LWS V2C5 I’ll Show It To You

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“Ah … Ah Chang! What are you doing?” Su Yan tried to slap those wandering hands away but only managed to lose his balance. He fell down on Nie Chang’s chest again and was encircled in a pair of strong arms.
“You made me really worried, you know?”
“Oh.” Su Yan pursed his lips. So that Special Dimension wasn’t outside of the timeline and he had been gone for a while. Thankfully, he had hurried up with the test and not taken his time.
“Where did you go?” Nie Chang tried to see Su Yan’s face but it was too dark.
“You probably won’t believe this!” Su Yan excitedly sat up, not noticing how Nie Chang’s mood was changing. “It’s the system. You remember how it was issuing tasks for me to meet some character types? Well, I managed to finish all of them and the system gave me a Special Dimension as a reward where I can craft characters and settings. It actually kidnapped me there and wanted me to take a test and as long as I hadn’t passed the test I couldn’t return.”
Nie Chang sighed. This sounded so much like an excuse that he really wanted to call him out on it.
“Eh? Why is it so dark in here?” Su Yan suddenly remembered that it hadn’t been when he left. “I couldn’t have been gone that long, could I?”
“You were gone for more than three hours.”
“What? That can’t be! Didn’t I pass that test really quickly? Where’s my phone?” He started patting around but there was only Nie Chang’s body below him and, well, something fluffy? “Mn? What happened to your couch?”
“We’re not on the couch anymore.” Nie Chang grabbed Su Yan by the waist, pulled him down and rolled around until he was lying above him.
“Ah!” Su Yan gave a yelp and clung to his neck. “What the hell are you doing, Ah Chang? You scared me!”
“And you’re driving me nuts.” He bent down and sealed those lips with a kiss before Su Yan could say something else that would infuriate him.
“Mn!” Su Yan tried to protest but gave up halfway and instead slid his fingers into Nie Chang’s hair. “Mn …”
Nie Chang smiled and gently cupped Su Yan’s cheeks. “I love you,” he murmured between kisses but he didn’t get an answer.
Su Yan clung to him in a daze. How had it come to this? He truly wanted to ponder that but Nie Chang’s lips on his made it difficult to organize his thoughts. Damn. Where had his friend learned to kiss like this?! He actually felt his knees going weak right now and he was already lying down!
“Ah Chang …”
Nie Chang shuddered. How often had he dreamed of doing this, of hearing this kind of voice from Su Yan? “Ah Yan. Be honest. Did you run away because you were afraid I’d force you to sleep with me?”
“Hah?” Su Yan had no idea what was going on. He was just extremely glad that the lights weren’t on because his face was probably completely red. He didn’t want Nie Chang to see him like this.
“Before when you asked what we should do next and I said to have sex … I was just joking. I didn’t expect you to actually say yes so you don’t have to feel pressured. But … if you’ve thought it through and feel like you trust me enough to do it with me, then I certainly don’t mind. In fact, I would very much like to go the whole way with you.”
His breath tickled Su Yan’s skin and slowly cleared his head. By the time Nie Chang arrived at the end of the statement, Su Yan finally felt like he understood what was going on.
“Ah Chang … I really didn’t lie! That thing with the system really happened! Where’s my phone? I’ll show it to you!”
“No need.” Nie Chang grabbed Su Yan’s wandering hand before it could land somewhere it shouldn’t. He felt a little disappointed. Did Su Yan really believe that he would force him? He had waited so many years before finally making his move. He wasn’t that impatient that he would pounce on him as soon as there was an opportunity. “Ah Yan, just be honest with me: Do you want to sleep with me or not?”
Su Yan pouted. “I’m really telling the truth. But it’s alright. I’ll show you later. And about that …” He wriggled around and tried to get out of Nie Chang’s grasp but there was no way Nie Chang would let him get away right now. In the end, Su Yan lay down again. “It’s not that I’m against it. I just … I think we should wait a bit. If we do it immediately, then we’d certainly break up soon.”
“You’ve never seen those movies? If you sleep with each other after the first date, then you’re going to break up. Or, well, at least you don’t up with the person you want. So … Don’t you think we should have some more dates before that?”
Nie Chang kept silent for a while. That was what this was about? Su Yan was worried they’d break up soon if they went the whole way immediately? “Actually, that was what I thought in the beginning.”
“But now you’ve reconsidered?”
“No … I … Well, I love you. Whatever you want me to do I’ll do it. If you think we should wait, then I’ll wait. But if you think we should try it, then we’ll try it. I just love you.”
“Mn.” Su Yan nervously tugged at Nie Chang’s shirt. “I love you, too. So, can I get my phone now?”
Nie Chang sighed. Alright, this was probably more than he could have asked for. At the very least, Su Yan had told him what he thought and it was even in line with his own goals. He could probably be satisfied with this outcome.
Nie Chang took out the phone and handed it back.
Su Yan patted his chest and the two of them sat up together. “I’ll show you. Just wait.” Then, he opened the Lovely Writing System again and searched around for the Special Dimension.
Nie Chang took a look at the program, too. It seemed … Su Yan was really serious about this? Could it be his concussion was worse than he had thought?
But before he could ponder it any longer Su Yan had already found the right button. He gripped Nie Chang’s hand who unconsciously tightened his hold on him and the next moment they both vanished from the bed and fell down in a heap of limbs in the Special Dimension.

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