OMF V1C49 Leng Jin Yu Told Me

While the God of War, Qiang Yan, had gotten a precise and complete account of everything pertaining Shun Tao’s mission and had already decided to get to the bottom of this the Fate’s Scribe, Shun Tao, still tried to get everything out of a depressed Hong Bao.
Shun Tao stared at her, his hands nervously clenching and unclenching in his sleeves. If she had found out something, just a little bit even, he might find the culprit today. Then he would be able to go to the Heavenly Emperor and confess his mistakes while presenting him with the name of the culprit and appropriate countermeasures to get Zhong Jing Yi’s fate back on track so that crown prince Jing He could pass the rest of his trial in peace.
Unfortunately, Hong Bao knew nothing of his problems and she felt far from happy. She had wanted to spend time with him but not like this. As a result, she kept mum.
Shun Tao grew more anxious with each moment. “Hong Bao, what exactly did you find out?”
“Not much.” She fell silent again after that. He hadn’t even offered her a cup of tea. He just wanted to know about the mission and then he’d want her to go as fast as possible.
But why? She didn’t do anything! She couldn’t have left such a bad impression on him, could she? Could it really be that he didn’t like women? Or no, maybe he even hated them? Did he despise her because of that?
Thinking of how she would never be able to get together with her true love, her lips quivered and her hands trembled in her sleeves. Shun Tao still didn’t notice. He was clenching Jing He’s scroll of fate, imagining the next gap that might appear this very instant. His lack of reaction distressed Hong Bao even more.
Without any other heads-up, her shoulders shook and she clasped her hands over her face and started to cry.
Her heart-wrenching sobs managed to pull Shun Tao out of his thoughts. He looked at her, stupefied. “That … Hong Bao, what happened?”
Instead of an answer, Hong Bao stood up, turned around and ran out of his study, still crying. Shun Tao’s gaze followed her. What exactly … had just happened?
“Ah … Hong … Hong Bao?” He waited but there was no response. She really seemed to have run away. Shun Tao rubbed his brow, stood up and followed her outside. He didn’t know what he had done wrong but he knew that he couldn’t let her go like that.
He finally found her in the courtyard of the scribe’s palace. She was squatting close to the wall, seemingly neither wanting to stay nor wanting to go.
Shun Tao sighed. He didn’t have the time to care about this. But what was to be done? He couldn’t ignore her either. Even if it hadn’t been for her help: Shun Tao was of the opinion that it was enough reason to care if a woman ran away in tears after talking to him. He had to make sure what this was about at the very least.
He squatted down next to her, likewise facing the wall. He didn’t speak for a while and just listened to her sobs. They didn’t really know each other so he didn’t have a good grasp on how to approach the problem. The direct way should be the best in this case?
Shun Tao bent a little forward and tried to let his voice sound a little gentler. “What’s wrong, Hong Bao?”
Unfortunately, the girl only cried harder.
He sighed. “Is it because I said something wrong? You can tell me.”
Hong Bao’s sobs seemed to grow quieter but she still didn’t talk. Shun Tao hesitated, then stood up and knelt before her. He pulled her into a hug and stroked her back. “I’m sorry. Whatever it is I did wrong I’m sorry. You shouldn’t be crying.”
Hong Bao’s sobs stopped short. What was happening here? Shun Tao … Shun Tao was hugging her? She felt like extending her arms and hugging him back, like nestling against his chest and lamenting how she had loved him for so long, without being noticed. But while her heart told her to do so, her thoughts explained that that wasn’t the right choice. Shun Tao didn’t behave like this because he liked her. He did it because he was a gentleman and felt like he had to take responsibility after she started crying in front of him.
Feeling touched that he did so but also feeling disgusted at herself for forcing him to do so Hong Bao pushed Shun Tao backward. The Fate’s Scribe who wouldn’t have expected such a reaction even in his wildest imaginations fell to the ground. He held back a groan and rubbed his hurting bottom.
Meanwhile, Hong Bao had averted her face, covering it with her hands. “You don’t have to force yourself! It’s enough to know that you care enough to try to console me! But I don’t want to force you to spend any more time with me!”
Shun Tao lifted his brows. “What?”
“It’s alright. You can ask someone else!”
Hong Bao started sobbing again, leaving Shun Tao completely mystified. He felt as if he was watching a play at a teahouse only to notice that he had missed the first arc and didn’t know what was going on.
“That … what should I ask someone else?”
“To help you!” Hong Bao continued to sob. “It’s alright that you don’t want to work with me anymore.”
“Why …” Shun Tao held his forehead. He had fallen onto his buttocks. Why did his head hurt all of a sudden? “Why shouldn’t I want your help anymore?”
“Isn’t it because you despise women? You probably only asked me because I was the only person around!” She cried even harder than before while Shun Tao’s headache got worse.
“Who said that I despised women?”
Hong Bao dropped her hands and stared at him with red eyes. “Leng Jin Yu told me!”
Shun Tao didn’t know what to say. How come a person he had never before seen told someone whose help he needed that he hated women? Something seemed wrong here? “Why would I hate women?”
“Because you’re into men!”
Shun Tao really didn’t know what to say anymore.

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