LWS V2C6 So It’s Real?

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Su Yan groaned and leaned his head onto Nie Chang’s shoulder. Once again, they had fallen on top of each other. Honestly, this was such an advanced system that could even craft a Special Dimension but it wasn’t able to transport them more gently?!
Nie Chang grimaced, too, but kept silent. His whole attention had already been attracted by the fact that they had just been transported away because Su Yan pushed a button on his phone and that they were in something that could indeed be called a Special Dimension.
“Alright. What happened?” He himself was surprised at how calm he sounded.
Su Yan looked up and rubbed his head. “I brought you to the Special Dimension because you didn’t believe me! Ah, there! Look over there!” He pointed behind Nie Chang. “That’s my masterpiece that got me my new rank. I modeled the male lead after you,” he added fawningly and gripped Nie Chang’s arm. “You’re not mad anymore now, are you?”
Nie Chang closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I’m not.” Honestly, he couldn’t be mad at Su Yan for long anyway and now that it turned out that this strange story he had told was actually true … “I guess I have to apologize, too. I should have believed you regardless of how strange it sounded. It’s not like you didn’t tell me about that system beforehand.”
“Mn. That’s true. But I don’t mind.” Su Yan generously forgave him, stood up and ran over to admire his creations again. Ah, he really wanted to start writing the story! Oh. Speaking of that … Su Yan patted his body and finally turned to Nie Chang when he couldn’t find what he was searching for. “Where’s my phone?”
“Probably still on the bed. Since we were transported here through the phone we’ll certainly get back the same way. So you can’t take it inside with you.”
He followed Su Yan over and took a look at the two characters himself. Su Yan had already said it but to see that he had indeed modeled the male lead after him made Nie Chang really happy. So it turns out I’m that important to him. He looked at the protagonist, too, and couldn’t help but smile. This character had quite a bit of resemblance to Su Yan. It wasn’t that hard to figure out that he had thought about couples and the only one that came to his mind were they themselves.
Nie Chang cleared his throat. “So, the system is actually helping you?”
“Mn. It’s a bit strange, though.” He pouted. Indeed, if that thing had made clear from the beginning what it wanted from him everything could have been so much easier.
“If there is anything I can help with, you can tell me.” Nie Chang hugged him and gently kissed his cheek. Writing had always been important to Su Yan. So if this system was really something that could help him, then he should support him as much as he could.
“Sure! I won’t hold back!” Su Yan grinned and took his hand. “Well, you’ve seen it now. Let’s go back. I want to see what my next task is.” Ah, he really was thrilled about this!
“Alright.” Nie Chang followed him over to the platform in the middle of the room.
Just when Su Yan wanted to give a warning the door already opened. The two of them landed on the bed once more. Su Yan groaned. Damn this! He should remember not to use this Special Dimension too often or he might just break some bones.
Nie Chang gulped. It was still dark inside the room but they were close enough that he could feel every inch of Su Yan’s body and smell the flowery shampoo he always used for his hair. Shit. This wasn’t good at all. He wanted to get up but it was already too late.
“Mn? Ah Chang what …” Su Yan wanted to ask what he had just poked him when it dawned on him. Oh.
Nie Chang sat up and faced the other side even though it was too dark to see anyway. He didn’t trust his voice enough to respond. Most likely it would be incredibly hoarse.
Su Yan sat up, too, but he also didn’t know what to say. He had been so fixated on showing Nie Chang the Special Dimension that he had completely forgotten what they talked about earlier. Now, he definitely wouldn’t forget so soon.
After a while, Nie Chang cleared his throat. “Didn’t you want to look up that new task? I’ll go and … make you something to eat. You still haven’t had supper yet.”
“Oh.” Su Yan wanted to search for his phone but he forced himself to remain still. He certainly couldn’t pat around while Nie Chang sat next to him. What if he accidentally touched something he shouldn’t touch and make it even worse? Wouldn’t they have to sleep with each other then? He couldn’t risk that! He had finally figured out that Nie Chang liked him and that he liked Nie Chang. He wouldn’t accept if they broke up just like that!
Nie Chang stood up, turned on the light in passing and hurried into the kitchen. He leaned against the pantry and sighed. Damn. Who knew what Su Yan was thinking right now? They had just agreed not to have sex and just date for a while and here he was getting hard just from being a bit closer to him. How could Su Yan trust him like that?
He was worrying too much, though: Su Yan had already picked up his phone and was looking at the newest task the Lovely Writing System had issued with sparkling eyes.
[Crafting an original short story]
[Writing can only be learned through writing itself. As important as it is to learn theory, nothing beats taking the pen to the paper or sitting down at a laptop and typing away.
To slowly get used to creating original content take the two previously crafted characters and write a romantic short story of no more than 5000 words with them in the leading roles.]
Su Yan grinned like a Cheshire cat. This was exactly a task to his taste!
He leaped to his feet and ran into the living room, sitting down in front of his notebook. He really couldn’t wait to start typing!

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