LWS V2C11 I Was Wrong

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Su Yan’s lips curled in amusement. Most likely this was what Nie Chang had always felt when seeing him. Being in love but knowing that it was really dumb because the other person never seemed to reciprocate your feelings or even did something like Yun Bei Fen that might indicate he didn’t like you …
Su Yan’s smile slowly dimmed. Oh no! Nie Chang had probably felt bad the whole time. He really should have noticed sooner! Maybe he, too, had said things that had unintentionally hurt Nie Chang?! Ugh … He was such an idiot!
Su Yan wanted to stand up and go over to apologize but then sat down again. No, no, no! This was all wrong! He first had to finish the story. After that, he could go shopping tomorrow after work and then he could apologize to Nie Chang and make everything up to him.
“Mn …” Su Yan leaned back and stared at the text editor.
Since it was supposed to be a short story it might be good if the protagonist noticed the male lead’s feelings soon so that Mei Chao Bing wouldn’t have to suffer too long. Maybe he should write a time skip after they made up? And then the big revelation would come already. The readers would probably like that. Most likely, they didn’t read for the fight with the heretic practitioners anyway. It was supposed to be a romantic short story, after all.
[Yun Bei Fen smiled. “Senior Martial Brother Mei. It’s nice to see you again.”
Mei Chao Bing gritted his teeth. These words, too, would have made him ecstatic a few days back. Now, he asked himself if there was some other meaning to them. Maybe Yun Bei Fen was mocking him without him noticing? After being treated like that by the others for so long it was hard for him not to second-guess what people did. Yun Bei Fen had been the only exception to that but now …
Seeing that Mei Chao Bing didn’t react Yun Bei Fen felt instantly worse. “Senior Martial Brother Mei … About what I said the last time …” He lowered his head. He didn’t know how to say it.
“What?” Mei Chao Bing snapped at him, making Yun Bei Fen flinch.
He hastily cupped his fists and bowed. “I’m sorry. It didn’t mean anything bad by it but … Thinking about it now, it certainly seemed that way.”
“Tch.” Mei Chao Bing snorted. “And you think I’d believe that?”
Yun Bei Fen looked up through his lashes. His eyes seemed a little wet, making Mei Chao Bing’s heart itch. “I … I understand that you have no reason to do so. But … I’ll try to convince you.”
Mei Chao Bing smiled condescendingly. “I’ll watch, then.” He turned around and nodded to the area they had to patrol. “Let’s go then.”
“Mn.” Yun Bei Fen hurried after him and the two started on their mission.]
Su Yan nodded. This would be a good point in the story to end the first scene. He had the text editor count the words again and frowned. Two thousand already. He only had a bit more than half left. He’d definitely have to fast-forward.
Su Yan added a blank line and started the next scene.
[The atmosphere between them was tense at first but it slowly started to ease after a few hours. They hadn’t spoken a word and nothing had happened but Mei Chao Bing couldn’t hold onto this false front in the face of the person he loved. Sensing that the other wasn’t as furious anymore, Yun Bei Fen also eased up.
He slowly went closer. “Senior Martial Brother Mei …”
“What?” Mei Chao Bing might have stopped giving off that cold aura but he still glared at Yun Bei Fen making him take a step back. Mei Chao Bing turned away. Heavens! Seeing that look on his face he really had a hard time continuing like this. “Didn’t you want to say something?” He still sounded displeased but not as harsh anymore.
“Mn.” Yun Bei Fen stayed where he was so as to not offend Mei Chao Bing anymore. “You … You came from here, didn’t you?”
“Ah?” Mei Chao Bing turned around.
“Oh, if … if I was wrong, I’m sorry.”
“No … that … that’s true. I lived around here before I came to the sect. But how did you know?”
“Someone mentioned it once, I guess.” Yun Bei Fen smiled.]
Su Yan smiled, too. If he had to write a fast story, the best idea would be to give both of them some good feelings for each other so it wouldn’t be strange if they suddenly fell in love.
[Actually, he had always looked up to Mei Chao Bing. This Senior Martial Brother of his had already been in the sect for a few years when his Master took him in. He had been afraid at first because he looked a little mean but then he noticed that Mei Chao Bing was different than he thought. He always helped if someone asked for his help. Yun Bei Fen had felt that he was one of the best Senior Martial Brothers around. He had wanted to become like him.
“What?” Mei Chao Bing was puzzled at Yun Bei Fen’s smile. It was sweet.
“It’s nothing.” Yun Bei Fen shook his head. He was afraid what Mei Chao Bing would think if he told him so he rather stayed silent and pretended that it was nothing.
Mei Chao Bing nodded. He didn’t understand and even though he would have liked to he couldn’t force him to say it. Well, it was probably nice already that Yun Bei Fen didn’t seem to think badly of him. The last time really might have been a misunderstanding … His thoughts trailed off and he didn’t pay attention to their surroundings anymore.
Yun Bei Fen silently walked beside him, leaving him to his thoughts. They made quite the harmonious picture.
Finally, they entered a small path between the mountains at the edge of the valley. Yun Bei Fen became slower to let Mei Chao Bing pass through first and followed him. Then, his eyes went wide.
“Senior Martial Brother Mei!” He leaped forward and pushed him to the ground. There was the whooshing of something shooting through the air and then a thumb when it punctured his shoulder. He gave a yelp but at least Mei Chao Bing was alright. He gave a relieved smile when he had made sure of that. Then, he passed out.]

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