OMF V1C161 His Soul Dissipated

Back in the palace of the Heavenly Emperor, Hong Bao looked at Yin Lin Lin in a daze. “You lied to me? Injuring him wasn’t to send him back to the Nine Heavens? He’s really dead now?” Tears formed in her eyes. “But I never wanted to kill him! I only wanted to stop his trial so that he could attempt it another time and Shun Tao wouldn’t be punished! I even told you so and you said that wouldn’t be a problem at all! How could you do something like that?!”
“You —!” Yin Lin Lin furrowed her brows. Did this girl have to make things worse? As if that would get her out of it! It didn’t change the fact that she had almost killed the crown prince.
Yin Lin Lin’s maid hurriedly lifted her head and glanced at the Heavenly Emperor. His expression was beyond stormy. He might just call for the guards to drag someone out. As for who that would be … She didn’t dare to assume yet. Everyone knew that he had some history with Yin Lin Lin. Who knew if she would really get her just deserts?
The maid furrowed her brows. There was no gain without risk. “That’s all true, Your Majesty! My mistress told her where to find the weapon but never mentioned its name so this girl probably didn’t know what it was and believed her. I even asked my mistress afterward if this was really alright since I couldn’t think of any other weapon than the soul-devouring dagger being kept there but she insisted it was what had to be done. I’m sorry that someone was hurt because of my failure to stop this! To think that the crown prince’s soul could have been lost because of that …”
Yin Lin Lin wanted to pull her up from the ground to teach her a lesson but this time, Qiang Yan hurried over and pulled her away.
“Qiang Yan! Let go of me!”
“Stop making a ruckus already. Do you think anyone wants to hear?” He furrowed his brows. His poor nephew … He had been in such grave danger and nobody had known! “You could have gotten our crown prince killed with that. It’s your luck that that girl didn’t succeed.”
The Heavenly Emperor nodded. “Indeed! Good for you that she didn’t succeed!”
Hong Bao blinked. “Ah? But …” Hong Bao turned to Yin Lin Lin’s maid and frowned. “You just said that as long as somebody was cut with that weapon then their soul would be lost. Is that true?”
The maid stared at her blankly. She had said that but she wasn’t too sure how to react. She was just here to testify. She shouldn’t answer random questions. Then again this matter was important so she also couldn’t take a question lightly. The maid finally turned to look at the Heavenly Emperor for help.
Rong Su snorted. He didn’t bother to answer Hong Bao or indicate anything to the maid. That girl had almost killed his precious son! Did she expect him to be nice after that? Hmph. Not calling in the guards to kill her right now was already a sign of his great patience and generosity!
Qiang Yan sighed and stepped in. In the end, it was still best to put everything out in the open. Then they could conclude this case and Jing He could continue his trial without disturbances. “What she said is right. The soul-devouring dagger is a weapon we managed to wrest out of the demons’ hands in the last war. It is highly dangerous. However light an injury is, it’ll slowly dissolve that person’s soul. A small injury will merely take more time to destroy the soul than a large one.”
Hong Bao frowned. “But … I did cut the crown prince with that dagger. So … he … he is dead now? Soul and all?” Hong Bao looked from the God of War to Leng Jin Yu and then to Shun Tao. Just what was going on here? She had definitely scratched that man with the dagger from the God of War’s palace! If that was enough to kill him, then wouldn’t he be dead now? Why was everyone talking as if that hadn’t happened?
All eyes went to Hong Bao.
“You … What … did you say? My son …” Rong Su barely managed to press these words out. His hands trembled and his heart squeezed. If this woman nodded … Cold sweat formed on his brow at the thought. His son … His precious son would never return.
He gulped and took a shaky breath. Was there nothing they could do? Anything? He closed his eyes. He also knew that there was no way to stop this. Even if they went to kill Jing He’s mortal reincarnation now, it would be too late. His soul was contained in that body. Starting from the moment the dagger cut into his flesh, his soul would dissolve. Bit by bit, until nothing remained of it. Even if the soul separated from that body and returned to his immortal one, it wouldn’t help. He would still … Rong Su closed his eyes, unwilling to continue that line of thought.
He wasn’t the only one shaken up. The notion of Jing He being even close to the soul-devouring dagger had completely floored Qiu Ling. Had he not still held onto Bai Fen’s arm he might have lost his balance and fallen to the ground.
This … This couldn’t be? Jing He had … had been injured by the soul-devouring dagger? Qiu Ling shuddered at the thought. He had heard enough of that. Wasn’t that the weapon that had slowly carried his predecessor off? He had been injured in the war and had also been the one to give it to the gods so it could be kept safe from the demons after his death. Rumor had it that he had lived on for a while after the war but with each passing day, his face had paled more until his body finally gave out. His soul had dissipated, making him unable to reincarnate forever.
And this … had now happened to Jing He? He would also weaken further with time just to cease to exist in the end?
Qiu Ling reached up to his chest, feeling for his still beating heart. This isn’t true. It isn’t true. It definitely isn’t true. Jing He is alright. I’ve only left yesterday. Nothing could have happened to him in such a short amount of time. He’s alright. I would have felt it if he wasn’t.
He tried to convince himself but his hands still trembled. He couldn’t lose Jing He. He couldn’t!
Bai Fen hugged him and patted his back. “Don’t worry. I’m sure Jing He will be alright. He … He wouldn’t die like that. He wouldn’t.” Unfortunately, she didn’t know what else to say and weren’t these empty words? She could only hold onto Qiu Ling and pray that Jing He was indeed alright.
The rattling of jade slips broke the deadly silence. Shun Tao was fumbling to open Jing He’s scroll of fate. His eyes scanned the words slowly forming on the surface. Finally, he looked up at the Heavenly Emperor with a pale face. He himself couldn’t believe what he had read.

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