OMF V1C128 Ate a Bowl of Noodles, Met a Demon Hunter

Liu Cheng suppressed a sigh. Well, he shouldn’t have expected her to fall in love with him at first sight. It was better if that didn’t happen anyway. As a demon hunter, having a wife really wasn’t a good idea. He shouldn’t think about it any longer. Well, there was something else he should rather pay attention to anyway.
Liu Cheng took his hand back and cleared his throat. “I thought you wanted to go to the palace to see the crown prince. What made you come here instead? Is something the matter with this teahouse?”
Hong Bao turned back to him, her eyes wide. “Yes! How did you know?”
“That … You’ve been staring at it for a while.” If nothing was up with it, why would she do so? It might have been a building that was good to look at but there were hundreds of those in the capital. Just casually strolling down a street would let her see more.
“Oh!” Hong Bao was impressed. This big brother wasn’t just kind and good-looking, he was even intelligent! He might be almost as smart as her Shun Tao!
“So what happened in the end? Maybe I could help.”
Hong Bao tightened her lips and considered. This guy was such a nice person. He had helped her two times without expecting anything in return and hadn’t abandoned her when he heard that this was about the crown prince. He was definitely trustworthy! Not like that Leng Jin Yu who chickened out as soon as he heard what her task was about. Thinking of that, Hong Bao made up her mind and leaned forward, lowering her voice in case someone on the crown prince’s side was around. She couldn’t risk being overheard! “You don’t know but I’m on a secret mission right now!”
Liu Cheng’s brows lifted. Why did that sentence sound so strange when it came from a girl who seemed to not even be twenty years old yet and sported a cute face with round cheeks, two dimples, and big eyes? She wasn’t a cultivator either. This was just so … wrong.
Hong Bao waited for his reaction but only got an empty look. He probably didn’t understand? In that case, she’d have to explain in more detail! Hong Bao had a look around to make sure nobody was paying attention to them before slipping to the seat next to him, leaning close enough for him to count her lashes.
“It’s about Shun Tao.”
“Shun Tao? Who is …” Liu Cheng repeated but stopped when the fragrance from Hong Bao’s body wafted toward him. What was it with this girl? Why was she getting this close? Was she flirting with him? But hadn’t she ignored him before? Had she changed her mind?
“Naturally, he’s the man I love!”
Liu Cheng felt like crying. How come the woman he thought had taken a fancy to him was talking about her darling now? He couldn’t understand her in the least!
“It’s not that easy to explain but he might be killed tomorrow because of the crown prince. Thankfully, the Goddess of Love found me today and told me that there’s a way to help him. It’s just that I didn’t have an opportunity until now.” Her shoulders drooped once again and she looked depressed. But thinking that she had at least gotten the weapon and found the crown prince by now, her spirits lifted again and she smiled at Liu Cheng. “Ah, but I’m sure I’ll manage to do it until tomorrow. Look, I even got the weapon I need!”
Hong Bao fumbled around to get the dagger out of her dress, making Liu Cheng cough. What was she doing now? Why did it seem like she was trying to get undressed?!
Liu Cheng clasped one hand over his eyes and gripped her hands with the other. “Little girl, what are you doing?”
“I’m taking out the weapon!” Her voice sounded so innocent that he had to ask himself if he had had some sort of hallucination right now. Goddess of Love, weapon, the crown prince in a teahouse … All of that seemed suspicious. “Rather than that … What did that goddess say you should do to the crown prince? Why do you need a weapon for that?” If some strange woman had tried to lead this girl astray to get rid of someone she didn’t like, he’d definitely get involved in this!
“Well, at first she said it would be best to kill him. But then she told me it would be enough to injure him as long as I use this weapon.” Hong Bao managed to take her hands back and finally took out the weapon. “Look, it’s this one.” She showed him the weapon and Liu Cheng forgot his worry about the motives of the so-called Goddess of Love.
“This …” He tried to speak up but needed several attempts, his gaze never leaving the black dagger in Hong Bao’s hands. “Where did you get this?” He wanted to take the weapon but shied away in the end.
“From the palace of the God of War,” Hong Bao confessed, looking a bit embarrassed. “I only borrowed it, I swear!”
“And you … want to kill someone with that?”
“No! I just have to injure him. That is why I took the weapon in the first place.”
“Little girl.” Liu Cheng’s expression turned grave. “I believe you do need my help with this. This weapon isn’t a normal one, it’s demonic.”
“Hah? How do you know?”
“I’m a demon hunter. Of course, I’d recognize one of their weapons.”
“Whoa!” Hong Bao was really impressed this time. Not by his knowledge or profession but by her incredible luck.
The Heavens really had to be on her side! How come she just went to eat a bowl of noodles and managed to find a demon hunter? With somebody like that helping her, injuring the crown prince would be an easy task!

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