OMF V1C129 Demons, Dragons, Gods?

Before Liu Cheng could say anything else, Hong Bao leaped to her feet and pointed at the other side of the road. “There, that’s him!”
Liu Cheng whirled around and his gaze locked onto the people leaving the teahouse: Mister Zhong, Madam Zhong, Zhong Jing Yi and … Qiang Wei. The dragon had hidden his presence to mortal eyes but unfortunately, Liu Cheng wasn’t a normal human. He had cultivated almost his whole life and was quite talented. Even though he was far from becoming an ascended deity, he had already taken a few steps on the path to immortality and was thus able to vaguely make out a person.
“I see.” Liu Cheng’s expression turned even graver. It seemed this girl and her darling had gotten into a fight between demons. That ‘Goddess of Love’ was most likely an evil fox spirit and the one over there … He couldn’t identify its exact origin but it should be a pretty high-ranking demon.

“So can you help me?” Hong Bao’s eyes glittered. If he really helped her, she shouldn’t have any trouble saving Shun Tao. A real demon hunter … Someone like that should be really good at injuring someone. He could give her some tips or maybe she could even hand him the weapon so that he could do it. That would be much safer than her trying to hurt the crown prince.
“Mn. Give me some ti—”
“Then let’s go!” Hong Bao didn’t listen. As soon as she felt that she had heard his agreement, she grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet, running after the Zhongs and Qiang Wei.
“Heh!” Liu Cheng pulled at her hand to make her stop but Hong Bao lost her balance and crashed into him. Liu Cheng closed his eyes. What was it with this girl?
“Ah! Oh, no! Come on, we have to hurry! What if we lose them? I don’t know where they are staying!” She started pulling him along again and this time, he just followed her.
Whatever. He’d see how it went. Even if it was a high-level demon, he might be able to kill it. It was just … He looked at Hong Bao. He couldn’t have her in the vicinity in case a fight broke out. She was just a normal person, after all.
The two of them followed the Zhongs to Zhong Gang’s house and stopped a few hundred meters down the road.
“So that’s where he lives!” Hong Bao stared at the door with glittering eyes. Ah, she could hardly believe it but she was just one step short of saving Shun Tao!
She had the right weapon, she was at the right place, and she had found the right person. The only thing she had to do was to get inside and send the crown prince’s soul back to the Nine Heavens.
She turned around and looked at Liu Cheng for some insight but the man was eying the house. He didn’t know whether the demon he had seen was the only one inside. He couldn’t sense anything from this distance but thinking about it now, he also hadn’t felt anything from that demon when he was just on the other side of the road. This was worrying. The demon might be of an even higher level than he had thought.
Hong Bao waited but finally lost her patience. Shun Tao only had until tomorrow morning! She couldn’t wait until he came up with some insight! She had to act now. Thus she turned around and made her way over to the door.
So … how to get inside? She tried pushing it open but of course, it was closed. So, this wasn’t possible. She looked around and went over to the wall next. There were rather deep joints between the bricks. Maybe she could use those to climb inside? She tried to grab them to pull herself up but she fell down as soon as her feet left the ground.
Hong Bao sat on her butt and pouted. It couldn’t be that she would fail at the last juncture, could it?!
Liu Cheng looked over and lifted his brows. “What are you trying to do?”
Hong Bao turned around and looked at him depressed. “I can’t get inside.”
Liu Cheng sighed. “What are you hurrying for? There’s a demon inside! You can’t just rush inside blindly!”
“Demon?” Hong Bao got up from the ground and looked at him puzzled. “Isn’t he a god?” He was from the Nine Heavens, after all. She had always thought that only gods lived there.
Liu Cheng shook his head but didn’t explain. It would lead to nothing even if he tried. Of course, he never would have thought that Hong Bao understood the situation very well and that she wasn’t any more human than the supposed demon Qiang Wei. Well, maybe she was considering that Hong Bao had once been a mortal before she was raised to the status of a deity and that Qiang Wei had been born as a dragon.
Liu Cheng gave her a reassuring smile. “You don’t need to worry about that. Just let me finish him off.”
“Are you sure? No, wait, that’s not right! Why do you even want to finish him off? The Goddess of Love said that it would be enough to injure him a little with that dagger.”
Liu Cheng suppressed a smile. He really wanted to tell her the truth but … he didn’t have the heart to let her face the cruel truth. “She’s the Goddess of Love. She’s probably just too kind to say the truth. It’s better to kill him, believe me.”
“Oh.” Hong Bao looked to the door again. Thinking back to the Goddess of Love … She had said that killing the crown prince would be better. Now that the demon hunter said the same, it might be better if she didn’t hold onto her conviction. Maybe killing him would indeed better.
“Don’t worry. I’ll do it.”
Hong Bao tightened her lips and finally extended the weapon. “You can use this one. The Goddess of Love said that this is the only weapon that could allow me to just injure him instead of killing him to set his soul free.”
Liu Cheng’s smile went awry. “I don’t need that. I have my own weapons.” He certainly wouldn’t use the weapon of a demon. Furthermore, his weapons were made to exterminate demons. Using his own sword would make this much easier.

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