OMF V1C158 Love … Square?!

Jing Yi went rigid. Some strange boy was hugging him … His hands trembled and he looked up at his mother anxiously. Was this really alright?!
Madam Zhong smiled and patted his head, not worried at all. Wasn’t it good that her son finally found some friends? First, Shao Hai became a part of his life and now, there was another child. Wasn’t that great? Now, she wouldn’t have to worry anymore. She nodded at her son and went into the kitchen to get tea for Jing Yi and Shao Hai.
Seeing his mother smile and nod Jing Yi relaxed. Oh, so he didn’t have to worry about this boy. It was alright to be hugged by him. Well, he should have known. After all, spending time with Shao Hai was also alright.
Shao Hai, on the other hand, got angry. What was with this?! Why did his future mother-in-law just agree? And why did his Xiao Yi actually follow what she said? Shouldn’t he push other men away if they tried to take advantage of him? How could he do this?! And in front of his future husband to boot!

Shao Hai furrowed his brows. What his Xiao Yi did wasn’t right but the main problem was this stupid boy that had dared to hug his bride. He’d show him! “You!” Shao Hai grabbed Xiao Dong’s shoulder and tried to pry him off Jing Yi.
Xiao Dong just smiled and hugged Jing Yi a bit tighter, even going so far as to rubbing their cheeks together. He felt quite smug. Look at this! The king’s task wouldn’t be difficult for him at all! That mortal child should just try to make things difficult for him. As if anyone in the mortal realm would be able to move a dragon that didn’t want to be moved! He chuckled at that thought. Humans were really too stupid. Mn, he should show that ugly thing how much better he was!
Just when he wanted to go in for the kill and kiss the cute boy in his arms, someone grabbed the back of his collar and yanked him up. Xiao Dong’s eyes widened. Who?! He flailed his arms but the person carried him away regardless. Only some steps away from Jing Yi and Shao Hai did they let go.
Xiao Dong fell to the ground with a thump. He leaped to his feet, extended his claws and whirled around, ready to scratch the person’s face.
Ai Hua raised her brows. “Oh, please go ahead, son.”
Xiao Dong awkwardly lowered his hand, the complaint stuck in his throat. As if he would dare! He retracted his claws and pursed his lips in the hope that looking cute would make her less angry. “Mom! Just what did I do wrong?”
Ai Hua whacked his forehead. “What were you doing just now? You got the wrong child! You almost kissed the king’s beloved!”
Xiao Dong’s eyes widened. The cute boy was His Majesty’s beloved?! Oh no! What if the king found out he hugged him?! He’d be dead for sure! Xiao Dong turned away and crouched down on the floor, holding his head. What should he do? What should he do?! Their king wasn’t so reasonable as to let him off! Even being related to Yi Zan wouldn’t help!
While the normally coolheaded Xiao Dong was freaking out, Shao Hai wasn’t faring much better. He hurried over to Jing Yi and furiously rubbed his cheek. Hmph. He’d pay that boy back later on! Now, he had to claim his Xiao Yi back though.
He hugged him tightly and just like Xiao Dong he buried his head in Jing Yi’s neck. Mn, this was his Xiao Yi! He wouldn’t let anyone else hug him! Not now and not later anyway. After all, they’d be married soon! As soon as they were allowed to marry, that was. He wouldn’t wait a day longer. Otherwise, who knew what kind of strange people would come and try to seduce him? Hmph!
Meanwhile, Ai Hua pulled her son back. “How could you do that? Didn’t you see the mark on his forehead?”
Xiao Dong glanced over with a wronged expression. What mark? He couldn’t see any!
With her son’s expression like that, Ai Hua could only sigh. “Forget it. You’re still young. Not seeing that kind of spell isn’t strange either. Anyway, the one His Majesty asked you to seduce must be the other one.”
Xiao Dong’s expression fell even more. “That ugly girl?”
“No, the ugly boy. Just look at how he’s hugging him. If some ugly person clung to your father like this, I would also have somebody seduce them.”
Xiao Dong glanced at her doubtfully. Send someone to seduce the person who dared to lay eyes on his mother’s husband? Don’t kid him! Wouldn’t she borrow his uncle’s sword and hack their head off? And then she’d probably get him to help her bury the body somewhere.
Ai Hua noticed her son’s peculiar look. “What? You think I would put up with something like that around me?”
“No. Never mind.” Xiao Dong turned back to look at Shao Hai and Jing Yi and pursed his lips in displeasure. He didn’t want to. But His Majesty had given the command so he couldn’t be picky. If his Majesty wanted him to seduce the ugly boy, he would seduce the ugly boy.
Xiao Dong couldn’t help but worry what the others in the dragon realm would say though. After all, beauty was important. It was almost as important as strength! Mn, even while fighting, a dragon had to look beautiful. Everything else would be a disgrace to their race!
Well, in that case, seducing that ugly thing shouldn’t take too long. He could finish this task in a few days and then return home. With a gloomy face, he made his way back over to the other two, letting the completely forgotten Guanyu’s heart leap once again. Xiao Dong didn’t pay her any mind though. He gave Jing Yi’s face a last regretful look and concentrated on Shao Hai.
Noticing that the strange boy had returned, Shao Hai turned around to him and narrowed his eyes, warning him not to take another step toward his bride-to-be.
Xiao Dong pretended not to see. He stepped even closer and forced himself to smile brightly at Shao Hai.
In return, Shao Hai got angry, thinking that Xiao Dong wanted to make a move on his Xiao Yi again. He clenched his fist and punched him right on the nose. Then, he screamed.
Yeah, punching a dragon wasn’t such a good idea.

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