OMF V1C94 A Handsome Son-In-Law

The next day in the mortal world came soon. Zhong Gang and Shao Chen both went to their respective work and didn’t come to the teahouse again. Their children ran there first thing in the morning though.
Was that the power of love?
It was likely. Especially since the other person that hurried over and managed to arrive even before them was none other than Qiu Ling. He stepped into the teahouse with a bright smile and happily skipped to his seat at the side of the room.
Today was a great day. He’d make that damned brat pay for what he had done yesterday! He’d make him show his true colors in front of Jing He!
Madam Zhong brought him a cup of tea and examined his face. He looked … gleeful? This couldn’t be good. “What did you plan this time?”
Qiu Ling swept the grin off his face in the blink of an eye. “What are you talking about, mother-in-law? I just came here to support your teahouse.” He fluttered his eyelashes but only got an empty look back. Oh, right, he still had that other appearance …
He peeked to the entrance but nobody could be seen. With a mischievous smirk, he returned to his original appearance and continued. That had always worked on his other mother-in-law! Handsomeness was the best weapon a man could use!
Madam Zhong jerked. “What are you doing?! What if anyone had seen?”
Qiu Ling leaned over the table and smiled happily. “There’s no one there, don’t worry. Besides, don’t you like seeing my original appearance? Isn’t it so much more handsome? You must be thrilled getting such a handsome son-in-law!”
Madam Zhong looked him up and down. He was indeed handsome. His personality though … Did she really want her son to marry someone like this? No, wait! Why was she even thinking about that? Her son was only nine!
She frowned and put the cup down with a clunk. “Didn’t I already tell you yesterday? I won’t think about that for at least another ten years.”
“Don’t worry, mother-in-law, I’ll look the same ten years from now so you can slowly start thinking about it.” He picked up the cup with a big smile on his face and started to drink without noticing Madam Zhong’s strange look.
Hadn’t Nie Huang brewed that tea just now? How come he was drinking it just like that? There was still steam rising up continuously! Well, there were a lot of perks to being a dragon, like having a sturdy body. Unfortunately, that made pretending to be human more difficult.
Madam Zhong shook her head and went back to the kitchen. He’s immortal, she told herself, there’s nothing strange about being a bit different from other people. Not in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that Qiu Ling hadn’t been human to begin with.
Meanwhile, Qiu Ling changed back to the grim-looking man just in time for Shao Hai’s arrival. The boy ran over to the preparation room without noticing the malicious stare directed at him.
Just when he entered another little shadow skipped into the teahouse. This time, it was Zhong Guanyu. She wore a white and orange dress today and her hair was made up into two pigtails. If one didn’t know her, she definitely made the impression of being a sweet, lovely girl that couldn’t hurt a fly.
Hmph. Qiu Ling ignored her after a dissatisfied glance. Was she even worth his time? No, he should concentrate on that other pest. Taking him out was more urgent. Regarding the girl, he had prepared enough in the last couple of years. His Jing He wouldn’t fall for her tricks.
Unfortunately for him, there were two people needed for a truce.
Guanyu looked around and frowned when she couldn’t see Jing Yi or his family anywhere. Her gaze stayed on the doors to the kitchen and the preparation room for a moment but she felt like entering one of those would be beneath her. No, she certainly wouldn’t go in there to check. She didn’t need to anyway. The prince charming she had decided on definitely wouldn’t enter those rooms either. Furthermore, there were other people to ask.
She turned to the sole customer that had entered when the teahouse opened and swaggered over with a haughty expression.
Qiu Ling glanced at her before he went back to staring at the door to the preparation room. Ah, just what was his beloved doing in there that long together with that brat? Shouldn’t he have come out long ago?
Jing Yi hadn’t actually been in there with Shao Hai for long. After all, Shao Hai had only entered the teahouse about two minutes before Zhong Guanyu. He had only just managed to greet Jing Yi and proposed to bring him over to his house today after they were finished helping Madam Zhong with the teahouse. Well, they might have exchanged a hug too but Qiu Ling wouldn’t find out about that anyway.
No, the dragon king couldn’t even look at the door any longer because a certain little girl stepped into the way. Seeing that this stupid man wouldn’t ask what she wanted, she felt that she should take the initiative for the sake of her future happiness.
“Where is brother Jing Yi?”
Qiu Ling kept mum even though he knew the answer to her question. Ugh, this damned brat! Couldn’t she go away? What if his beloved came back and saw them together?! He’d avoid him even more!
Naturally, Guanyu didn’t even consider that. “I asked you where my brother Jing Yi is!” She slapped the table, furrowed her brows and climbed onto the chair next to him to make her glare more impactful. As long as Jing Yi wasn’t there, she didn’t have to pretend to be a gentle and refined girl. If this man still didn’t answer her, she’d start screaming! And maybe she’d scratch him too.
Qiu Ling furrowed his brow but refused to answer. Ah, come on! Couldn’t she get up and annoy somebody else? There! At the door. Wasn’t that the old woman from yesterday? Didn’t she like children? The girl could just go and annoy her! The old hag probably wouldn’t even take offense.
Guanyu reached over and grabbed his sleeve to get his attention. Qiu Ling frowned even deeper and tried to wrest it out of her grasp.
Unfortunately, just at that moment, Qiu Ling’s worst imagination came true: Jing Yi and Shao Hai stepped out of the preparation room and saw them together.

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