Review: The Legendary Master’s Wife

Today I’d like to write about one of my favorite bl novels: “The Legendary Master’s Wife” which is a mixture of bl and cultivation novel. Atm more than two thirds of the novel have been translated into English and there are daily updates so the novel will probably be completed next year.


What is “The Legendary Master’s Wife” about?

You Xiao Mo trasmigrates into a foreign world where he becomes a preliminary student at an academy for practitioners and alchemists. Since he doesn’t know anything about this strange world he hurls himself into studying to become a full-fledged student.
It seems like things are going well for him but then he finds out that Ling Xiao – one of the best practitioners of the academy – isn’t the same person anymore. To save his life, You Xiao Mo makes a deal with Ling Xiao without an inkling of what that will entail 😏

My opinion

Transmigration probably isn’t the most supenseful idea (maybe it was many, many years ago 😁) and neither are the typical practitioner- and alchemy-academy plots anything new.
So why should you read this novel? Because a) you don’t have these things that often with a bl part yet and b) You Xiao Mo and Ling Xiao are quite refreshing.

You Xiao Mo is one of those protagonists who got a little too much talent and levels up in passing while everyone else has to work hard. But on the other hand, you won’t encounter all these other strange coincidences like metting some helpful old master or finding mystical artefacts and such things. Well, he has Ling Xiao for that, I guess 😁
Alright, he has his own special dimension but other than that he does work, too. It’s not all just talent and luck.
His personality is quite endearing, too. He’s neither an overly intelligent manipulator nor an idiot who has to be permanently saved. He’s actually doing things himself instead of just relying on his male lead. Another refreshing thing about LMW was that there wasn’t that always present revenge-thing going on. It was just You Xiao Mo advancing and spending time with Ling Xiao and being confronted with a problem every now and then.

Ling Xiao is … well, sometimes I don’t know if I should like him or not. He’s a little too pushy for me every now and then and even though he seems to love You Xiao Mo very much I sometimes feel like there isn’t much mutual respect between them. Well, maybe Ling Xiao just has a strange way of showing his love.
It’s nice having him around, though, because there are some mysteries surrounding him that are creating a lot of suspense.

There is another thing I like about this novel: There are always some surprises in “The Legendary Master’s Wife” that I could never have predicted before.


All in all …

“The Legendary Master’s Wife” is a good novel that I enjoyed reading. The characters are well fleshed-out, the world that You Xiao Mo transmigrates to is interesting and explained comprehensible and the plot isn’t all coincidences and cheats but instead logical and (mostly) the result of hard work.
And yes, even though I don’t always like Ling Xiao because of his personality, he and You Xiao Mo and for the most part a cute couple. The really nice thing about their relationship is also that it develops bit by bit. Something I’m missing in a lot of other novels.

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