OMF V1C157 Three Zhang of No

Guanyu’s gaze zeroed in on Xiao Dong and her heart thumped crazily, even her hands became wet with sweat. This … Who was this godly-looking boy?! What was his name? Who were his parents? Why hadn’t they met before today?!
She … had just fallen in love again! She wanted to get married immediately!
Jing Yi might be cute but this boy … he was beautiful but rough on the edges with a cold, condescending gaze that sent chills down her back while still making her blush. This … If Jing Yi was Prince Charming then this boy was the evil demon king from stories who would make respectable maidens fall head over heels for him just to leave them with a broken heart, endlessly pining for him!
Guanyu smiled her most bashful smile and slowly made her way over to the new goal of her life, trying to show off her best side.
Xiao Dong frowned and looked at his mother. This ugly looking child couldn’t be the one His Majesty wanted him to seduce, could it?

Ai Hua glanced at Guanyu and frowned just the same. This child was really … Ah, her poor son! He would lose out so much if that was the child His Majesty had been talking about! Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do about it other than hoping that their king would compensate them for this. She patted Xiao Dong’s shoulder with a pitying look in her eyes that said ‘think of how you’ll help His Majesty and no sacrifice will be too large’.
Xiao Dong curled his lips in contempt. Was she really his mother?! How could she do this to him? Hadn’t she been the one who warned him constantly that dragons could only fall in love once? What if he got careless while he complied with their king’s command and fell in love with such an ugly thing?! He wouldn’t be able to show his face in the dragon realm anymore!
Madam Zhong watched the children’s interaction with a smile. It seemed like her son didn’t have to worry about Guanyu anymore. Ah, children. Sometimes just a little bit of time would solve their problems.
Unfortunately, the opposite of Madam Zhong’s thoughts was also true: Just a little bit of time could create problems. One was already on its way to the teahouse.
Xiao Dong had just forced himself to smile when light steps sounded from the entrance. Other than Guanyu who was still bewitched by her ‘evil demon king’ and couldn’t take her eyes off him, everyone looked up just in time to see two boys run into the teahouse.
Madam Zhong smiled. “Jing’er, Ah Hai, you’re back. Come here. Sit down. I’ll get the two of you a cup of tea.”
“Thank you, mommy!” Jing Yi cut loose from Shao Hai and ran over to his mother, hugging her tightly.
Yes, even though Shao Hai had managed to wrest the place of second most favorite person from a certain dragon king, he still hadn’t been able to find a solution for the biggest issue: Whenever Jing Yi’s mother was around everyone else seemed to become air. Considering that Shao Hai was thinking of taking both Jing Yi and Madam Zhong in that wasn’t good. He wouldn’t want to be ignored by his bride at home every day, would he?
While Shao Hai was suffering in silence, Ai Hua and Xiao Dong’s eyes sparkled as soon as they saw Jing Yi. They followed his every move, intent on not missing even one second.
Ah, look at the mark on his forehead! So this was the mortal reincarnation of His Majesty’s beloved! Ai Hua leaped to her feet and hurried over. She even extended her hands to pinch those lovely cheeks but retracted her hands at the last moment as if she had been burned.
Uh … This wasn’t such a good idea, was it? In regards to this child she knew she should always ask herself one question first: Would you do what you are about to do to the crown prince of the Nine Heavens? If the answer was no then she’d better refrain from doing it. And in this case, the answer was a one zhang wide no that had been carved into a boulder in front of the capital’s gate to make sure it couldn’t be missed.
It wasn’t even that she wouldn’t dare pinch the cheeks of the Heavenly Emperor’s son. After all, their king would stand up for her, wouldn’t he? No, instead she was terrified of what her king would do should he find out someone else touched his beloved.
Especially pinching his cheeks! Yi Zan had once told her that their king always seemed serious when in front of the crown prince. He had probably never pinched his cheeks because he was afraid it might harm the impeccable image he had cultivated in front of the crown prince. No, no, she definitely couldn’t take a first time with the crown prince from His Majesty!
Xiao Dong also stared at Jing Yi. How cute! If this was the child His Majesty was talking about he wouldn’t mind this assignment. He got down from his chair and hurried over just like his mother. He didn’t have as many inhibitions as Ai Hua though. He examined Jing Yi’s face, reached over and pulled him into an embrace. Then he buried his face in Jing Yi’s neck and ran his fingers through his hair. “Mn … I like you!” he said, just to make sure the message was really driven home.

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