragged along and into the fray. The martial brothers and sisters were everything else but happy at being shoved to the side but it proved useful to have Hong Bao with him. As soon as one of the women turned around and noticed her, she gulped down whatever she had wanted to say. Most likely, everyone knew that she was associated with the Grandmaster.

Jing Yi heaved a sigh of relief. Well, whatever her reason was for coming here, at least she wouldn’t suffer. And he might be able to find out everything else when he spent a bit more time with her. It shouldn’t be too hard. Hong Bao obviously loved to talk.

With her help, the two of them managed to reach the inner circle.

Qiu Ling’s eyes lit up and he hurried over, pulling Jing Yi out of Hong Bao’s grab and into his arms. He even went as far as straightening out the sleeve Hong Bao had slightly crumpled. “My love! You came over. How did I do?”

Jing Yi nodded. “You did well.” He tiptoed and rewarded him with a kiss. “By the way, uhm … Grandmaster Shen invited us over.”


While the disciples around them went into an uproar upon that message, Qiu Ling pursed his lips. He had wanted to spend the day alone with his beloved to celebrate and not go to some old guy with him to hang out.

Jing Yi knew him well enough to figure out what his problem was. He took Qiu Ling’s hand and gently stroked it. “It’s only in the evening. Until then …”

“Mn.” Qiu Ling didn’t care for the people around them anymore. He picked Jing Yi up, leaped into the air, and carried him away. Even Hong Bao was left behind.

She sighed and made her way out of the encirclement again. “Seems like I’ll have to continue planning their wedding alone …”

“Oh?” Just then, somebody stopped next to her.

She looked up and … found herself in front of the fourth most handsome guy she had ever seen. Well, she might have judged differently if she still remembered Shun Tao.

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