OMF V1C160 Not a Demon

“You —!” Shao Hai wasn’t a stranger to that type of question either. His face flushed red and even the tips of his ears changed color. He slapped the boy above him but only got another smile in return.
This time Xiao Dong didn’t even need to force himself. Seeing Shao Hai’s angry look truly made him happy. He even propped himself up on his elbows to make himself comfortable. Mn, this mortal dared to reject his advances? He’d show him that he couldn’t get away!
“Damn you! Get up!” Shao Hai struck him with his elbow but as usual, the only one hurt was him.
Xiao Dong’s smile widened and his eyes sparkled. Why would he get up when he was in such a good position to comply with his king’s orders? This … might be fun.
Guanyu who was still being ignored couldn’t take it any longer. How dare that stupid Shao Hai hurt the person she loved?! “Shao Hai! Let go of him!” She tried to grab Shao Hai’s arm and pull him out but Xiao Dong parried all her attempts.
“What are you trying to do?” he asked with a frown. “Can’t you see we’re busy? Go and find something else to do. You’re not getting him!”
“Who wants him?!” Guanyu stopped trying to grab Shao Hai and instead went for Xiao Dong. Unfortunately, that worked even worse.
Xiao Dong evaded every one of her moves, stood up and pulled Shao Hai back to his feet. Tsk. And just when it had started to get good. He turned away and pulled Shao Hai toward his mother.
Shao Hai frowned. Even though he didn’t like Guanyu, he disliked Xiao Dong even more. “Let go!” This time, he slapped Xiao Dong’s hand.
It still didn’t hurt but Xiao Dong at least stopped moving forward. He beamed at the human boy. “What is it, my love?”
Shao Hai gritted his teeth and pulled his hand back. “Leave me alone!” He ran back to Jing Yi and hugged him for comfort. He couldn’t believe what that strange boy had done! He shot him an angry look. “Pervert!”
Xiao Dong smiled even more. Ah, who cared what he said? As long as he managed to fulfill his king’s expectations all was well. There was nothing this human could —
Xiao Dong froze on the spot. “You —!”
Shao Hai lifted his chin smugly. See that? I might not be able to hurt you with my fists but you don’t like me calling you that, huh?
“Take that back!”
“Why should I? You’re a demon! Just have a look at yourself!”
“What are you even talking about?! How am I a demon?” Xiao Dong clenched his fists. He was a dragon! How could anyone be so blind as to lump him together with these bastards?
“You’re obviously a demon! What’s with your hair, huh?”
“What about my hair? It’s beautiful!”
“How is that beautiful? It’s obvious like that because of some demonic magic!”
All eyes went to Xiao Dong’s hair and their eyes widened. Up until now, Madam Zhong and Nie Huang had been preoccupied with the fact that there were finally guests again, Guanyu had been blinded by Xiao Dong’s face and Jing Yi’s whole attention had been on the fact that he was suddenly hugged. Only Shao Hai who had turned jealous because of that hug took the time to examine his love rival. And there was one thing that couldn’t be missed when looking at Xiao Dong: He was blond. In fact, his hair even shimmered with a golden luster when looked at in the sun.
It was an incredibly popular look in the dragon realm since the previous dragon king had sported a head full of knee-length golden hair. But in the mortal realm where the lightest hair color one might find was a dark brown it was eye-catching. And not in a good sense. Thinking of him as a demon wasn’t strange.
Xiao Dong’s fists trembled. How could he be compared to a demon?! He obviously had much better looks and his hair was even so similar to the late king’s! He was everything but a demon! Saying anything else was an insult to him and their race!
“Take that back!”
“I won’t!”
Xiao Dong hissed and lunged himself at Shao Hai, pushing both him and Jing Yi who was still being hugged by Shao Hai to the ground. “You’ll take that back!”
“I won’t! I won’t! I won’t!”
The two boys started wrestling with each other. Jing Yi crawled away from the fight and let them roll on the floor. He didn’t even look back when he got to his feet and ran to his mother.
Madam Zhong patted his head and glanced at the two boys. She didn’t do anything though and just put down the tea she had brought for them before she went back to the preparation room. Fighting every now and then was normal for children, no? There was no need to get worried.
Jing Yi wanted to follow her but just then a large shadow fell into the teahouse, followed by two thinner ones. Jing Yi looked over and ran to the door of the preparation room as if spooked.
Madam Zhong stooped down and hugged him, stroking his back. “What is it, Jing’er?” She looked to the door. The tray she hadn’t put away yet fell to the ground with a clang that echoed in the almost empty teahouse.
The two boys froze and looked up at the same time. Ai Hua followed their example and turned to the door, her eyes narrowing dangerously. An obese man in expensive clothes stood in the entrance, two leaner ones beside him. All three of them had smug expressions when they took in the empty room.
After five days, Li Bo and his two lackeys had returned.

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