OMF V2C161 Waking Up Together

The next morning, Qiu Ling woke up with a splitting headache. Damn. People shouldn’t mention that Lao Chun when they were talking about wine in the dragon realm. Their former king was obviously the greater expert when it came to manufacturing it! Ugh, he hadn’t even noticed how he got drunk until it was too late. This stuff was really vicious.

“Damn, no wonder my old man woke up married after getting drunk at his place.” He raised his hand to his forehead but paused mid-motion. Wait … Why did it feel as if someone’s head was lying on his chest? It couldn’t be that he had also slept with some unknown woman while being under the influence?! Damn that old geezer! He really was a curse to his family!

Qiu Ling panicked. He wanted to sit up and push the person off but stopped with his hands stretched out. What if he woke her up? Right now, he could still try to slip out of the room without that woman noticing. Maybe she had been drunk as well or it had been too dark to see anything so she didn’t know who he was?

He could still get away with this! Nobody but he himself had to know what had happened! Yes, it was best to keep this a secret. Ah, he also had to make sure that nobody saw him while he left. Maybe the window was the better option than the door?

He glanced up and furrowed his brows. Shit! The door was still open! It seemed they had been in a hurry yesterday and hadn’t even thought of closing it. Damn this woman! Seducing him while he was drunk was shameless enough but to actually have the gall to leave the door open so that everyone would be able to see … This really was a new low!

He looked down to stare at her fiercely only for his furrowed brows to relax and his tightened lips to curve into a smile. His arms snapped shut around that person like an animal trap that would be hard to pry off.

Ah! It was his beloved! He had found his way to Jing He even while being drunk. He was such a good lover!

Even more important: His beloved seemed to have understood that as well and had rewarded him for his faithfulness! He had actually sidled up to him and was snuggling at his side. Mn, Jing He’s head was lying on his chest and his arm was stretched across his abdomen, with his fingers curled into his robes.

Ah, his Jing He must have really missed him to be so passionate early in the morning!

Qiu Ling grinned. “Watch this, old man! All your warnings in my childhood weren’t for naught. I might have gotten drunk but I still found the right person! Really, only you would be so dumb as to take the wrong one home!”

Qiu Ling stroked Jing Yi’s hair, unable to believe he had such luck. Mn, he had spent the night at Jing He’s place. That had to mean that the rejection was no longer an issue. Jing He had probably thought it over and decided that he liked him, after all. There was no other possibility.

Qiu Ling hugged Jing Yi close, looking at him contentedly. Mn, it was to be expected. Fate had brought them together. Heaven wanted them to be a couple. It was only a question of time until they married.

Qiu Ling leaned down and kissed Jing Yi’s head. Ah, this felt so good …

There was one thing he didn’t understand though: Why were they lying on the floor? It was hard and slightly cold. Even though his beloved was using his chest as a pillow, it had to be uncomfortable. Mn, this couldn’t go on.

Qiu Ling wriggled out of Jing Yi’s embrace even though he loathed to do so. Then, he picked him up, closing the door with his foot as an afterthought, and carried him over to the bed. He gently put him down and covered him with the blanket, taking a moment to admire his face.

Mn, this mortal reincarnation of Jing He’s might not be comparable to the ethereal beauty of his immortal self but it had a charm of its own. It seemed less mature and more like the face of someone who still needed his protection. He liked looking at it very much.

Qiu Ling lay down next to him, though he paid attention that he was lying on top of the blanket. His Jing He wouldn’t stand for it if he did anything else. After all, they weren’t officially married yet.

He quietly lay beside him and waited but his beloved stayed where he had put him down and refused to snuggle up against him again. Qiu Ling frowned. This couldn’t continue! He still wanted to experience the glorious feeling of waking up together arm in arm!

Qiu Ling slowly extended his arm and put Jing Yi’s head on top. Mn. That felt good! He slipped closer and turned onto his side. Ah … His beloved was so cute when he slept! Mn, those slightly curled lips … He must be having a nice dream. And look at how his eyelashes are fluttering! Ah!

It had been the best decision ever to follow his beloved down to the mortal realm! Well, it wasn’t like he had never spent the night at Jing He’s place. He had actually done that before. Once. And secretly, because if he did so with anyone besides Jing He and him knowing, then the Heavenly Emperor would find out and then he could forget to ever see his beloved again. So, unfortunately, he had had to leave before the sun could rise that day. Jing He hadn’t even woken up by then. Ah, they had missed out on such an important thing!

“Mn, we’re going to make up for all that.” Qiu Ling raised his hand and cupped Jing Yi’s cheek. He really, really wanted to kiss him right now.

Mn … Why not? Jing He would love to be woken up with a kiss! Qiu Ling nodded to himself and leaned closer. His beloved actually sighed and snuggled up to his chest.

Qiu Ling trembled. Ah, this really was what he had imagined! He bent forward, slightly leaning over his beloved and tilted his head, his lips closing in on Jing Yi’s.

Just when they were about to meet, Jing Yi’s eyes opened. Qiu Ling smiled happily. Then, a hand landed on his cheek with a resounding slap.

Qiu Ling hovered above Jing Yi with a stunned expression, before he slowly raised his hand and covered his cheek. His beloved … had slapped him? This wasn’t the morning of waking up together he had imagined at all!

He pursed his lips and looked at Jing Yi with pitiful eyes, asking what he had done wrong. He really couldn’t understand!

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