OMF V1C144 Committing Crimes, Reporting Crimes

In the palace of the Heavenly Emperor in the capital of the Nine Heavens, silence had descended. Rong Su stared at Yin Lin Lin blankly. Had she really said what he thought to have heard? The soul-devouring dagger had been stolen … and used to kill the reincarnation of a god?
He gulped. “The soul-devouring dagger … Is this … Is this certain? She couldn’t have used a normal weapon?”
“Yes, Your Majesty, there is no doubt that she used the soul-devouring dagger.” Yin Lin Lin lowered her head and smiled. Naturally, that idiot hadn’t! She had told her to get that weapon after all! Why would she take any other when she wanted to pretend to be a good person that didn’t like killing anyone?
The Heavenly Emperor got up and paced up and down in front of his throne. The soul-devouring dagger … He had thought that they would never have to deal with that vicious weapon again since the previous dragon king had managed to wrest it from the demon king’s hands and given it to them to guard it. How come this thing suddenly emerged again?
He stopped and rubbed his hand. This wasn’t good. They had to do something before more people were injured! After all, that weapon destroyed souls. Even if someone just cut himself, their soul would dissolve bit by bit until nothing was left. That couldn’t be allowed to happen!

“Someone!” He whirled around to face the door. “Get me the God of War! And the Fate’s Scribe!”
“Yes!” Footsteps sounded in front of the door.
Rong Su kept his gaze trained on it and furrowed his brows. He’d really like to hear from the Fate’s Scribe just what had happened with that servant girl. How come she went off to murder someone for his sake? Just what had he done that she would even get that idea?
Come to think of it … He should also have someone check on his son. He eyed Yin Lin Lin. Well, with her there, he didn’t want to speak about his worries out loud. Wouldn’t she be extremely happy if she knew that his son was also among the people attempting their trials right now? No, it was much better not to let her know. He could just tell Qiang Yan to make sure Jing He was alright when he came over.
Rong Su nodded to himself and sat down on his throne again. Right. There was no reason to worry. Everything would be solved soon.
The Heavenly Emperor indeed didn’t need to wait for long. The guards returned a few minutes later and announced the arrival of three gods.
Rong Su raised his brows when the three men stepped into the hall. “I do remember having the Fate’s Scribe and the God of War called over but I wonder why the God of Justice has come here as well?”
Li Yin smiled and nodded at the Heavenly Emperor. “Greeting, Your Majesty. I was with the God of War just now when the Heavenly Guard came to notify him of your summons. Since we were investigating a case together that we wanted to report after organizing everything, I took the liberty to follow him and take the opportunity to bring the matter to Your Majesty’s attention.” He glanced at Yin Lin Lin and narrowed his eyes. “It seems like that won’t be necessary anymore though. Idle goddess Yin Lin Lin, could it be you went to report yourself to ask forgiveness from His Majesty?”
Qiang Yan glanced at the black-robed person next to him and silently lit a candle for Yin Lin Lin. With this guy being here after his son had gotten involved, she wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed. Whatever he could heap on her head, he would do so. And considering who the goal of this whole mess had been, he wouldn’t have any difficulties to instigate the Heavenly Emperor to punish her harshly.
Yin Lin Lin harrumphed. “What are you talking about, Li Yin? I came indeed to report a crime but I’m just reporting. I didn’t commit any wrongs.”
“Are you sure about that?”
Yin Lin Lin raised her chin, refusing to answer. Just what was that guy trying to say? Naturally, she hadn’t done anything wrong!
“Ah, it seems idle goddess Yin Lin Lin is quite sure nobody would have found out about her bad deeds. Then maybe let me refresh your memory. Do you know a servant girl by the name of Hong Bao?”
Yin Lin Lin’s eyes widened. How did Li Yin know about that?! No! She didn’t need to worry. Even if they had somehow heard that she knew that servant, it didn’t mean anything. It was that girl herself who killed that god. She had just told her where she could find the weapon. That wasn’t a crime! And between her and that servant girl, the Heavenly Emperor would certainly believe her more!
Yin Lin Lin snorted. “What are you even talking about, Li Yin? There are so many servants at my palace. How would I know all of their names? Go and ask the one who oversees them. She can tell you if she works for me.”
The God of Justice smiled but didn’t respond. Instead, he turned to the Heavenly Emperor. He wouldn’t give her the opportunity to talk herself out of this. His son’s safety depended on this! “Your Majesty, Yin Lin Lin probably reported that a servant girl tried to kill the reincarnation of a god because of a matter relating to the Fate’s Scribe. Well, we came to inform you about the fact that she was the one who instigated her to do so.”
“Li Yin! How dare you lie to His Majesty like this?!”
Li Yin didn’t even glance at Yin Lin Lin and continued to look at the Heavenly Emperor. “I am lying? I hope Your Majesty won’t believe in an idle goddesses slander. The God of War and I have investigated this matter carefully and collected evidence that should be sufficient to support my statement.” He motioned at Qiang Yan who went up to the Heavenly Emperor and handed over a paper.

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