OMF V1C159 Good Student Xiao Dong

“Oh, Heavens!” Ai Hua hurried over to Shao Hai’s side. “How are you? Does it still hurt?” She patted Shao Hai’s head with one hand and pulled her rebellious child over with the other, glaring at him. So this was how he seduced someone? She’d like to see how he’ll ever find a wife!
Xiao Dong pursed his lips and looked at Jing Yi. He’d rather spend his time with this little beauty …
Ai Hua frowned. At this rate, His Majesty’s order would never be fulfilled! It seemed she needed to advise this child in the art of seduction! Well, she first needed to make him apologize to the ugly one next to them so that he would get a chance to apply what she’d teach him. “Look what you’ve done, Xiao Dong! It’s all because of that pighead of yours! Come on, console him!” She pushed him at Shao Hai and sat back down at the table. That should do the trick for now.
It turned out a tad more difficult though. Xiao Dong was disgruntled. How was this his fault? He hadn’t done anything wrong! That stupid human child had tried to punch him on its own! But with the command of his king at the back of his mind, Xiao Dong stepped up to Shao Hai once again. He even went so far as to smile.
Unfortunately, Shao Hai only felt insulted when he saw it. Before Xiao Dong had the opportunity to hug him too Shao Hai’s fist was hurled at him once more. This time it met with Xiao Dong’s cheek. The result … A certain dragon was unperturbed while a certain human child crouched on the ground with two hurting fists. Tears shot into his eyes but he stubbornly looked up to glare at Xiao Dong.
The dragon looked back at him with a deadpan expression. He should have known this would happen, shouldn’t he? He had already punched him once and couldn’t take it! How could he expect it to turn out differently this time?
He paid no heed to Shao Hai’s protest, went forward and hugged him. His hands stroked Shao Hai’s back and his expression slowly eased. This child might be ugly but his physique wasn’t bad. Mn, he could probably live with this for a while.
Shao Hai trembled all over. After two tries he also knew it was futile to punch this strange boy but he didn’t want to give up. First, he hugged his bride-to-be and now he was even feeling him up! As a man how could he let this happen! A gentleman could be killed but not humiliated!
He gritted his teeth and tried to push Xiao Dong away. The dragon child stayed on his feet though. Shao Hai growled. He tried again and this time, he managed to wrest out of Xiao Dong’s arms. He hurried several steps back and rubbed his arms and chest as if he wanted to rub every last trace of that hug away.
Xiao Dong didn’t mind. He had already hugged him. That was a lot for one day, wasn’t he? Nobody could expect him to do everything in one day if the child in question was so ugly! Xiao Dong turned to return to his mother’s side but just then Shao Hai came running back.
Xiao Dong stopped in his tracks and blinked. Oh wow, he had always known he was handsome but he never would have thought he had this much appeal. It seemed he was irresistible in the mortal world! Well, if that was the case, then he might lower himself to do a bit more. That way, this torture would be over soon too.
Shao Hai lunged at him with the intention of pushing him to the ground. Xiao Dong misunderstood though and extended his arms for a second hug. He caught Shao Hai and pressed him against his chest. Shao Hai yelped and struggled, trying to shake the unwelcome person off. He grimaced and hit Xiao Dong’s chest.
His intention was finally discovered. Xiao Dong pursed his lips in dismay but let go of him. Unfortunately, Shao Hai had just kicked out to free himself. His foot connected and he lost his balance. Xiao Dong grabbed his hand but lost his own footing in the process. Together, the two tumbled to the ground.
Shao Hai cursed and hit the person above him.
Xiao Dong looked back at him. He didn’t say anything but inwardly, he cursed him back just as viciously. Well, he couldn’t say all those things out loud. In that case … he could only annoy him to death! He smirked and produced a question he had heard his father ask when in a similar situation with his mother: “My. Aren’t we eager?”
Ai Hua, who was still sitting at the table observing the children, choked on her tea. Damn, this child! No … Damn this husband of hers! She’d have to tell Lei Jiang to be more cautious when Xiao Dong was around. What if he had said that somewhere in the dragon realm instead?! Wouldn’t she die of embarrassment?!

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