LWS V2C4 Let’s Do It Right Now

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While Su Yan was pouting because the Lovely Writing System seemed to have tricked him once again Nie Chang waited in his boyfriend’s apartment and stared into space. Yes, that’s right. He was waiting in Su Yan’s apartment right now.
After getting some snacks and his notebook, he had gone back into the living room only to notice that Su Yan had disappeared. The only thing still lying there was his phone. He hadn’t thought much about it, put everything on the table and started to browse for a movie they could watch. But by the time he had found a good one Su Yan still wasn’t back.
Finally, Nie Chang had grown worried. His apartment wasn’t that big. He looked into every room but nothing could be seen of Su Yan. It was obvious that he had left.
Nie Chang had gone back into the living room and sat down. He picked up Su Yan’s phone and looked up the call log to see if some emergency had happened but there wasn’t anything. Then, he took out his own phone but he hadn’t gotten a message from Su Yan either.
Nie Chang had leaned back, closed his eyes and sighed deeply. His boyfriend had suddenly vanished without giving a reason and even left his phone. If this wasn’t Su Yan they were talking about who was working for him and was more or less an open book to him, he might have wondered if this was a case of going to buy some cigarettes. But he couldn’t believe that Su Yan would get together with him and then dump him the very same day. He wasn’t that type of person. He was the type of person to get easily scared, though.
“Maybe that joke about having sex was too much for him?” Nie Chang couldn’t find another explanation.
He sighed again, took both phones and grabbed his jacket on the way out of his apartment. Where would Su Yan go if he felt cornered? Most likely to his own apartment where he’d curl up in bed and pretend that nothing happened. Then he’d show up to work the next morning with a mighty bad conscience because he hadn’t explained anything. He’d try to keep quiet about it, though.
If this had been last week, Nie Chang would have let him pretend. But now they were a couple. He couldn’t let him hide or their relationship would always stay in this awkward state where they could neither go back nor advance. No, he had to talk this through with Su Yan.
Nie Chang got into his car and drove over. The heartless guy didn’t open the door even after he had rung the bell three times. Luckily, he knew where Su Yan kept his spare key so he just opened it himself.
He went in and found the apartment completely dark. Nie Chang snorted. So Su Yan had really gone to bed to pretend nothing had happened. He made his way over in the dark and sat down on the bedside. He certainly wouldn’t let him get away this time!
He reached out … and found the bed empty.
Nie Chang froze. Why was Su Yan not here? Had he gotten it wrong? He lay down on the bed and sighed again. Shit. Had his joke really made Su Yan that wary? He couldn’t have just left without any destination in mind, could he? Was he still running around outside now? This wasn’t good! Su Yan had just gotten out of the hospital today. What if something happened to him?
“Shit!” Nie Chang slapped the wall next to him and put a hand to his forehead. What was he supposed to do now? Wait here for Su Yan to come back? Go to his own apartment and wait there? Drive through the city to find him?
But he had no idea where Su Yan was right now. How would he find him? This wasn’t like in a movie where the male lead could just drive around aimlessly and would then coincidentally spot the protagonist drenched under the overhanging roof of some stall selling noodles so he could wrap him up in his coat and drive him home.
No, it was still best to wait for Su Yan either here or in his own apartment. The question was: Which one to choose?
If this really was because of the joke he had made about having sex, then Su Yan most likely had just wanted to calm down a bit. He would probably be alright after walking around for a while. After that, he could certainly return but knowing him he wouldn’t. No, Su Yan would certainly be embarrassed about his behavior and thus go to his own apartment. Then he’d fret the whole night over how to explain everything and come to work looking like a panda.
Nie Chang smiled. Well, if he waited here, he could save him from that at least. Just when Nie Chang thought so the screen of one of the phones suddenly lit up. Nie Chang wanted to take it out but before he could do so something heavy fell onto his body.
“Ugh.” He reached out and actually touched someone’s body. “Ah Yan?”
“Ugh.” Su Yan groaned just the same. What the fuck? What ‘The host may leave the Special Dimension through the door in the middle now’?! That thing wasn’t a door but actually some kind of platform that would open up like a trap door!
He took a deep breath before he tried to get up. Then, he noticed that something was wrong. “Huh? Why is it so dark?” And wait. Why did it seem like he was lying on top of another person? He patted the broad chest below him. Huh? That somehow seemed familiar.
Nie Chang gulped. “Honestly, Ah Yan, pouncing on me like this in a dark room right after you came back … Could it be that you’ve thought it through and indeed want to have sex with me? Then come on. Let’s do it right now.”
Su Yan blanched. Why was there a pair of hands massaging his butt?

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