OMF V1C48 Seems Fishy

Leng Jin Yu took a deep breath to calm down and nodded as a greeting as if it was nothing strange to stand in front of the God of War and answer his questions. “Indeed.”
Qiang Yan didn’t look at him and instead focused on the place where Shun Tao had disappeared. He couldn’t believe what he had seen. “Was he with a woman just now?”
“Her name is Hong Bao.”
“Hong Bao?” Qiang Yan repeated the name quietly. “What kind of goddess is she?” He turned around and found a young man in front of him. Wasn’t this one of the young gods from the courtyard the Fate’s Scribe had spied on some days ago? Qiang Yan looked at the gate next to them and recognized it as the entrance to exactly that courtyard. A coincidence?
“She is only a servant girl. She helps the Fate’s Scribe with an assignment at the moment.”
Assignment? So was she the help he had gotten himself? But then why … “He seemed like he was running away from something.”
“He probably didn’t want people to see him with her. That assignment should be something he wants to keep a secret.”
Qiang Yan grinned. That hadn’t worked too well, had it? Not only had he seen him together with that girl, even this young god knew about them and the assignment even though he was one of the idle gods.
Qiang Yan examined him. Instead of one of the colorful robes the other idle gods liked, he wore a plain white robe with an inconspicuous embroidery as the only adornment. Even his hair had been combed back and was held in place with a simple jade hairpin so it wouldn’t get in the way.
Mn, not bad, not bad. This was the type of person he liked.
His gaze traveled downward to the sword Leng Jin Yu held at his side and his eyes sparkled. Someone who was following the way of the sword. Not bad indeed! He should take a closer look at this person. Maybe he could be a good addition to his palace. At least he liked what he had seen until now.
Never mind his tidy outward appearance, his attitude was also remarkable. Qiang Yan had seen too many young gods getting flustered in front of him already but this person hadn’t as much as blinked even though he had recognized him. That wasn’t anything to scoff at. If his talent with the sword was up to par to this first impression …
But, well, it was too soon to decide on anything. He should first find out a little more about him. Mn, what a coincidence that they already had something they could talk about.
“So if this mission is so secret, then how do you know about it?”
“Hong Bao, that servant girl, she asked me about some information regarding the idle gods and deities inside. I inquired the general gist of what’s going on from her.”
“So it’s like that.” Qiang Yan nodded and looked at the courtyard again. Not answering right away but finding out the reason for her questions, that was the right decision. Most idle gods or, no, most gods actually were too chatty in that regard. It wasn’t a problem most of the time but it was still better to keep some things to oneself. “What did she ask about?”
“The identity of some of the gods and their recent activities. Today, she was especially interested in details regarding the people in the mortal world they observed. Well, Hong Bao said the Fate’s Scribe didn’t need to know whom exactly they observed but some general information like their gender and age so details might not be the right way to put it.”
Qiang Yan wanted to nod but something didn’t feel right. “The people they observe?” He furrowed his brow. He wasn’t too familiar with the specific tasks of the Fate’s Scribe and normally he didn’t care either but what Leng Jin Yu had said made him feel strange.
Something was fishy here …
“That seems interesting. How about following me to the God of War’s palace and telling me more?”
Leng Jin Yu slightly raised his brows. This was a great opportunity to get to know the God of War and maybe leave him with a good impression but it might also become a problem in the future. “Will that be alright? Hong Bao asked me for help but the Fate’s Scribe shouldn’t want anyone to know.”
“Hogwash!” Qiang Yan grabbed his shoulder and pulled him along just like Shun Tao had done with Hong Bao. “That Fate’s Scribe is only afraid those young gods might know about it and try to deceive him. I already know he wants to find someone for the scribe’s palace. I’d even ask him about the details but he’s busy with another important task.”
“Important task?” Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but repeat the words quietly.
“What is it?”
“Nothing. It’s just that Hong Bao mentioned that he sometimes seemed to be deep in thought when she spoke to him.”
“Really? And here I thought that Shun Tao was so popular with the womenfolk.” Qiang Yan laughed but his gut feeling that told him something bad was going on grew even stronger. What was that Fate’s Scribe so concerned about that he would even dwell on it while the one supposed to help him reported to him?
“He is as far as I heard.”
“Mn.” Qiang Yan didn’t care about that one bit. He was more interested in finding out what exactly was making him feel so strange about this.
Qiang Yan led Leng Jin Yu to his palace and into his study. He didn’t bother with pleasantries and just outright poured a cup of tea for each of them while waving at the chair on the other side of the table.
“Sit down, sit down. My God of War’s palace is a little plain. I hope you don’t mind. So … What exactly did he want to know? Was there anything special about it?”
“As far as I know there were mainly three gods he was concerned about.”
Leng Jin Yu started to explain. Since the God of War had already said that he knew about the assignment and since he was a god with an official status too there was no need to keep anything hidden.
Qiang Yan’s eyebrows drew further together, the longer he listened. He didn’t know why but his senses were tingling. Why did Shun Tao care so much about this assignment? Why had he been so nervous and let his thoughts wander? Why was he interested in these gods especially? And why was he interested in the type of people they observed?
He couldn’t find an answer right now but he didn’t intend to give up so easily. He would find out what exactly was going on with the Fate’s Scribe.

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