OMF V1C95 It Shattered

Jing Yi had been happy seeing Shao Hai again and had looked forward to smiling at customers with him before they could go and look around the capital some more. Shao Hai had even promised to show him the way to his home when they were finished so that he could go and visit him whenever he wanted.
This happy child froze as soon as it saw Zhong Guanyu though. Jing Yi looked around, trying to find a way to escape or at least make sure the terrible tigress wouldn’t notice him. Where was his grandfather right now? Would he be able to find a hidden spot and call him so he could help him if the tigress didn’t leave him alone? Or was there anything else he could do?
In the end, Jing Yi didn’t see any hidden spot. Instead, he dashed behind Shao Hai and only peeked out behind his shoulder to make sure whether the tigress had already seen him.
Shao Hai turned to look at Jing Yi and tilted his head in confusion. Then he looked back to the front and finally noticed Zhong Guanyu. He pursed his lips. So it was her again! Who knew what she had done to his bride-to-be that he was that afraid of her? He definitely couldn’t let this continue! He’d teach her a lesson! First of all, he had to calm his Xiao Yi down though.
Shao Hai turned back to him and carefully patted his head with a gentle smile. “Don’t worry. With me around, she won’t be able to hurt you!”
Jing Yi looked up at him with sparkling eyes. So Shao Hai would make sure that the terrible tigress couldn’t hurt him? This was great! His grip on Shao Hai’s sleeve loosened for a moment as if he really wasn’t as afraid anymore.
Seeing the two boys so close, Qiu Ling tensed even more. Oh no. He had made a big mistake. He shouldn’t have listened to his mother-in-law! He shouldn’t have given them this much time together! He shouldn’t have allowed them to spend any time together! Where was Yi Zan’s sister? Why hadn’t she brought her son over yet? It was time to start his plan or else this might end in a terrible disaster!
While Qiu Ling fretted over whether his brilliant plan was already deemed to be a failure before he could try to implement it, he committed an even graver mistake: From the moment he saw Jing Yi walk into the room, he had straightened up unconsciously and it became even worse when Jing Yi showed his trust in Shao Hai.
Unfortunately, Zhong Guanyu’s attention was still completely focused on him. When the person that had refused to show her any reaction suddenly reacted this strongly, her curiosity was naturally piqued.
She turned around and noticed Shao Hai and Jing Yi who had relaxed behind him. Her face lit up and she leaped down from the chair, running over as fast as she could. Yes, she had forgotten her image once again.
“Brother Jing Yi!” She smiled widely and wanted to hug him like Shao Hai had done the day before. After all, what he could do she could too, right? She extended her arms with a big smile.
Shao Hai frowned. He certainly wouldn’t let her frighten his Xiao Yi again! He hugged Jing Yi and pulled him out of the way.
Guanyu fell to the ground. She lay there, stunned once again. How many times had she fallen this week? Four times? Five? Why was this always happening? And always in front of her Prince Charming?!
She started punching the floor and bawling her eyes out.
The old woman sitting in the back of the teahouse couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up and walked over, standing before the boys with her arms akimbo. “What do you think you are doing? The poor girl! Look how she’s crying now! Shouldn’t you help her up?”
Shao Hai pursed his lips and hugged Jing Yi tighter. “She deserves it! She scared my Xiao Yi!”
The old woman was taken aback. “Aiya, how can you be like this? You should yield a little to girls.”
“Why should I? Will she leave my Xiao Yi alone if I do?”
The old woman frowned. Why couldn’t this boy see reason at all? Didn’t he understand the importance of this matter? “How will you marry one of them if you’re like this?”
“I won’t!”
The old woman couldn’t help herself and laughed. Young children sure were naive! It was quite entertaining though. She couldn’t wait to have such a cute grandchild herself. “You won’t? But you’ll have to marry in the future. Every man has to marry someday. That’s the way the world works.”
Shao Hai pursed his lips. “I won’t marry a girl like her though. I’ll marry my Xiao Yi!” He turned around to Jing Yi, cupped his cheeks and leaned in.
A big, moist smack was given.
No, that wasn’t another cup breaking. This was the sound of Qiu Ling’s heart shattering. His beloved’s first kiss … was stolen by another man.

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