LWS Chapter 56 Something Must Have Happened

On the other side of the city, Nie Chang was pacing up and down in the street next to Su Yan’s apartment. He really couldn’t believe what had just happened. Could it really be that Su Yan’s mother had just called him to share some relationship advice? And had he really heard her calling him her son-in-law? What was going on here?
He took out his phone and frowned at the screen. A quick look at his call log showed that he indeed hadn’t hallucinated. Or, well, maybe he was still inside a dream? Then again, he had already gotten that strange message a few days ago that somehow helped him to get closer to Su Yan. It wasn’t completely ridiculous for Madam Su to step in. Maybe he just had a lot of luck lately.
Just when he wanted to put his phone away the screen lit up once more: [Future Wife]
Nie Chang smiled. That couldn’t already be the call his future mother-in-law had talked about, could it? He took a moment to get his excitement under control before he picked up.
“Ah Chang …”
Nie Chang instantly frowned. “What happened?” Su Yan’s voice sounded weak, nothing like the usually energetic tone. Even when he was down his voice wasn’t as feeble. He sounded like something was wrong and the fact that he wasn’t answering didn’t make it any better. “Ah Yan, what happened? Are you alright?”
Just then, there was a crash in the background. “Su Guanting, I dare you to do that again! So what if our son is gay? That’s still our child! Other people can say whatever they want but I won’t let you treat him this way!”
Nie Chang paled. Madam Su was loud enough for him to hear every word clearly and she only ever got loud for Su Yan’s sake. The fact that she was screaming madly must mean that something had gone completely wrong.
“Ah Yan!” Nie Chang’s heart ached. “What happened?”
“Can you come and pick me up?” Su Yan’s voice still sounded just as faint.
Nie Chang sighed. At least he had responded. He ran to his car sped in the direction of the Su’s residence.
Su Yan heard an engine revving on the other side. He slid down on the wall and just sat there, dazed. He also didn’t know what had actually happened. He just knew that he had felt dizzy from the moment his father had slapped him. His old man shouldn’t have that much strength, should he?
Su Yan frowned. He honestly didn’t know. He just wanted to see Nie Chang now and try what his mother had advised him to do. He didn’t want to live with this feeling of not knowing how to face Nie Chang any longer.
“Ah Yan, talk to me.” Nie Chang’s soothing voice came from the other side of the house, calming his thoughts a bit.
“Mn.” Su Yan nodded and closed his eyes. Maybe he should go and open the door? Nie Chang certainly wouldn’t take long. Didn’t he always arrive immediately when he needed him?
Su Yan clutched the wall behind him and slowly got up. The room spun even faster. “Uh …” His phone fell to the ground with a clatter. He extended his arm to pick it up but the room was still spinning. Finally, he gave up and just shuffled in the direction of the front door.
“Ah Yan!” Nie Chang cursed and accelerated the car. Something was obviously wrong!
Finally, the residence came in sight. Nie Chang sped up the gateway and harshly brought the car to a stop. He didn’t care for the protesting wheels and just pushed open the door and ran to the residence.
“Ah Yan!” He rang the doorbell and hammered against the door but the only thing he heard was the furious voice of Madam Su from somewhere in the house.
“Just go on like this and I’ll divorce you!”
Nie Chang gulped. Whatever had happened was probably really bad if she even wanted to divorce him. Those two normally were a harmonious pair judging from the times he had come over when Su Yan and he had still been in school.
“Ah Yan!” Nie Chang grew anxious. He rang the doorbell again. Damn, can’t you at least stop arguing to look who’s at your door? What if it’s someone important?
He took his phone out again. “Ah Yan! Ah Yan, can you hear me?” He listened intently but there was still only the angry voice of Madam Su. Shit. He had probably dropped the phone somewhere.
Nie Chang had never felt this helpless in his life. He knew Mister Su. That guy had a short fuse and high expectations. Considering what Madam Su had said he had probably figured out what had happened between them. It wouldn’t be that surprising if he hurt Su Yan.
Nie Chang ended the call and went to his call log to get Madam Su’s number instead. Before he could tap the right one the door in front of him actually opened.
Nie Chang’s eyes went wide. “Ah Yan! What happened to you? Where did this blood come from?!”
Su Yan frowned slightly. Blood? He looked around but couldn’t find any. Whatever. He reached out to Nie Chang, asking for a hug.
“Let’s get you to the hospital!” Nie Chang ignored his extended arms and just picked him up from the ground. Then, he hurried to his car and put Su Yan on the passenger seat, before running to the other side and getting behind the steering wheel. “Let me help you.” He leaned over and tried to fasten the seatbelt but Su Yan frowned at him and grabbed his hand.
“What are you doing?”
“Fastening your seatbelt. We have to get you to the hospital. You’re hurt.”
“You haven’t hugged me back.” Su Yan’s face scrunched up.
“Hah?” Nie Chang couldn’t understand but he grew instantly flustered. Why were there tears in Su Yan’s eyes?
“You didn’t hug me back! You don’t like me. How could you do this to me? Tell me! Who is it? Who the hell is the guy that seduced you?”
Nie Chang closed his eyes. Honestly, was this the moment for confessing their feelings? He bent over and pecked Su Yan on the lips. “Shut up or I’ll really let somebody else seduce me.” Then, he fastened the seatbelt and hurriedly started the engine again.
Su Yan looked at him in a daze. He couldn’t even understand on a normal day. How would he be able to comprehend Nie Chang’s actions when his head hurt this much? In the end, he just closed his eyes and leaned against the window. He’d ask him again when he woke up.

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